Friday, October 28, 2005

hair do's and dont's

well lord knows i dont know how to do hair... but as soon as i can get my ass away from the computer im going to be tryin to whomp me some haira to weara for tomorrow nite at the halloween party... LOL wish me luck... Where is my fabulous hair dresser David Orr when i need him?  Oh yeah... he is in missouri... my hair misses him... LOL  

wish me luck... im definately going to need it...

love and light


Thursday, October 20, 2005

ive finally done it!!!

well i went thru and typed this all once and it didnt save anything for me... so let me try again... finally today after a year and half i have updated my webpage so you can see some of the most recent outings by everyone's favourite blonde... (well everyone that knows her at least... LOL)  the photos where im wearing bright colors is from the Tucson Gay Pride parade...  the photos of me wearing black are from the nite that i sprained my ankle... ouch!!! that still hurts just thinkin about it...

hope you like the page...



Tuesday, October 18, 2005


well yesterday i checked out Madonna's new site and it is fabulous... as one can only expect from the queen!!!  and... you get the chance to hear in its entiriey her new single HUNG UP... i must say it is Brilliant!!! check it out...



Monday, October 17, 2005

i know its been awhile

well just wanted to blog a bit cuz it had been over ten days... i know i should be bloggin more but sometimes a gurl can get busy or a little lost in life im sure that you know... well anyway i just wanted to take the time to announce that Madonna will be appearing on TRL today with Carson Daily to premiere her new song HUNG UP~... im so excited... cant wait til the whole new cd is released to her many fans... also remember that on October 21st, Madonna's new movie, I'm Going to Tell You a Secret will premiere on there, and will also be on MTV, VH1 and the new gay channel LOGO... wish i had LOGO here... maybe someday...  for Madonna info just check the news section of  in fact... im remembering that her website is supposed to be updated today... im going to go and check it right now... might post back later on my thoughts and views of this multi faceted entertainer...

love you all



Tuesday, October 4, 2005

a blog to be bloggin

just a little blog about nothing... except about spammers... quit that shit... well gotta go... love ya...