Saturday, October 30, 2004


Just wanted to share a halloween pic that i made... hope you like... love Constance

Thursday, October 28, 2004

happy pre halloween

just wanted to say happy early halloween... today was halloween at school... it was pretty fun  going to work to call america tonite... so if Anna Nicole calls you... it could be me... LOL



Monday, October 18, 2004

In case you missed it.. be sure to see... Anna Goes to Camp! on E!

Anna Nicole goes to camp was so funny... be sure to check your local listings to see this wonderful one hour filled of Fabulous Anna Entertainment!!!!  I would write more but I have to take care of a few things before i head off to bed... have an early class in the morning...  Happy Monday tomorrow...!!!! well its actually 1203 here so i guess i can just say... Happy Early Monday!!!

luvs ya bunches...


Tuesday, October 12, 2004


Just wanted to Report my grades...  for my monday's class i had two five week classes... Intro to Fashion, which i got an A... Sewing class i recieved a B (which i was very happy with) On Tuesday i got an A in Draping... and on wednesday i got a B for computer pattern making...(which i am very happy with... i hated that class, it was so hard) and for my thursday class i got an A for my fashion illustration class!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!   I am so happy with my grades... my GPA is a 3.63... i am so happy... WHOOOOOOO HOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



Above my head

just wanted to report my first class yesterday... basic accounting... and i must say... its over my head and below my knees... to use an old expression... i feel really overwhelmed... good thing I didnt want to become an accountant huh?  should be able to get my grades today so i will report them soon... take care and just wanted to blog and say hello... love you all


Saturday, October 9, 2004

I can return to this place

just wanted to touch base with and let all my thoughts and feelings out... but if i cant remember what i was going to say... then i would have nothing to tell...

and i do have something to tell... i have completed the third part of the six part program at school... i have completed 30 weeks, and then i have 30 more weeks to go after that... Whooo Hoooo.... grades should be coming out next week... so stay tuned for a grade card report...

    hope its good...   hope all finds everyone in good health and happiness galore... you cannot find peace until you can find it within... think on that one... i know its like totally profound and all...  At least as profound as anything that Bush had to say last nite at the convention or whatever you call it... my vote goes for the best man for the job... John Kerry...

until next time... smoke a blunt baby and ill dim the lites...