Sunday, March 19, 2006

for all of you that hate cleaning as i do...

well, if you all hate to clean house like i do, i have an answer for you...  check out this page here... its available in three states on the east coast, i believe that it is New York, New Jersey and some other state in that area... i cant wait til we have one of these services nationwide... it would make cleaning so much better... heres the link...   hope i got it right for you...

Anitra welcome back to cyberland!!! you have been missed, and i very much do love your new screenname... AnitraluvsConnie... question for you, do you by chance have AOL or AIM? i would love to add you to my buddy list sweetie so we can do some instant messanging chat... i do have yahoo IM as well... email me at and ill give you my yahoo addy if you need it... luv you... oh and for Project Jay... is that a one shot? or a weekly?

well, next time im back we will discuss the casting news for the big screen version of the nite time sudser Dallas, and which Grease star will be tackling the role of the dastardly J.R. Ewing... any guesses? and if anyone says Olivia Newton-John, ill have to backhand them!



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