Tuesday, January 23, 2007


Just wanted to take the time to report that Wonder Woman #4 has been delayed for at least the fifth time now if not more... it has been since june since we got issue number one... and since then... we have had two more issues... thats three issues of Wonder Woman in an eight month period... never in all my years of reading Wonder Woman has there been this much of a gap between issues because the writer of the comic has actually bit off more than he can chew and is putting his priorities in the wrong order... get your issues done so we can move on with a writer who understands deadlines and adheres to them... lets welcome best selling author Jodi Piccoult to the writing reins for Wonder Woman... i hope if Heinberg can't get his issues out on time... they still release Jodi's as scheduled to smear the poo in his face for his treatment of my favourite Super Heroine... i do give credit where credit is due... and the story is very good... but its not so good that its excuseable to allow so much of a gap between issues... i hope DC has learned their lesson and will never allow this person to touch Wonder Woman again... they relaunched her at a new number one... and at first the excitement had all built up... but then the constant delays.. im tired of it... get him out of the game... find a competent writer to finish it up and lets move on... im sure ABC wouldnt handle things so nicely if he wasnt keeping up with his scripting of Greys anatomy and kept lagging behind... and to top it off...he finds time to get on My Space... stay off there til you have all your shit done... you have really really really dissapointed some Wonder Woman fans out there...Shame on you Mr. Heinberg... you started with lots of fanfare... but with all these delays... you almost make this fan not care... learn how to adhere to deadlines next time is all i have to say!!!

so mad i could spit

my view of the State of the Union

standing up there, looking like an idiot... the audience claps as the president , as they have now announced it for like the second or third time now... i think we are aware of the most hated man in the world is...as least he addressed Madame Speaker... Nancy Polosi? good thing he mentioned those senators who couldn't be here tonight... is he about to give a sermon?  Wisdom to face it together? wouldn't that mean that he had to have wisdom to? 7.2 million new jobs? hmmm... and the rich get richer and the poor get poorer... state of the economy... priorities... balance the federal budget my ass... how? do you have a trillion dollars in your pocket Bushie? and not raise taxes... federal budget? does that include the war? Earmarks... never heard of them... but i guess that they are slipped into reports... do they cover up the booing with more clapping?  Entitlement... social security.. save social security... yes i want that... ive paid into it... oh and now he goes onto public schools... time to eat... but can you notice... he starts talking about all his empty promises before he can talk about the real issue... the war.... right now all he is saying is everything he knows people want to hear... that's why they are clapping... and then won't follow thru... if i do see a follow thru i will gladly eat my words... but he hasn't impressed me after the war started and no weapons of mass destruction found... his speech this time makes him sound a bit more intelligent that some of the dumbass shit that he said that has made him sound like a total moron... i give credit where credit is due... he did keep America calm after 911... terrorist's terrorist terrorist's....terrorists cells...  Thanks to our Troops for protecting us from.... it may all seem like ramblings thru the state of the union review... totalitarian... big word... islamist radical movements? domina middle east... regime... wow... im learning some big words here... there goes the totalitarian... let me just say... i do not want a draft to come back... i don't think its fair to send someone who believes in peace with all their heart to send them off to war and scar  beautiful souls forever...20,000 more  troops... 4000 more marines...  I pray for everyone that is sent off to this awful war... may you come home safe and sound, may God watch over you and you're family while you are away... he is so trying to get us to buy into his bullshit to make us want to send more troops against this war on terror...92,000 in five years? volunteer reserve core? you can actually go a volunteer? if you wanted to volunteer... why not join one of the armed forces...?  that's nice to ggive money to Africa for all these things... but shouldn't some of that money be spent right here in our country to handle our problems that we face here like homelessness, and health care for all... not just some...  well after one hour and three minutes... the speech is over... and what did we learn? that our State of the Union is Strong...  is that how he envisions that we are is Strong?  he says what he wants to say... to sway people over to his way of thinking... health care was a good issue... but he stated... it will help some... help everyone...  tax deductions... to sum it all up... sad echoes of promises he made time and time before... and has done nothing with concerning global warming as well as other issues lightly addressed... just being polite enough to sway over the wishy washy person in the middle who cannot make up their mind if they want to move over to his side and way of thinking... im sorry but someone forgot to slip me a brainwashing pill so i could believe all of his shit again... so i guess one year from now... in 2008 we will hear the man make his last state of the union speach because in 2009 we will have a new president that will be able to deliver it to us... hopefully it will be Hillary!!! well ive had all of his union that i can handle... i made it thru the whole thing and didnt throw up... but you know my eyes were rolling and i was hollering at the tv... well gotta run... love ya... constance

the village idiot has escaped and he's giving a speach tonite

well,  the title pretty much says it all, tonite is that state of the union speach... im ready to roll my eyes as the stupidity rolls from his mouth like diahrehea squirting out of a sh*thole... how could everyone who voted for the idiot live with themselves...?  and all of the dear troops that are over fighting for our freedom in a war that should have never been started... and all the lives that we have lost so far that just keep adding up... when will this madness end? when will someone get some sense and have him court marshalled and taken care of the same way they took care of Saddam... im sure we could sell tickets for the event and maybe start paying off this trillion dollar war? then we could sell it on DVD as well... that would raise more money... and im sure its a video that we could sell around the world... and the voice over music could be DING DONG THE DICK IS DEAD (to the tune of ding dong the witch is dead) i have to say i will always support the troops because they are just doing what they are told... but as for the idiot pulling the strings... ITMFA!!!!



Monday, January 22, 2007

ok ok... so its been awhile since i posted...

just wanted to post a blog in here... i realize its been a long time... i have to say that this blog isnt near as fun as the one that i have on blogspot... be sure and check it out... thats www.thruthepurplehaze.blogspot.com  on there i can be as raunchy as i want to be... find you hot men with body fluids shooting everywhere... whereas here i got to keep it clean... whether its naughty or nice... its all me... all rolled up into one... so be sure and check out  the link above, and see the video treasures i have posted... now if i can get used to blogging in it every day... who knows... it may become the favourite journal of 2007, what an honour it would be to be award winning like www.dudetube.blogspot.com  stranger things have happened

love you lots