Friday, December 17, 2004

4.0 BABY!!!!!!

im sorry that i have been lacking in posting to my weblog... but i have to say that school has kept me busy for this quarter... but i have some fabulous news to report... but i guess the headline says it all really huh... but im going to repeat myself again...I GOT A 4.0 BABY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

guess im not as dumb as i come across huh?

Love and Light...


Happy Holidays

Thursday, December 9, 2004

Learning Photoshop

am learning photoshop thru a class at school... finally have the program so i can create at home... whooo hooo... hope you like the art work... there should be more to come... love you all and sorry i havent written in awhile... but ive been really busy... this next week is finals for this semester and then i fly to missery for the holidays...



Thursday, November 25, 2004


Just wanted to type a lil blurb in here about being Thankful...  On a day to say thank you to all... or most anyway...  id like to shout out a quick thank you... to... well i dont know who for cuz i havent really thought this out before blurbbing...  and this music is making it a bit mind racing for me to grasp and concentrate... so id like to say thank you to all the turkeys that had to die so that we could eat them today... and id also like to say that i am thankful for the stuffing today cuz it was really good... now if i could just get a real life stuffing.... well, it would just be so nice... anyho...  Id like to thank all of the Troops that are over fighting for us (I havent figured out why they are fighting yet for sure) but i just pray for your safety and hope you return to your homes and families very soon... I know that they all miss you...  This is an issue that has bothered me since this war has started...  everytime i see the troops in the news, and hearing about some getting killed it really makes me angry... why are we fighting this senseless war?  send in some secret agent operatives, make this a big cloak and daggers mystery case... and catch the people you need to catch... and save our troops... We Love you all... May God be with you.

well back to the thankful topic...  Im thankful that im alive and able to type this today... sorry i got a little off cue on the war, but it just really upset me when i seen the troops being served thanksgiving dinner and i know how much that they would like to have an opportunity to be at home with their loved ones...    Im also thankful that Im back online... i experienced two days with no internet... OH NO!!!

shout out to all those i love...  May your thanksgiving be happy and bright...

Love and Light


Friday, November 19, 2004

Last Sultry Saturday Nite...

Well... i remembered that I owed you a PROVACATIVE ACCOUNT , BUT... ill save it for later... for now... enjoy my beautiful creation...


Thursday, November 18, 2004


Just wanted to say hello... know its been awhile since i last blogged... but... hey what can you do? Im not Cher and I cant turn back time...  Sometimes i think it would be fun to Fastforward time... just like a VCR...   Well today my subject: Hi Speed...  Whooo Hooo... I finally have it and its so nice!!!

well thats all for now... except... i just talked to my friend... and her friend and his girlfriend are on a break... so my friend might get some tonite!!!!!!!!!! Get you some girl...  and next time i get on my next subject will be very PROVACATIVE!!! EXTREMELY...!!!!!!!!!   Bet you can't wait for me to Blog again...

love you all


Monday, November 8, 2004

Almost forgot... Happy Birthday Days of Our Lives

Just wanted to make the announcement that today is Days of our Lives 39th anniversary on the Air!!!  next year will be their big 4-0!   now thats alot of Drama!

and if Another World were still on the air... this year they would have been 40!

love ya


Rainy Days and Mondays allways get me down

     Just wanted to say that its a blue day in tucson... its cloudy and the sky is all full of clouds...  guess that means the same thing huh?  oh well... just wish me luck on my Basic Accounting Final...

love ya bunches...

Constance Lee

Thursday, November 4, 2004


Im just so speachless... another four years of that village idiot incharge of our country...  Well, I think if he really wants to heal a devicsive nation... he will do his best to try to think(I KNOW ITS HARD FOR HIM) like a democrat once and awhile, and do what the people want for a change instead of going after is Middle Eastern OIL.  Or... do it all together for all i care... just be a good president for us... and don't try using the Constitution to take away rights from anyone... Anyone, including myself might want to marry someday... and might want as many last names as ELIZABETH TALOR has on her marriage certificates... LOL not really i want true love... but it can always be fun for a gurl to just ramble huh?  I know ive done plenty of it in my life... and i just want to say... If you cant DAZZLE them with BRILLIANCE... BAFFLE them with BULLSH*T....

love you all


Monday, November 1, 2004


Well... I did it... I VOTED EARLY!!!  I went in with some friends today... and waited in line... at least one hour and forty minutes... and then it was my turn... i knew what I had to do...VOTE DEMOCRAT...  As a young child my grandmother had always told me... if  you never do anything else that I say... VOTE DEMOCRAT... so it really saves me from knowing much about the issues cuz you know some of that information is just to much... but... i have to say i did know most of the issues today... and if not... I had a lil cheat sheet with me from the Observer, a local paper for "family" that had suggested candidates to vote for... Remember... Get out there and VOTE!!! You're vote really counts... but hey... If your voting for Bush and you really don't know if you want to go vote cuz something is really good on tv... then just stay home and watch your program... and dont waste your vote... then that way AMERICA will be a better place all the way around... don't forget your six-pack for your favourite show... set your alarm... pass out right there on your couch and dont vote.   VOTE KERRY FOR A STRONGER AMERICA!!! LICK DICK AND BUSH IN 2004!!!!!!!!!!!!!




Saturday, October 30, 2004


Just wanted to share a halloween pic that i made... hope you like... love Constance

Thursday, October 28, 2004

happy pre halloween

just wanted to say happy early halloween... today was halloween at school... it was pretty fun  going to work to call america tonite... so if Anna Nicole calls you... it could be me... LOL



Monday, October 18, 2004

In case you missed it.. be sure to see... Anna Goes to Camp! on E!

Anna Nicole goes to camp was so funny... be sure to check your local listings to see this wonderful one hour filled of Fabulous Anna Entertainment!!!!  I would write more but I have to take care of a few things before i head off to bed... have an early class in the morning...  Happy Monday tomorrow...!!!! well its actually 1203 here so i guess i can just say... Happy Early Monday!!!

luvs ya bunches...


Tuesday, October 12, 2004


Just wanted to Report my grades...  for my monday's class i had two five week classes... Intro to Fashion, which i got an A... Sewing class i recieved a B (which i was very happy with) On Tuesday i got an A in Draping... and on wednesday i got a B for computer pattern making...(which i am very happy with... i hated that class, it was so hard) and for my thursday class i got an A for my fashion illustration class!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!   I am so happy with my grades... my GPA is a 3.63... i am so happy... WHOOOOOOO HOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



Above my head

just wanted to report my first class yesterday... basic accounting... and i must say... its over my head and below my knees... to use an old expression... i feel really overwhelmed... good thing I didnt want to become an accountant huh?  should be able to get my grades today so i will report them soon... take care and just wanted to blog and say hello... love you all


Saturday, October 9, 2004

I can return to this place

just wanted to touch base with and let all my thoughts and feelings out... but if i cant remember what i was going to say... then i would have nothing to tell...

and i do have something to tell... i have completed the third part of the six part program at school... i have completed 30 weeks, and then i have 30 more weeks to go after that... Whooo Hoooo.... grades should be coming out next week... so stay tuned for a grade card report...

    hope its good...   hope all finds everyone in good health and happiness galore... you cannot find peace until you can find it within... think on that one... i know its like totally profound and all...  At least as profound as anything that Bush had to say last nite at the convention or whatever you call it... my vote goes for the best man for the job... John Kerry...

until next time... smoke a blunt baby and ill dim the lites...

Monday, September 27, 2004

LOst in SpAce

Just wanted to Blog and say... school is keeping me so busy and work on top of that... whew...  the OLIVIA concert was great... will tell more about it at a later time... gettin ready for bed... but just wanted to say hello... mwah

love ya bunches


Monday, September 6, 2004

OLIVIA Newton-John's new album in October

     Olivia Newton-John has recorded an album of covers, and Phil Ramone is the producer on the project.  It will be released in October in Austrailia... for all you American fans... you'll probably have to buy it off

     It is called 'Indigo - Women of Song' and has 11 tracks - all cover of songs sung or written by women. All the songs have special meaning to Olivia and she will mention this in the liner notes.

     Some of the songs on the album include 'Loving You' (originally sung by Minnie Ripperton), 'Rainy Days and Mondays' (Karen Carpenter), 'Alfie' (Cilla Black/ Dionne Warwick) and Send in the Clowns (Judy Collins).

     Full tracklisting is: 1. Love me or Leave me / Doris Day; 2. How Insensitive / Astrid Gilberto; 3. How Glad I am / Nancy Wilson; 4. Anyone who had a Heart / Cilla Black; 5. Where have all the Flowers gone / Joan Baez; 6. Cry Me a River / Julie London; 7. Summertime / Nina Simone; 8. Send in the Clowns / Judy Collins (Streisand); 9. Rainy Days and Mondays / Karen Carpenter; 10. Lovin You / Minnie Ripperton; 11. Alfie / Dionne Warwick & Cilla Black




Sunday, August 22, 2004

Blond Quote of the Moment...

Just came up with this one for the moment... to show im not entirely witless:

If someone ever tells you that they need their space, just ask them if you can help them see the Stars as well... cuz when your in space if you remember... there are stars...  dont forget to follow thru with it if needed...

on another topic...

i was awaiting for someone to gasp with anticipation about my grades from school... but no one bit and asked... What did you get... so since you didnt ask... im telling you anyway...i got one B... and 3... yes really 3 A's!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

gotta go jump in the shower and work the lather... talk to you soon... mwah


ps.  i have deleted my Another World 001 homepage so my ornament site is gone... for the moment... but it will be back... sometime

Saturday, August 7, 2004


just found some news about O L I V I A ' S new album... wanted to share!

Hi Everyone

I got some info from Festival about the new CD:

Olivia's new album is called 'Indigo - Women of Song' - has 11 tracks - all cover of songs sung or written by women. All the songs have special meaning to Olivia and she will mention this in the liner notes I believe.

The album has been produced by Phil Ramone who recently produced the Rod Stewart - American Songbook records and over the years has produced albums for Barbara Streisand, Billy Joel, Sinatra and many others. The album sounds truly wonderful and Olivia is singing I think better than ever on this record - very special!

Some of the songs on the album include 'Loving You' (originally sung by Minnie Ripperton), 'Rainy Days and Mondays' (Karen Carpenter), 'Alfie' (Cilla Black/ Dionne Warwick), ...

Album is scheduled to be released in Australia on Monday Oct 11.



Im so EXCITED... love ya bunches... Constance

Thursday, August 5, 2004

a blonde with a high GPA? It can happen...

ok...  never thought this would be possible... but for two semesters i have made it onto the Dean's List at school... whoo hooo... soon ill post my fabulous grades... but ill tell you that my GPA was 3.75!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! didnt know that this ole blonde had it in 'er



got to got to work... mwah mwah mwah

Tuesday, August 3, 2004

Lick DICK and BUSH in 2004!!! VOTE KERRY

well my roommate came up with the slogan, but im going to pass it on... LICK DICK AND BUSH IN 2004... VOTE FOR KERRY!!! Very catchy huh?  I thought so... I should have it printed up on Tshirts... i could make a bundle!!! Anyone want to help in this endeavor?



Thursday, July 29, 2004


I was sent this email the other day from my dear friend Kathryn Conover... I thought it was very funny and true...

This is a quote from an email that my good friend Poobearme sent to me, and I'd like to thank him. It is this quote that has finally made my decision as to whom I'm going to rally for in the 2004 election. I cannot tell you how very proud I am of our President and the decisions he's made while in office. I think that every american should be proud of the Bush legacy and this quote is evidence of that. God bless America!

NEWSWEEK reports that President Bush, appearing before a right-to-life
rally in Tampa, Florida, on June 17, stated: "We must always remember
that all human beings begin life as a feces.  A feces is a living being
in the eyes of God, who has endowed that feces with all of the rights
and God-given blessings of any other human being."  The audience
listened in disbelief as the President repeated his error at least a
dozen times, before realizing that he had used the word "feces" when
he meant to say "fetus."

If this quote doesn't make it clear to every American of the choice for Presidency, then you're even more stupid than Bush himself. Dumb ass. If you vote for the bastard I think you should be put on the same boat to the Burmuda Triangle that he belongs on. And if you're gay and you vote for him, you should just plain be shot and hung in the town square, because you are an evil traitor to the gay world.

Thanks for giving me a moment of your time.

Hope you enjoyed that as much as i did... What a true DUMBASS!!! He's dumber than me and I'm a blonde...


Wednesday, July 28, 2004

Today... voted best fashion power point presentation in Basic Computers...

just wanted to drop a quick line and say that i was awarded the best powerpoint presentation for a fashion student... i only had competition from one other person... cuz the rest of the people in the computer class are all interior designers... 

wish me luck with my Winter Petals collection tomorrow for my Fashion Illustration 2 class... its inspired by the 1920's, Pop Art & Gucci...



Monday, July 26, 2004


Whooo Hoooo!!! I got an A on my History of Fashion final!!!  and i only studied 15 minutes before the test...  Then after i finished, i went to the computer lab and got my power point presentation almost done for Wednesday... its been a very productive morning!!!  Now i just need to get my skirt cut out for flat pattern2 and then i will sew it up tomorrow in class...  wish me luck

will post more later...




WHEW!!!  This weekend has been a whirlwind and a tornado thrown together!!! lets see... spent friday doing the color on my final project for fashion two... and then worked from three til nine... then... on Saturday... i had to work from 8 til 2:30, then went home and begin a major hair removal process... So that the Blonde and Beautiful one herself... Me!, and went to IBT's... to watch a friend from school sing... He was a very good singer!!! And a VERY nice guy... very insightful and wise...  Two of my friends from school went with me... so they both got to see the blonde me for the very first time... LOL   Then... Sunday... I spent all day workin on my project!!!  I have everything done now except for the cover... i even went to kinkos and had it bound together!!! It looks really nice...  Its 20 original designs done by me... inspired by Gucci, 1920's and Pop Art!!!   so since Pop Art was involved... I had to throw in Marilyn since she was one of my pop art favourites by Andy Warhol.  Well its late and i need to get my stupid dairy air to bed...

ps... ive enclosed a pic from saturday nite... hope you like...


Tuesday, July 20, 2004

Linda Rondstadt is my HERO!!!

Before she sang her encore Saturday nite at the Aladdin hotel-casino in Las Vegas, Tucson native,(and she still lives here) Linda Rondstadt called filmmaker Michael Moore a "great American patriot"  and "someone who is spreading the truth."    After saying this... she was booed off stage... Well if i had been there i would have gave her a standing ovation and Yelled... Amen Sista!!!!   Somebody take that idiot out of office and send him back to texas where i hear a village is missing their idiot!!!

Just say NO to BUSH in '04, lets get our country back to being a happy place to live, and lets get our TROOPS back here where they belong... they've been over there long enough... and no weapons of mass destruction have been found... whats up with that? Bad intelligence?  Hell they ought to give me a job... sounds like im overqualified!!!

love you all


Saturday, July 17, 2004


well i guess its been since last sunday so i guess i left a cliffhanger wondering if i was going to find another job...  well... after going to church last Sunday, the following monday i went to a call center and got hired!!! Whooo Hooo... so i will be doing political surveys over the tele... telephone that is...  I dont mind doing it... they are research studies... no selling involved... so you never know... if you hear someone calling you and asking if they can speak to someone 18 years of age or older who is a registered voter... It could be me!!! SO DONT HANG UP!!!!  BE NICE... LOL

Well need to get going... hope to post more soon

love ya lots


Monday, July 12, 2004

Spiritual Re-Awakenings

well... times have been down for me a bit... but i think that all things happen for reasons...  i got fired from my job at Papa Johns last thursday... Long story, if you want to hear it... give me a ring a ding ding ...  but the drama really set in with my mother on the telephone and her blaming my lifestyle choices for all the bad things that I was going thru...   So... to appease her... i went to a church on sunday afternoon... I think it was a penecostal church... i thought that it was the Gay church...   Well after going... last nite i went to pick up a friend so that he wouldnt have to ride his bike in the rain from work to home... well when i got in my car... my check engine light wasnt on... It has been on for at least the past 3 months straight...  And today it didnt come on either... and after school... i went and got another job... i do have to say the Lord works in mysterious ways...  i think that i will have to go back to church next week...  it certainly couldnt hurt...

well thats all for now, remember to explore your spiritality... it can do wonders for you...



Sunday, July 4, 2004

O L I V I A newton-john: Many things coming this fall...

I have been a fan of Olivia Newton-John since i was a small child... I remember the cover of her Clearly Love album... she was in a pool of water... the picture only showing shoulders up to top of head... her hair was pulled up... and I thought that it was the Bionic Woman (Lindsey Wagner).  LOL.  My mother had to explain to me that was not Lindsey Wagner... It was Olivia Newton-John...  I was in love... and as I grew, I discovered not only was Olivia was not only beautiful on the outside, but her personality just beamed "What a lovely person"... maybe thats why some call her 'Lovely Livvy'.

My dear friend has bought me a FRONT ROW TICKET!!! to see Olivia in Tucson!!!  I can't wait... Im so excited...    BUT... not only do I have to wait for the concert, but she has some other exciting irons in the fire that are about to see their way to release this fall...   1. a long awaited BOX SET!!!! celebrating 30+ year career. 2. A new Album... has been produced by the famous Phil Ramone, is an album of covers including songs by Joan Baez, Karen Carpenter, and Dionne Warwick! The album is actually to be released in Austrailia in September or October in Austrailia, and then probably a later american release date... But I'll be ordering mine from CDnow so i will have it when its released!!! 3. rumblings of another album done with her nephew Brett Goldsmith... who produced the fabulous "Best of My Love" a little dance ditty that i think could put Ms. Newton-John back on the top of the charts here in America where she deserves to be... Move over Britney!!!  

Olivia's last release...simply titled (2) was an album of all new duets with various people including... Keith Urban, Darren Hayes(from Savage Garden), Tina Arena, Human Nature, Billy Thorpe, David Campbell, Richard Marx, Michael McDonald + others...   Olivia began her career in the 60's in Austrailia as a teen, then had her first hit in 1971 with the song If not for you... a song written by Bob Dylan. Her career soared thru the seventies, as she sang country-pop long before Shania Twain...  then with the release of Grease... Olivia was beginning to take a turn to a more sultry side as Sandy 2 emerged in Grease clad into Black pants she had to be sewn into for the final scene with John Travolta!!! and the release of the album Totally Hot... 1980 was the release of Xanadu... althought it flopped... I still love it.... just watched it a week ago at my friends house while takin care of her Kitty...  then 1981 Olivia had the biggest hit of her career with the release of Physical...  In 1983 she had another movie with John Travolta... Two of a Kind, which spawned the top 5 hit Twist of Fate...   During this time... Madonna was writhling her way to the top so in 1985, management tarted up Olivia's act with the release of the album Soul Kiss...  The video for the title track wasnt as sexy as the director actually wanted because Olivia was pregnant...  The album, one of my very favourites, was quite steamy for the time, the title track had her wailing " somewhere there is a heart thats waiting to take a ride on your Soul Kiss...  it was ahead of its time... tune in for pt 2 on olivia's career in my blog... SOON!!!

love Constance

Friday, July 2, 2004


Whew... its been so long since I'v had time to sit down and blog... but i do have a good excuse...   for the past two weeks ive been taking care of my friends kitty while she was away on vacation with her girlfriend, and alas, they didnt have aol...

My reward for takin care of the Kitty?   A ticket... section 102 seat number two... Im setting in the front Row baby!!!  To see O L I V I A newton-john at the Desert Diamond Casino in September here in Tucson Arizona!!!!  Im so EXCITED



ill try to blog more regularly again...

Monday, June 14, 2004


well... nothing witty to write... at the moment... just trying to procrastinate before having to do my homework... i had to write a paper this weekend... it had to be five pages, and i wrote mine on the Psychedelic 60's and its effects on women's fashion.  I learned some interesting stuff and im sure its going to inspire my work... how bout a 60's flashback... PEACE LOVE HAPPINESS... MAKE LOVE NOT WAR... AND IN NOVEMBER... JUST SAY NO TO BUSH!!!!   well ill try to post more soon... but to leave you with... ill include my Historical fashion inspired by the Greek/Roman age of history... enjoy



Wednesday, June 9, 2004

ok ok... its been awhile... so sorry... ive been really swamped in homework... i havent died and went to the alternate Salem in the Carribean... Just wanted to do a quick post and say hello... will try to post something more lively soon... kisses and love to all

Monday, May 31, 2004


well just a quick blog... wanted to post my grades for all to view... let me start off by saying that I am on the Dean's List with a GPA of 3.5, and I got an A in Fashion Illustration 1, an A in Intro to social sciences, a B in Flat Pattern, and a B in Draping! Can you believe that this dumb blonde made a Dean's List and not for her "other Talents" I have one thing to say...WHOOOOOOOOO HOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO


Monday, May 24, 2004

quick blog

Just wanted to report that...  one... i have to go to work soon...  and just wanted to stop and leave a little teaser... I have the report card...  I know my GPA... and I know Marlena is alive in an alternate Salem?  Im confused...  but ill share it all in the next blog...mwah

love ya


hows that for a cliffhanger... tune in soon for the startling revelations  of how connie did in school... it will excite you!!!!!!!!!

Sunday, May 23, 2004

2 blogs in one day... oh my

ok... since i have completed the first ten weeks of school... im adding a second challenge for the second ten weeks... im going to try to start excercising and dieting as much as i possibly can... but i dont think Pizza will be cut out of the diet... but im going to try to start using the ab roller... walking... and the noisy excercise bike...  i will try to post a weigh in... and then also post my achievements... so maybe sometime... ill have the body i have always dreamed of having... guess im going to have to work for it cuz its not coming to me naturally... im not naturally blessed with the body... just the face that could launch a thousand ships that only Helen could rival...   wink wink... nod your head and just agree with me...

love always


Sunday... Laundry day... and so much MORE

well here it is sunday...  tomorrow starts the first day of classes... for the second pod...   but in the meantime... its sunday... and im off work... and doing laundry... why wasnt i smart enough to do the laundry earlier in the week when i was doing nothing important after i got off work... but NO... i have to save it til my frickin day off... am i F*%K$N stupid...?  OBVIOUSLY or i wouldnt be doing laundry today... oh well im just takin it easy before classes... and looking back on some life lessons... like one that i had to teach myself in San Diego and find myself having to look back upon lessons learned for the answers of how to deal with situations now... and the best way i can sum it up is... JUST SAY NO TO DRAIN-O!!!! even though it could make you skinny... LOL am I a walking contradiction or what?  And on top of it all... im very interested in a person whom i don't know feels that way about me...  What do I do?   any Dear ABBY's out there for me?  Its so frustrating it hurts... but who was it that sung that song Love Hurts... well they must speak from exprience cuz it seems like it always does somehow...    plus im tryin to quit smokin again... im having all kinds of realizations... and confusions...   Are you confused yet?  I am...

wish me luck in class tomorrow


Thursday, May 20, 2004

a DIVA'S Birthday

Just wanted to give a quick shout out to the Legendary Diva.... Cher and wish her a HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!  How old is she now? 38?  I get confused... LOL it might be that plus a few more for her real age... but you know what... a DIVA doesnt have to tell her real age if she doesnt want... i dont think Cher keeps it a secret... but im in the dark on this one... so instead of speculating... we should just all agree... she is fabulous... and i hope i look that good when i hit her age...

love ya Cher



Well just wanted to take a moment of silence and look back on what ive accomplished... 10 WEEKS OF SCHOOL BABY!!!!   Although I won't have a grade card til probably next week, it still is kind of amazing that i have accomplished this much... its been so long since ive been in school that some of it can be really overwhelming...  But that is only the first ten weeks... the next 10 start monday morning... four more classes... lets see i have... Fashion 2 (it will be another drawing class... and from what i've heard... the instructor is SEXY, he's never taught at the Tucson Design College before.)  Its all about me gettin moist before the class even starts...  Lets see... other classes will be... History of Fashion, Basic Computers, and Flat Pattern 2!!!!  Wish me luck  ; )

love always...

your favourite blonde bimbo and surprizing student extroidnaire


Monday, May 17, 2004

WHOOO HOOO!!! I got my Shorts Done!!!

Well i started a pair of shorts yesterday... and it took me many hours... and i didnt complete them yesterday... So I took them to school with me today and after i got my work completed... i sewed up my shorts!!!   At first they came out really funny because i had sewn the wrong seams together... and it looked horrible... and the class all had a good laugh... so then i undid the seams and sewed it up again and installed the drawstring...  They are not the best... most coutoure shorts in the world... but as my second real attempt at sewing... i would say that i didnt do to bad...  getting ready to go swim... might post later...

lots of love  to all


The Hardest Day

    Today was one of those days that was a bit tougher than usual to get thru... it was May 16th, Sunday...  My Grandpa's birthday... and also the day that my Grandmother passed away... on his birthday ten years ago...  the day started off okay... I woke up early and went to Wal-Mart cuz i was bound and determined to sew me a pair of shorts today... Well before i got to the material, i had to stop at the checkout lines and see what was up in some of my favourite tabloids...  But my eyes immediately focused on the Soap Opera Digest... I had seen a cover with Marlena and Alice... and I thought... wow... the magazine man must have missed that one... thinking that it was a cover from March when Alice and Marlena appeared on the cover... but as i got closer... i read the headline... "They're Alive!" meaning Marlena and Alice... so that really excited me... but later after i got out to my car i started looking at the cover... and i just started thinking... If only I could have My Grandma back as easy as the Horton's get their grandma back... and i actually started crying there in my car in the Wal-Mart parking lot...  it may be ten years but to this day I love and miss my Grandma... she was my best friend.  But I kind of took it as a sign too... maybe this was supposed to happen like this and me find out the news that Alice Horton is Alive on this day... the day my Grandma passed away... to somehow let me know that my Grandma is watching out for me... I love you Grandma...

ps... the shorts... they turned out to be an all day chore... and they arent complete as of yet... ill take them to school with me tomorrow and finish them there...

love you all... and wishing Peace and Love for the world...

Thursday, May 13, 2004

Week 9 of school done

Whooo Hooo... I have completed 9 weeks of school... next week is the last week of this first Pod of classes...  So for Flat Pattern1 we arent doing anything except using it as catchup time so we can have time to finish anything that we havent gotten done yet.   Intro to social sciences is the final... but i dont have to take it because she said at the beginning of the class that if we come to class every week... we dont have to take the final!!!  so i definately have been there every week...   On Wednesday, there is Fashion 1, which is a drawing class... I do not believe that there will be any kind of final for that class...   and on thursday is draping 1... so i think that will be all to finish any kind of makeup work that we needed to complete...

I have to say that some of my favourite music right now is...  Olivia Newton-John... Best of My Love,  Britney Spears... Everytime (like the mixes better than the original, but i like the original as well) and Blondie... Good Boys (Giorgio Moroder mix)... but like music changes so does my taste... so i guess next week ill have to update my favourites... tune in to see if my opinions change...  Hope to hear someone write back to me in here... tell me what they are up to... what music they are liking at the moment... and any other thing that might need to be told...

until the next blog

Peace Love Happiness


Wednesday, May 12, 2004

well i know i have at least two straight A's

well its been a few days since i have blogged... so ill report some good news... For my intro to social sciences class i have out of a possible 500 points, i have acquired 480!!!! which makes my percentage for the class a 96% which happens to be a straight A!!!!   Whooo Hooo!!!!!!!!!!!  I think i have a straight A in my fashion design 1 class as well!!!!!!!!!!!  Not to shabby for a Dumb Blonde huh... we should get our grades either at the end of next week... or the following week so ill keep you posted on my grades!!!    Hope this world finds happiness for all of you... Lets pray for happiness.... there is to much sadness in the world...  !!!!!!!!

well gotta run and get ready for school... hope to blog soon... mwah


and before i go... ill leave you a link that i love very much... its a new website


Sunday, May 9, 2004


Just wanted to do a quick blog to let anyone know who reads my weblog... that you havent been abandoned... I have found that pictures can be worth more than words... so be sure and click on the link in the top left hand corner that says AnotherWorld001 my ornaments page... I spent a big deal of time today getting everything together to do it and then even deal with technical difficulties cuz my easy designer page wouldnt open... but i think the end results are worth it... enjoy...



Friday, May 7, 2004

A Fond Farewell to some great FRIENDS

     Whether it was Ross, Rachel, Monica, Chandler, Phoebe, or Joey that might have been your favourite Friend, last nite marked the end of an era as Friends presented the final series Finale, which pretty much tied up all of the loose storyline threads...  Ross and Rachel finally reunited after some incredible odds last nite...  Monica and Chandler had a double surprize... not only did they get one baby from the surrogate mother... she had twins... a boy and a girl...!!!!   And Phoebe and her husband Mike are talking about having a bunch of children...  And Joey... nothing was really tied up with him... because he is moving on to his new comedy in the fall entitled Joey... which is a spin off from friends... so it gives a chance to still have Friends as part of our life...  cuz Joey's antics will still be around for us for comedic relief...    So I have to say... that it wasn't as funny last nite for their final episode... but tensions were high... but good things were worth waiting for as Friends viewers were treated to some happy endings for their favourite characthers...  What more could you really ask for...?   Goodbye Friends... I'll miss you


Monday, May 3, 2004


    Just wanted to take a moment out of space and time to remember the late great sudser on what would have been its 40th anniversary on May 4th had stupid NBC not decided to pull the plug on the daytime drama after 35 years on the air... to make room for the crap called Poisons... Opps... I meant Passions... so sorry...  Instead of bringing on a new soap that is so far fetched with its witches and demons,  why didnt they just have Mr. Reilly (creator of Passions, former headwriter for Days when Marlena was possessed by Satan... and current head writer for Days--making Marlena a serial killer) take over the reigns of Another World, and see what he could have brought to the show... I would have much rather seen this than Another World getting cancelled all together...  five years later and im still not very happy with NBC about this...     

But anyway... just a quick nod to the great daytime drama... that still can be seen in Re-run on SOAP NET... HAPPY ANNIVERSARY... YOUR DRAMA IS TRULY MISSED...  THANK YOU SOAP NET FOR GIVING US A CHANCE TO RELIVE IT ALL!!!!  I think to celebrate its anniversary on Tuesday... i will pull out a video with old Another World memories on it and watch it...  thank you Another World for giving us fans 35 years of excellence in television history...

i still miss you... sniff sniff


Music... Makes the People... Come together

     As Madonna sang... Music... makes the people... come together...  And its so true...   But as it is... Not everybody likes everything... While some may like Hard Rock, Heavy Metal, and others might like Rap & the blues... or Country, or 40's Bandstand... dance, pop... so many varients on the term music... but in some way Music has probably touched someone in a special way on one occasion or another. 

    Some like to branch out and seek whats current in Music, whether they listen to a top 20 countdown or hear a new little diddy on the ol VH1 or MTV (when they decide to show music videos...Go back to the Basics MTV...)  And others like to revel in their favourites of yesteryear never branching out to something new... I have been accused of that by a friend... but i have to say... Au Contrairre Monfraire...   I do have my favourites... Olivia Newton-John, Madonna, Cyndi Lauper, & Cher... but i do branch out... if i find a singer that really catches my attention...

   One of my favourite new singles is "Everything" by Alanis Morrisette... the song really seems to describe me and all of my facets...  really like a walking contradiction...  

school is going well... the teacher really liked my paper doll concept... so she wants me to run with it so she will have something to show off on the board upstairs...WHOOO HOOOO... a Lil' Connie display... free advertising... maybe i could hang an ornament or two up there with a business card offering them forsale...  sell your soul... just cash in...  according to Jewel... in Intuition... 

take care... love you lots


Sunday, May 2, 2004

My morning of Another World & paper dolls

this morning has been very productive... ive already designed four of my outfits for my paper dolls... now comes the dreaded part... need to go to a store and get posterboard to make the base for my paper doll... which reminds me I need to get some foam board too... this will be a presentation of the work that I have done for my Fashion design 1 class.    Wondering what the paper doll looks like??  Imagine... Little Connie...(my cartoon charachter) BALD!!!   That way I can add hairstyles to my paper doll so she won't be stuck in a rut with the same "Do" all the time...   Just like the real me... i have many options for hair, so you dont have to be the same gurl all the time...

still enjoying school... have been every day since the beginning...  i even went the day after i got drunk...  i was only 40 minutes late... but hey... I still beat one of my fellow students to school... he walked into class like five minutes after i got there... so i didnt feel so bad...  Will scan my paper dolls and share on one of my webpages soon...   need to design some more... 



Saturday, May 1, 2004

1st day of May

whooo hoooo... what a beautiful day...  its the first day of May... and i got a bit of a sunburn...  went hiking in the beautiful arizona desert... great excercise!!!  perfect way to start out May... if we only had another president, this May day would be even better...  oh well... you cant have everything...



the picture above was taken on Wednesday nite...  Constance felt the need to go get DRUNK...  sometimes... you just need it...

Wednesday, April 28, 2004

Constance... More than just a Paper Doll... television series idea

What if...  There was a television series portraying me as a Paper Doll... and different up and coming designers would come and create a look for Constance... just like putting paper clothes on a paper doll... but since im so much more... the clothes will have to be more than paper baby...

also an idea for your board for fashion design class... Paper Dolls theme...

just ideas so i dont forget what i was thinking about



Tuesday, April 27, 2004

and the tears keep on flowin from great acting on Days

Wow... Im all cried out...  the waterworks have been flowing on Days... mainly with Marlena... Sami... their performances for tuesdays show moved me to tears so many times...  Many people may be upset about all the killings... but as far as it being an entertaing drama... it SO MUCH IS... forget all your preconcieved notions about soap operas and take the plunge... IT WILL EXCITE YOU!!!

School is going well... just got my homework done for tomorrow and thought i would come and blog just a bit...  And on an exciting note... Constance will most likely make an appearence in the Tucson nitelife... If all goes according to plan...  I just hate havin to shave...

should have some new excitin photos after tomorrow... wish me luck... mwah

 constance lee

What If... My Days of our Lives guess about Serial Killer storyline

OK... heres a stab at my guess for the Salem Serial Killer storyline...  If I'm correct... i wish someone would give me a Job writing for a daytime drama... that has always been one of my dreams...  anyway... back to my guess...  

Marlena... is guilty of the murders...    she somehow was programmed by Stephano DiMera...  She is going to go to Death Row... but somehow I believe that there will be a switch...  Maybe Hattie Adams will be the one to be sent to the death chamber, as Marlena... then everyone in town will believe that Marlena has paid for her crimes with her life...  But in reality (if thats what you call life in Salem) Marlena's having to pay for her crimes, cuz now she will be no better than Stephano DiMera with blood on her hands...  And since he will have orchastrated the kidnapping... She will be his prisoner for life... or until John figures it out and that it wasn't "Doc" being put to death...

or another idea...  Marlena has been writing a Novel... she thought it might be theraputic to write a book... and her story is about herself, and how she would feel if she were a serial killer... and the effects of having a town turn against a woman they once held as a loving part of their community...   When Marlena is put to death... the scene could fade to a hand writing THE END...  and the camera slowly creep upward to reveal the author of the book... Dr. Marlena Evans... and everything that has happened was all just a ficticious story... that way all the dead... could really be alive and well and happy in Salem... Abe, Jack, Maggie, Caroline, Roman, Doug, Alice--- would all be alive...   well maybe not Abe... Maybe it was Abe's death that triggered Marlena to begin writing about a serial killer... I believe Abe might have been done in by Stephano... so maybe the rest of this was Marlena's story...  Maybe Bo and Hope when they were attacked at the fashion show... maybe that was done by Rex, because he was created by Stephano in a petre dish along with his twin sister Cassie... Oh and i think that if this is all Stephano's doing... Cassie and Tony will be alive and well as well... you never know... they keep boasting about the most shoking twist in daytime is coming soon... i cant wait and these are my guesses...

hope i win...!!!!

love ya


dishin the dirt on those sexy soaps... wink

Heartwrenching DAYS

     Just got done watching Mondays episode of Days Of Our Lives... and let me tell you... it just made me ball like a baby...  Different friends thru the years have witnessed me watching my Soaps... and if the story is moving... and the actors are doing a fabulous job portraying emotions... i can cry on a dime... i think its good for your soul to just let it all out... even if its for a stupid reason like a "Soap Opera"... cuz then the rest of the time... you seem to be a happier person...    What was making me cry you ask... well number one... Hope went to see Marlena in the hospital room... she has one wrist handcuffed to the bed...  She was all nervous and fidgety... thinking that Hope was going to treat her horribly for killing Hope's father and Grandmother... the legendary Alice Horton...   But Hope told Marlena that When she (Hope) had almost ruined her marriage when she slept with John (although at the time Hope was programmed with Princess Gina's memories, and thought that she was Princess Gina...  All of this was because of the infamous Stephano Dimera)   And Marlena said to Hope... but you werent yourself then... and Hope believes that somehow Stephano is responsible for all this...  although everyone believes him to be dead...  BUT  the PHOENIX always RISES FROM THE ASHES...  

Monday, April 26, 2004

Monday Morning... homework complete

Well its monday morning... and i did a bad thing...I put my homework off until this morning... but the good news is... it is done and its 8am... so now i will be able to have a little time on the computer... so i thought i would just stop in and blog a meaningless blog... it actually does have meaning but you have to be able to look deep into it for the underlying message which is a mystery of the universe and even more of a mystery to me...  Where's Daphne, Velma and Scooby when you need some good detective work?   

actually... the answer to the mystery is... do not put off for tomorrow what you can do today...   and yet knowing that... i still try tempting fate... i believe in Happy Twists of Fate... 

well thats all for now... love ya


Sunday, April 25, 2004

Sunday Blues

well its Sunday... and the only thing i have to do is homework...  what a lovely sunday... maybe something exciting will come up later... you never know what life can throw your way...  and if life throws you lemons...  im sure it will taste good in some kind of cocktail!!



Thursday, April 22, 2004

Lifes Simple Pleasures

once a month i enjoy lifes simple pleasures... anyone who knows me well, know that i love collecting Wonder Woman... and today was NEW ISSUE DAY!!!  Whoo Hooo...  and to make the day even better... my very dear friend took me... it was so nice of him... thank you Baby!!!  It was appreciated!   One more day and week six of school is out of my way... and if i look at it like this... after next week... I will have basically a year left of school... i just have to keep telling myself... you can do it...   getting ready to drift away into the realms of morpheus... until the next blog... Peace Out!!!   PS... i survived 420!!!   whooo hoooooo

love to all and kisses too


Tuesday, April 20, 2004

Happy 4-20-04

Just wanted to wish everyone a Happy 420... its April 20th and tax season has went... i think today was created just to relax and get rid of all the stress that the tax season may have been for you... So just sit back and enjoy this laid back day... its a day that is important to many... even my boss at work had said... in twenty minutes its going to be 420, so its pretty much a very important day for many!!!  Hope it is a great day for you.

just wanted to drop in a bit of a Days of Our Lives update...  today was so funny... John had came back from the cafeteria with some soup for Marlena who is handcuffed to the hospital bed cuz she is believed to be the Salem Serial Killer.  She starts speaking a Demonic voice and her eyes were glowing green!!!  She started Spewing Green Pea soup from her mouth at john so he was covered in it... then she uses some sort of heat vision and melts the handcuffs off the bed... she flies up in the air and strangles John! Laughing telling him its over...    Then she wakes up from her dream... LOL. it was hilarious...   So then John takes her to the Chapel where Bo and Hope,  Shawn and Belle have all arrived... they are there to meet the Priest... the Priest begins his testings to see if Marlena is really Possesed again... 

Repossessed!!!!  LOL... not only do cars get reposssessed... apparantly Marlena is going to be as well!!!LOL

happy 420


Monday, April 19, 2004


Whooo hoooo my Webpage for this screen name has finally been updated... its been two months but i guess it was worth the wait... It even has a theme... Butterfly's & Roses...  Spring 04.   Be sure to check it out... the link is on the side of the weblogs...   

got most of my homework done... and ready for school tomorrow... its 2:22 am, and i just finished the webpage... but i was bound and determined to update cuz hopefully soon some exciting news can be reported right here in the pages of my own litte world... welcome to the world of the dazed and the confused... welcome to the twilight zone... or welcome to the world of this blonde... its very confusing and its very hard to remember all that im thinking cuz then i forget what i was thinking about cuz i start thinking about something else and then have no i try to remember what it was... and its usually fruitless...  oh well... let me know what you think of my bright and beautiful webpage... its very springy...

love lots


Thursday, April 15, 2004

5 weeks of school down... and being an AOL DIVA

Well week five is complete for school and i only have 55 more to go... whoo hooo... i even got to sew for a few seconds on the sewing machine!!!  need to get started on homework soon...

I have to say Being an AOL DIVA is very flattering... not only have the put my picture on the Daytime TV Talk page... I am now on their main chat page...   AOL People Connection .   I have been recieving all kinds of interesting fan mail from admireres all around the country... now if i could just capture the attention of a Television Producer... Or movie producer... or even an 89 year old billionaire... that is the American Dream right?   talk to  you soon... love  you all


Wednesday, April 14, 2004

2 weeks later and the waterworks are still rollin for Alice

Just got done watching a double feature of Days Of Our Lives...  Hattie is innocent... she had been in jail during half the murders and having her plastic surgery in England during the remainder of the time...  So Marlena is still the number one suspect in all the Murders...  

on Wednesdays episode they had the funerals of Alice Horton and Doug Williams...  I guess its better to put the services together cuz then they can save on funeral expenses... hey that just gave me a new angle... Maybe it could be the town mortuary person gone mad and doing these horrible things so they could capatilize on the mourning people of Salem...   But Bonnie doesnt have a Mortuary service to her name...  but under that angle... anything is possible...  so... i think maybe.... just maybe Marlena might be REPOSSESSED!!!



Monday, April 12, 2004

Hattie Adams returns to Days... Played by Deidre Hall

The colorful and not quite right Hattie Adams returned thanks to John, and Stephano's old service man... Bart...   But Hattie claims that she is innocent and didn't kill anybody...  so that leads the trail right back to Marlena... whom last week was visited by a priest while in the hospital... she was unconcious while he was there, and he put holy water on her head... well after the Priest left... Marlena's hand rose up to her forhead as if to wipe the holy water off...   So I think that some dark force still has her in their clutches because she was never properly had the devil taken out of her before because John, as it is to find out... was never really a priest... and never ordained...  Looks like Dark Forces will be at play in Salem... stay tuned...



Sunday, April 11, 2004


Ok... Its been awhile since i've posted... but i have to tell you some exciting news...  I have been chosen by AOL to have my picture, as well as part of my Weblog posted on  AOL Television: Soaps  It has my picture and tells how long i've been a member... And it contains my weblog entry about Alice Horton Choking on her doughnuts...   AOL was supposed to let me  know when it got put on there... but hadnt yet... so the other day... i got an email and it asked me if i was on Days Of Our Lives... I told them thank you so much for the compliment... and I wish!  I would love to be on Days...  Maybe I could play Bonnie Lockhart's long lost brother that comes to town and is a Drag Princess in search of her crown jewels...and get embroiled into mystery and heavy drama... and who knows... I could get possessed too!!!  

well gotta run do some homework so i can lay out and get some sun after that... have a great day... and hope to blog soon...



Thursday, April 8, 2004

week four down... 56 more to go

well the title says pretty much it all... so i wont type anymore about it down here... I have to say... i have been eager to go everyday... and there hasnt been a day that I wish i would have stayed home... Although today... We had a substitute teacher... and I almost wanted to go home cuz she didnt know where we were... but after we got her in line everything went very well...  She was a very nice lady... her name is Veronica and i believe that she normally teaches at Pima Community College.   She was a little hard to understand at times... but sometimes it made it pretty funny...  So tomorrow i have the whole day off... No School...  No Work...  So hopefully ill have a wonderful time and get some homework done too...

so you know enough about school and my changes in life... I would love to hear whats going on in your worlds... Don't be afraid to Post... I love coming to my Blog looking to see if anyone has left me any messages... and am sometimes sad when I dont find anything...   I have to let you know... that i have met someone pretty special... and have been spending lots of  time together and always have a good time...but... believe it or not... its been platonic... (i think that means when you havent given up the Milkshake) And really developing a strong friendship...I hope someday with a few waterings it will bloom like the most beautiful flower thats ever been imagined... well got to go for now... mwah

Wednesday, April 7, 2004

a blog to be blogging?

I have to say that i recently had the chance to listen to Olivia Newton-John's dance single Best of My Love... it was produced by her nephew Brett Goldsmith in Austrailia...  I have always wanted some Olivia dance material and this song is FABULOUS!!!   I wish she was able to get a really big publicity event together and release this song during all the hooplah...  With Radio play... this song could be the launching board Olivia so deserves to get back on the top of the charts... but she will always be at the top of my Chart...  when i find it... ill post a link to Bretts website so you can enjoy BEST OF MY LOVE too!

well day three of week four is down for school...  for homework for my fashion design class we have to do ten fashion drawings of ethnic wear...  I think i might research what Aussies wear since i adore Olivia!!!   Wish me luck... will blog later...

juicy kisses to you all


Tuesday, April 6, 2004

Mistaken for Anna Nicole

well today i turned in my Cereal box... but had to get it printed out in the office cuz my printer suxs... anyho... the secretary in the office said... wow... you have Anna Nicole on your cereal... I had to correct her and tell her that it was me... later, i heard that from about 3 other people, and how they thought it was Anna Nicole... I love being compared to Anna Nicole... AND ITS A COMPLIMENT THAT ILL TRY TO REMEMBER FOR AS LONG AS I CAN... well gotta run and get ready for work... talk to you soon


Monday, April 5, 2004

monday morning or manic mondays

How come some people find Monday's to be horrible and manic?  Could it be that they have hit the snooze button one to many times?  My Monday is actually starting out ok... so i have to wonder...  What could cause Manic Monday's?  Love to hear your thoughts on what could make your monday manic...

see ya after class


Saturday, April 3, 2004

Ramblings from the edge...

Well just a rambling log...  Wanted to show off some of my career wear fashion designs for class... (since I love sharing... and even more... I would appreciate constructive feedback...)  And... if you happen to know any famous designers... i would love to meet them!!!  Bring on Kline, Versace, Gucci, Chanel, Laugerfeld... Names Darling... Names...    I have missed taping fridays episode of days... but thanks to wonderful Soap Net... Fridays Days will be shown at 8pm sunday evening.   So I just have to ask my friend to tape it for me.  Well im going to go design some more fashion sketches... will post more in a bit...

love you all bunches and more than all the fishys in the sea


Thursday, April 1, 2004

The Passion of Christ: A Blonde's Review

well... i did it... i went to see Mel Gibson's  "The Passion of Christ"  just to find out what all the hooplah is about...   I have to say that the movie moved me to tears... but I think it was just to see someone being Whipped and beaten so badly... and his mother Mary there watching... i was feeling the pain and horror that a mother must feel to see her child being whipped and beaten so badly...  I sometimes had a bit of a time with the subtitles... if i might misread something i would try to go back and read it again... and then they would already have the next blurb up there and i would miss what they said... Some would say that i need to go back and see it again so i could catch what i missed...  but i have to say...  Once is enough for me... I really do not like violence and bloodshed...  Days of our Lives is pushing it with me...  But just thinking all that Jesus did for us... and to be treated like he was treated... And He forgave them all!!!   Thats a lesson for everyone to take notice of... Forgive Your Neighbor... Forgive your enemy... Forgive all those who tresspass against you...  If everyone could just try their best to emmulate the kind wonderful man that Jesus was... the world would be in a much better state... Amen... and Just say NO! to BUSH!!!      Sorry if you might have thought i had taken up the collar and was preachin... but i have to say... i did get an inspirational message out of the movie... and my tear ducts finally dried up... but are about to be openend again as i begin to soon watch Thursdays Episode of Days...  yesterdays cliffhanger was a real one... Marlena fell off the balcony and was plummeting to the ground... with Sami down on the ground screaming at the top of her lungs at John...   Like Sands thru the Hourglass... so are the Days of Our Lives...



Week 3 down...

Well... i have finished my third week of school... only 57 more to go!!!!  lets see if i can recap in a nutshell what a learned...  lets see... Monday... We had flat pattern making... i learned how to make the front of a shirt with darts... that is only making the pattern on paper from scratch given the body size and measurement... so its a bit confusing... but i understand most of it...   Then on tuesday for intro to social sciences... the study of isms... we learned about Materialism, Commercialism, and Consumerism... and our homework was 3 things... two i have done... one assignment left to do... one assignment was fun... we had to design a cereal box... so im including my cereal box so you can see my homework... it has alot of flair... i think...   but what do i know... im just a blonde...   then for Fashion Design 1 we turned in our 3 sportswear technical designs.... and 10 career wear sketches... and then on thursdays... is draping 1... fitting the material on the bodice... or dummy... (not me)   but fortunately... no homework... oh well... i can focus more on the others... and read over the book for that class...

well i guess thats all ill ramble about for the moment... but... ill be back


Wednesday, March 31, 2004

Its Official... Alice Horton choked on her Doughnuts

Well after a box of tissues were put to use... I made it thru todays episode of Days of Our Lives...  Alice does meet her maker... but after reading Soap Opera Digest and Soap Opera Weekly...  Alice will be returning as a spirit in future episodes... so its not the ending... and on a happy note... Near the end of the episode her spirit did take Tom Horton's hand and went to Heaven so that they could finally be together again...  In Soap Opera Digest they asked Frances Reid what she thought of how they incorporated her doughnuts into her final scene...  She said...  "I thought it was hilarious."     So hearing that is helping me cope better with her death on the show...

In my life... things arent quite as exciting right now...  but i can say after tomorrow... I have three weeks of school down... and 57 more to go...   then I guess i could go work for Versace or Chanel...   or even design my own clothing line... any investors?

talk to you later



Alice Horton choked on her donuts?

Yesterdays Day's ended with Bo and Hope rushing into Alice Horton's kitchen... Marlena had already left... and ate one of Alice's Donuts on her way home... Will Hope find her Grandmother in the kitchen dead, another victim of Marlena... the salem serial killer?

All is going well on all other fronts...  Just wanted to drop a post off... to share... will try to write more later...



Sunday, March 28, 2004

Homework? Or Dark Forces?

WELL...  It's Sunday...two weeks of school down... fifty eight more weeks to go...  I will be so glad when this ism class is over... its making me have brain anurisms... But... hopefully i will pass the class with a good grade for participation... and perfect attendance...  Been working on homework all afternoon yesterday and all morning today... how do people do all that and still stay sain?   Although ive never claimed to have an ounce of sanity at all... I always seem that i hold it all together somehow...  Maybe the corsets to tight...

In other news... MARLENA ran out of the house the other day after TOM HORTON'S ghost appeard and told her to "Get out of this house now!"  So ALICE HORTON is still alive... she called JOHN BLACK to tell him that MARLENA was the serial killer and that she is about to kill her...

happy end of the weekend to you... sorry its been so long since posting


Friday, March 26, 2004

R E P O S S E S S E D ????

Well i just got done watchin fridays Days of Our Lives...  Celeste had channeled the "Dark Forces" for John to find out if his wife Marlena was the serial killer... fire was ablaze thru the candles... and Celeste's eyes turned black... and a different voice spoke thru Celeste using her as a vessell...   to make what the demon had to say short and sweet...  Basically he made John realize that his wife could be possessed again...!!!!!    Well Alice Horton was still alive today... but Marlena is out to get her... she had first went up to her bedroom and seen Alice in her bed... she went over and started STABBING the covers...  then finally she looked under the covers and it  was pillows!!!  So Alice has outsmarted Marlena... for the moment... but Marlena begins to look for Alice... and there she is in her living room...  And she said... "Marlena... I've been expecting you..."

I hate the fact that Days could rid themselves of their matriarch... but maybe it was Frances Reid's choice... to finally retire after so many long years at DOOL... If you are leaving the show Frances... Thank you so much for being part of my Days for all of these years...  You'll truely be missed...  And since it is Days of Our Lives... Being Dead doesnt mean that you can't come back as a ghost...

I think if Marlena is possessed by Satan again... I will be very entertained...  I loved it when she was in 95...   im glad this issue is being re-addressed...!!!! 


Thursday, March 25, 2004


On Days Of Our Lives...  sweet Grandma Alice Horton... who has been the shows matriarch since the show premiered in November of 1965... appears to be next in line of serial killings done none other than Dr. Marlena Evans...(unless its really Hattie, and Marlena was kidnapped...)   Alice was summoned to the grave of her late husband Dr. Tom Horton, by her husbands SPIRIT!!!, and she found the note left by Doug before he bit the dust, and written in Blood is the name of the Killer... Marlena...   Ive been a basket case since tuesday... i feel like someone is controlling my waterworks...  im so sad... shes my only grandma i have left...

i do understand Ms. Frances Reid is up in age... late 80's maybe so I understand that she might be wanting to retire...and go out with a bang...  but do the viewers deserve seeing their "beloved grandmother" get butchered by the hands of a psychotic serial killer on national broadcast television?    Its so horrible to even have to bear... but i have my VCR set...  But i have to say... if Days kills Hope... they have definately lost a viewer...


Wednesday, March 24, 2004

O L I V I A... in Tucson AZ...september!!!!!!!!!!

I have to tell you that i am so excited!!!!!!!!!!!!! O L I V I A... (Newton-John for the slow) is going to be at the Desert Diamond Casino right here in Tucson AZ!!!!!!!!  I'm so excited!!!!   If i can see O L I V I A  &  M A D O N N A in the same year... how exciting will that be for me!!!!!!!  O L I VI A is a definate... but unless M A D O N N A will come somewhere a bit closer... I dont know about the trip to Vegas... anyone want to come and give me a limo ride there?   Hell... I'll even ride in a cab if somebody pays my way!!!  

in other news... finished my third day of my second week of school... the teacher really liked my swimsuits... so now next week we have to take three of our fashions and turn them into technical drawings... so someone could look at it and make a pattern from it if needed to... and we also have to do career wear next week... Do you think it would be ok if i designed clothes for the "working girl" that would stand on street corners?   That is a chosen career field for some...

until next time... love  you all lots... C O N S T A N C E


Tuesday, March 23, 2004

day 2 of week 59 down...

Well it is tuesday and ive went to two of my four classes this week... Intro to social sciences... the study of Isms...   My question is... what in the F*&k do Ism's have to do with fashion... I don't really care to learn all of this garbage... Let someone who's interested in it study it... and leave the rest of us alone... what kind of ism would that be?  Lazyism?  dont know if thats a word... so i guess i should look it up...  one of the Ism words that i thought about studying was JISM...  but i dont know if it would be appropriate... could you imagine me bringing Jism samples to school?  LOL

just wanted to say hello and let you know that I will survive this and conquer it...


Monday, March 22, 2004


Just wanted to announce some very exciting news... the great one...M A D O N N A... is touring again...!!!!!!  Whooo Hooo!!!!!!   I just hope i can somehow get tickets... i would give up sex for a week just to have tickets!!!!!!!!!!   It is called "the re-INVENTION tour"   Very interesting name considering that she is the Queen of reinvention... 

in other news... school went fine today... we finished up learning how to make a pattern for fitted sleeves... and learned how to do a regular sleeve...  Just wait til i get ahold of the sewing machines... Hope i dont break them or get anything caught in it... ive always wanted to learn how to sew... but it always seemed to just leave me mind boggled... imagine that...  i should star in Clueless 3... the role was meant for me...

love you all


Sunday, March 21, 2004

Just a Blog and a chance to show off my fashion illustrations

   Tis the wee hours of sunday morning... had to work late tonite at work...  I have survived the first week of school... and today and yesterday i was even working on my homework...   And I thought... what could be more fun than sharing some of my homework with you... Love to hear what you think...


Thursday, March 18, 2004

4th Day of School... Or... ONE WEEK DOWN

Well today at school we learned Draping 1...  and we got to work with those kind of manequinns that you design clothes on... Oh wait... its a dress mannequin... and we learned how to pin the left side of material onto the dummy...  It wasnt to bad... we just have a reading assignment for homework for next week...   

I have to say... Week One of school was not to bad...  only 59 more weeks to go... but i feel optimistic that it will all go well... 

Wednesday, March 17, 2004

Third Day of School

Day Three down... and i dont know how many more to go... 59 weeks?  Whew...  I have to say my class today was very suited to me... it was Fashion Design 1... and we learn (which i already know how to do...) how to draw the human figure... so you can design clothes on them... HOW FUN!!!   I have to say I am actually enjoying school... So want to admit it or not... I have to say I might be learning something...(Shhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!  Dont tell anybody... cuz the dumber people think that you are the less they expect of you...  I learned that many years ago...)   At the beginning of the class we got our teacher off subject and talking about our dear old president...  (She admires him and thinks that he is doing a good job and has surround himself with very smart people...)Well at least he surrounds himself with them... Maybe some of that is bound to rub off on him... One can only hope... If not... God help us all...

well its 824 and im all ready for school... i even have my green on so that i dont get pinched... but my friend came over and i didnt see his green so i pinched him... but come to find out... he was wearing green underwear which in turn caused me to get pinched... May the luck of the Irish be with you today... and may four leaf clovers cover your path... kisses from the Irish (yeah i do have some irish in me bones)


Just wanted to post a little about my second day of school... it was pretty fun...  the class was called Intro to Social Sciences...  The teacher was nice...  when i first walked into her room she had music from the sixty's and seventies... then a really good song came on... "Everybody must get Stoned!"  I thought... wheres my treats? I  actually enjoyed the class... it is the Study of 'isms...  there are many kinds of 'isms including Racism, Feminism, Homophobiaism, and the list goes on and on...  I have to say I enjoyed the class...  And I downed some Red Bull before it began... just so i could have wings! Well gotta run... ready to begin my third day at school... will post and tell you what i think of it... i think i will love it... it is Fashion Design 1... so I believe that i will get to draw today!!!!  Yeah!!!!!!!!!

let you know more later


Monday, March 15, 2004

1st Day Of School

Just wanted to tell a little about my first day of school... in 10+ years...  I had to be at school at 9am... we got there early so we could go eat breakfast... the closest place was frickin McDonald's...  I think tomorrow I will bring my lunch...  As for school... well... I learned how to make a sleeve out of paper without having a pattern...  I thinkk it will be somthing that i can figure out...  i didnt do to bad today...  Tomorrow i have to go to a different campus to take introduction to social sciences...  Sounds pretty mind boggling to me... but... I'll let you know...  I really enjoyed my teacher... she was very nice and helpful...  

wish me luck tomorrow...

Friday, March 12, 2004


tonite i was outside in my own personal privacy fence like little area just for me... and all of a sudden i heard a person being beaten up...  I wondered if i should call 911... then I heard the man call out for Help...  So I called... Don't know what became of it... but I believe that people should be civilized enough to be able to solve their differences through open talks and discussions... 

make love... NOT WAR...  maybe you should be reading my page Mr. President...  I know you handled the 911 crisis well... but... Where are these weapons of Mass Destruction that they supposedly had? Wasnt that the reason the war started?  And to find Saddam?   or am I just a confused blonde... Im not political... but i feel strongly about this... plus i should be able to marry who i choose... and not have the president butting in and telling me i cant...

Thursday, March 11, 2004

subjectless thought

well i guess i havent been as good at blogging as I thought I was going to be...  In 4 more days I start school... and its kind of Ironic... because other colleges are starting their spring break... So I feel a little cheated that I don't get spring break... but when i stop and think about it... besides work... ive been on a "Spring Break" for 10+ years now...  Thinking about school is making me kinda nervous... I never had the best study habits... and when i did try to study... it was like... The Info won't stick... it slides right off like butter on a hot skillet... or wait a minute... What is that saying again...  oh well...  

peace love and blondness to you

Monday, March 8, 2004

tried to update my webpage with a link to here

well i tried updating my aol homepage today... and it all looks good.... but for some strange reason... it wont get the link right for my weblog pages...  ill try again tomorrow...


a day without a blog...

i dont think that a day without a blog is bad... especially if its just empty fluff that really doesnt mean anything in this reality... let alone another...  so do i have any regrets? None besides the fact that i wasnt born wealthy... but i must say... happiness is more important than wealth i believe... Live each day for what it is... Another Day!!  I did read some exciting news the other day... RuPaul... who is the cause of my interest in blogging... has stopped his blogging for a month because she is putting finishing touches on her new album! for more info... click on the RuPaul link at the bottom of the page...   Getting ready to tune into Days of our Lives... i taped it... will post later...

much love


Saturday, March 6, 2004



note to self... remember to remember whatever it was...

Friday, March 5, 2004


AAAAAAAARRRRRRRRGGGGGGGGGG!!!! I hate cliffhangers!!! Days of our Lives is over and they showed the previews for monday... and it showed Doug's ghost telling Celeste that the most beloved person in Salem was going to Die...!!!!

Lets count the victims shall we... first there was Abe Carver, then Jack Deveraux, followed by Maggie Horton, Caroline Brady, Cassie Brady, Roman Brady, Tony DiMera... and now Doug Williams... (Victor Kirikias was electrocuted in his bathtub, but he was a victim of Jan Spears)


Well the next victim of the SALEM SERIAL KILLER was claimed today... it was Doug Williams, husband of Julie Williams and the father of Hope Williams Brady on the daytime sudser DAYS OF OUR LIVES...  Will John be able to stop Marlena... (the KILLER), before its to late and she kills him... tune in Monday for the continuing story of Days Of Our Lives

My Life....

well just wanted to give you the 4:20 on my life...  on Jan. 30th i was fired from my McJob... they said i was being rude to a customer...can you imagine that?  I'm looking at it as an eyeopening experience... and looking at it like this... after getting fired from McDonald's you can only go up from there... I'm actually thinking about sending them a thank you card for puttin me out of my missery!!!   Everybody at work was getting into the new slogan...I'm LOVIN IT... and all i could think of was...I'm HATIN IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

SO... Ive found another job... delivering pizza for Papa John's... and i have enrolled into the Tucson Design College... I will be studying Fashion Design!!!!   so the world is looking up for me!!!!!!!!!!   WHOOOOOO HOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!


me a weather gurl?

well i never watch the news because of all the the bad news... but today i discovered for myself that i can tell the weather without needing a weatherman... I went outside today and discovered it was raining...   and then i looked up into the mountains and seen all the snow up there... All that... and I didnt need a weatherman to give me a report...  i just need to try out for the position of local weather queen...

Thursday, March 4, 2004

just wanted to add another pic

just done by some of my computer artistry... of my favourite subject... me!!!

a thoughtless moment

Well when i started this blog... i had a thought... but now... its totally gone... imagine that...

The President and JR Ewing... what do they have in common

I have to express my views on the state of America today. I may not have the opportunity to speak my mind on regular broadcast television or anything such as that, but i can share my views in my own little world...  

and heres what I think...   Our President of the USA... who was not elected by the people that is spending all of our future social security money for his current political agenda...  I have to say that I feel he is very much like the dastardly J.R. EWING from the early 80's nitetime sudser DALLAS...  I feel that all this stuff he (the president) is doing is to avenge his DADDY, for them attacking him years ago...  Well ol JR Ewing was very much bent on makin his Daddy proud... and getting all the Oil he could...  lots of resemblences... 

also... his attempt to use the constitution of the united states of america to take away the right for a homosexual or lesbian couple to unite... the constitution was created years ago... and whenever anything has been added to it... it has been to Liberate the AMERICANS... NOT OPPRESS...(I may be dumb but even i know this)   GIVE THE GAY COMMUNITY A CHANCE TO HAVE SOME RESPECT AND HAVE A CHANCE TO LEAD HAPPY LIVES WITH THE PEOPLE THEY LOVE... LEGALLY... BUTT OUT MR. PRESIDENT!!!!!!!!!!!!!

My first Blog!!!!!!!!!!!

Welcome to my Blogs...  I promise to try to keep things very interesting around here... as i can share my mind on many subjects...  but one might wonder how i can spare so much of my mind when i do not have much to begin with...  Well thats easy... most people are stuck thinking inside boxes... but i believe you should think outside... and I myself prefer to think outside Circles cuz there is no beginning and no end... so you don't get caught in a corner...   Since this is my first blog... i guess im breaking my blog virginity huh?   the first blogs that i ever read were on RuPaul's website    Very interesting use of blogging and I hope to only be half as entertaining than the Diva RuPaul...   But I hope to be very entertaining where you just can't help but to bring yourself back to the trainwreck that happens daily in my little blonde head...