Monday, March 5, 2007

still here

just so you dont think i fell off the planet, or think that i might have reached my expiration date to... i wanna let you know that im here and doin ok... am moving again this thursday to a different apartment in the same complex, so then ill have my own bedroom... whooo hoooo... then i can entertain in the way that i do best...LOL but... if you've been tuning into my other blog at, you will see that everyday since Anna died, i went thru and did searches for Anna Nicole Smith in and posted all kinds of tribute videos set to music with picture collages to help you remember all the beauty that Anna possessed, as well as clips that were taken for Television news reports, and also found a fabulous Anna video done by Anna herself singing the Marilyn Monroe tune "My Heart Belongs to Daddy"...  Ive been watching alot of the news channels and listening to people talk about her-- they talk about how sweet she was, and was deeply hurt when people talk about her saying lots of mean things that hurt her feelings... Oh Anna, i so wish i could have known you... but just know, I'll never forget you and you will always be in my heart... you have entertained the world in one way or another, may you rest in ever loving peace... I hope your doing well up there with Daniel, and I'm sure you've met my best friend Seth up there... he will be lots of fun...

my love always and forever


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