Sunday, March 19, 2006

for all of you that hate cleaning as i do...

well, if you all hate to clean house like i do, i have an answer for you...  check out this page here... its available in three states on the east coast, i believe that it is New York, New Jersey and some other state in that area... i cant wait til we have one of these services nationwide... it would make cleaning so much better... heres the link...   hope i got it right for you...

Anitra welcome back to cyberland!!! you have been missed, and i very much do love your new screenname... AnitraluvsConnie... question for you, do you by chance have AOL or AIM? i would love to add you to my buddy list sweetie so we can do some instant messanging chat... i do have yahoo IM as well... email me at and ill give you my yahoo addy if you need it... luv you... oh and for Project Jay... is that a one shot? or a weekly?

well, next time im back we will discuss the casting news for the big screen version of the nite time sudser Dallas, and which Grease star will be tackling the role of the dastardly J.R. Ewing... any guesses? and if anyone says Olivia Newton-John, ill have to backhand them!



Friday, March 10, 2006

P R O J E C T late

well just wanted to report what i thought about the PROJECT RUNWAY finale...  after closely watching the final three display their clothes at OLYMPUS FASHION WEEK, and rewinding the ol trusty VCR and watching it a second time in my mind i knew the winner... but it was really a tough decision...  Daniel had some fabulous stuff... i like his neck lines, and that lil dress with pockets that you can put your hands into... but i wasnt to fond of his color palettes...  Chloe had some fabulous things... i really like the detail, and their excellent backs, and i thought to myself, she really knows the female figure... then Santino line was all beautiful, but as they said on the show, the breast just werent falling where they should... and they did seem a bit subdued from what he presented through out the whole show... his line was incredibly cohesive... and everything he designed was remarkable... but in my mind i knew it was Chloe that would win, so then i watched the ending... Santino was the first off... then Chloe was announced the winner of PROJECT RUNWAY!!!  i guessed it...  they all thre were fabulous designers and deserve to go far in their careers

love and kisses


Sunday, March 5, 2006

a moment to blog

well... havent been watching to much of the Oscar's... but I'm glad to have seen that Brokeback Mountain has won a few awards so far!!! whooo hooo... lets show the world that love is a force of nature... no matter what sex you are...  just added some links but was lookin for some fun sites to go to... if you have any fun sites that you go to send me a link... would love to browse something different... i guess i could go to google huh?  send me some idea's... and if i find anything interesting i'll add it to my list of links to go to... i see that i can add more... how many will they let me add? i should just go surfing and find some exciting sites to share with you... cant believe that the oscars are over at nine thirty?  thats odd... thought for sure it would go til ten... oh well... goin surfin... luv you all