Monday, December 26, 2005

Madonna @ Wal-Mart?

was just reading some interesting information... if you happen to be at a local wal-mart around the united states on december 31st they are showing a free Madonna concert in the electronics department and on he televisions throughout the store...  kinda cool, kinda scarry... i actually went to walmart this morning and it wasnt to bad... can you believe it...

well i survived the holidays... im glad they are over...  had a nice dinner at the chinese buffet with my roommates so at least that was some sort of holiday cheer...

love and light


Thursday, December 22, 2005

being filled helps fill holiday blues...

well the last 24 hours have been a bitch... let me tell you all about it... let me have another hit and ill tell you all about it... last nite i had to take my friend to the bus station so he could go home for christmas to Roswell...  well already having the christmas blues, i wasnt feelin to happy... so then, i got online when i got home... and had a HOT nineteen year old... and he filled me up real good... and it made me feel so much better... sometimes a gurl just needs a good plowin...  went to bed at three, and got up at four thirtay... sorry i missed the 420 mark, but i was awakened by my other friend to come and get her and take her to the airport, and then... for some strange reason, proceeded to stay up til noon, and have slept til four, and now am trying to do laundry when i remember it... and now... remembering it...i should head in and proceed with the laundry...

love and light

c o n s t a n c e

Saturday, December 17, 2005

Painting my Balls

well today is saturday... twas the saturday before the saturday of christmas eve... all was stirring... even the mouse...  there were no stockings hung by the chimney without care... hell if they wanted a pair, im sure i can find a well worn pair of pantyhose to spare...   as you can see... christmas isnt quite in my heart, maybe its cuz im going to be alone, no family this year, can you tell im so happy i could fart?

LOL just playin... really im getting ready to paint some ornaments... i still have yet to make a new webpage to display my beautiful glittered ornaments... but soon i promise... soon...

love and light


Monday, December 12, 2005

the blahs of blogging

well i am always apologizing for not coming and having something witty to say... well sometimes... they dont always come to me... sure i could sit here and talk about anything and go on meandering journeys that eventually will be lost upon space and time... it makes you question... does it really matter? who really gives a flyin  _ _ _ _?

LOL smile... don't take life to seriously... i mean do go after what you want in life... and follow your dreams... but don't take life personally... there are going to be good days and bad days... and whether your having one or the other, doesnt it really take more time to be angry? Life is to short... don't waste it... enjoy it... its the little things that mean the most...

as for life... it is the middle of december... and i have been painting alot of ornaments... should have them posted on here by the weekend...!!! i think im going to call my new screenname that im going to set up the webpage under will be called LilHoochiBalls... i wonder what that name could be referring to? It really makes me wonder...(to the tune of stairway to heaven... who ever knew that this blonde was a Zepplin fan... well i have to say that i once read an article where an interviewer asked Madonna what music she listens to while filming her sex scenes (for the movie of Body of Evidence... i think which is an excellent film despite the stupid critics panning... who else could drip candle wax and pour champagne on a man's crotch so well?) and she told the reporter that some of the music she listens to is Led Zepplin...  hows that for a fact?  LOL put that in your Zepplin and smoke it...


C o N s T a N cE

Monday, December 5, 2005

does it really feel like christmas?

was just pondering... you know, here in Tucson Az, it just really doesnt feel like Christmas time is coming... its almost like you could never know it was happening if you stay out of all of the stores... LOL im sure all the christmas lights will be going up soon... its funny seeing christmas lights on everything from trees to cactus... i hope you dont get pricked when its time to remove the lights...

just got done downloading a OLIVIA christmas mix, must listen to it while i type...brb... it should brighten my mood... taking a beautiful ballad and making it have a different flavour... im already starting to smile... have you ever had music effect you in positive ways? When you get the chance to hear a song that just lifts your spirits... and its a christmas song... hey i might even begin to be happy... maybe... or maybe throw a BAH HUMBUG in there in the mix... This will be the first Christmas that i won't be going home for the holiday... just typing that is kinda makin me sad...  but... you know... ive made it thru worse things huh?  what will i do to occupy myself?  ill keep you tuned in... im sure it will be exciting... i have been painting ornaments again this year... ill try to post them on a webpage soon...

holiday wishes to all... Love&Light


Tuesday, November 29, 2005

hard day

well i tried to post last week on november 15th what i thought of Madonna's new album Confessions on a Dancefloor... but for some reason the system was having an error and would not let me post my blog... so its not that i havent tried communicating more often but it has been an issue of it going thru... and when it doesnt then i get frustrated and do not want to go thru the hassle again... but sometimes you just have to...

anyways... about Madonna's new album... i have to say that it is i believe my all time favourite Madonna album... i love the style of music that she is doing, its refreshing get up off your chair and shake your groove thing kinda music that i personally cannot take out of my cd player... LOL Allen tries to remove it once and awhile cuz... i have overplayed it just a tad (did i mention someone gave me a copy of it a week early? i did go out and buy it on release day though as i would any other of my favourite artist's new releases... im going to support my Diva's, but i just have to say... having a copy of the cd a week before most of the world heard it made me so happy... i have been a Madonna fan for years and i think that it was meant for me to have it so i could spread the word about the Queen's return to the dancefloor in an ultra sonic sleek way... you go your Madgesty!!!

in other news... i went on a road trip last week... on wednesday morning me and my friend Allen got loaded up in the car and headed to Roswell NM... i have to day i was a bit dissapointed that i didnt get to meet one Alien at all... or not even a UFO... i feel gipped... oh well what can a gurl do?  i have to say that i had a very good time... i had thanksgiving on thursday at his Tia's house, (tia is another word for Aunt) his mothers sister... on friday we had thankgiving at his fathers mothers house and then finally on saturday, we arrived back in tucson after spending part of friday nite sleeping in a rest area in the car and then being so cold that we drove to a motel and slept and continued our drive home on saturday morning... and then having the third thanksgiving dinner here where i live...  it was an eventful time... then sunday it was back to the old grind of working...

well here it is tuesday nite... and tomorrow is my friday and then i will have three days off... thursday friday and saturday... those days always seem to go by so fast... and the other four days just drag... LOL pun intended of course...

Love andLight


Sunday, November 6, 2005

whats been goin on...

well... i did try posting the other day... but alas... something was happenin with the puter so i was unable to post that... so to backtrack we'll try to keep it as short and sweet as i possibly can... LOL let me have a treat first... do you mind?  LOL of course you dont cuz you dont have a choice now do you? I'll try to block it into days...

october 28... me and my best friend Allen went to a halloween party for mike and ambear...  it was pretty fun... we both went as beautiful sexy bitches... and after we left Mikes party... Allen decided to crash another party... it was pretty cool and we had a good time and no one was hurt... except for Mr. Camacho... but that is another story in its entirety... lol but it was funny

october 31... again (as you can see in the picture) i was a sexy bitch... and that was the hair that i attempted to do myself... it turned out pretty good... what do you think?  i thought it was fabulous... a bit reminissant of Cecile dePoulignac from Another World's... you should check it out on SoapNet... the Queen of Tanquir has landed... watch out Bay City!!!   Alena and I took the call center by storm!!!  we found out saturday that we had actually won for the funniest costumes... i guess thats because i wasnt scarry or or anything like that and they didnt have a sexy category... so ill take whatever money i can get... LOL

November 4th... my true birthday.... although the blonde one does boast of a October 31st b-day... so for my birthday... we ventured to Nogales... on the Mexico side...    (to be continued... but i must say now it was an endless game of charades... LOL)

love and light


Friday, October 28, 2005

hair do's and dont's

well lord knows i dont know how to do hair... but as soon as i can get my ass away from the computer im going to be tryin to whomp me some haira to weara for tomorrow nite at the halloween party... LOL wish me luck... Where is my fabulous hair dresser David Orr when i need him?  Oh yeah... he is in missouri... my hair misses him... LOL  

wish me luck... im definately going to need it...

love and light


Thursday, October 20, 2005

ive finally done it!!!

well i went thru and typed this all once and it didnt save anything for me... so let me try again... finally today after a year and half i have updated my webpage so you can see some of the most recent outings by everyone's favourite blonde... (well everyone that knows her at least... LOL)  the photos where im wearing bright colors is from the Tucson Gay Pride parade...  the photos of me wearing black are from the nite that i sprained my ankle... ouch!!! that still hurts just thinkin about it...

hope you like the page...



Tuesday, October 18, 2005


well yesterday i checked out Madonna's new site and it is fabulous... as one can only expect from the queen!!!  and... you get the chance to hear in its entiriey her new single HUNG UP... i must say it is Brilliant!!! check it out...



Monday, October 17, 2005

i know its been awhile

well just wanted to blog a bit cuz it had been over ten days... i know i should be bloggin more but sometimes a gurl can get busy or a little lost in life im sure that you know... well anyway i just wanted to take the time to announce that Madonna will be appearing on TRL today with Carson Daily to premiere her new song HUNG UP~... im so excited... cant wait til the whole new cd is released to her many fans... also remember that on October 21st, Madonna's new movie, I'm Going to Tell You a Secret will premiere on there, and will also be on MTV, VH1 and the new gay channel LOGO... wish i had LOGO here... maybe someday...  for Madonna info just check the news section of  in fact... im remembering that her website is supposed to be updated today... im going to go and check it right now... might post back later on my thoughts and views of this multi faceted entertainer...

love you all



Tuesday, October 4, 2005

a blog to be bloggin

just a little blog about nothing... except about spammers... quit that shit... well gotta go... love ya...



Saturday, September 24, 2005

I'm Back

well being more topical than ever... hurricane rita and hidden fees are on my mind... first i have been seeing footage of hurricane rita and things are looking bad... i hope all the good people of texas make it away safely... my prayers are with them...

on another subject... hidden fees... im sitting here typing as i hear my friend talking to an operator for cricket customer service... LOL i am agasped to hear of the hidden fees and charges they will just pop you with... and they try to sneak it by without telling you... watch out and know what your buying...  LOL

and on  a last note... i had a pretty good visit to missery, it was nice to see the family... and the wedding was beautiful... and i had time to spend some quality time with two of my very dear friends from my missery days... i thank you so much Anitra for coming to be my knight in shining armour... LOL you helped me make a getaway to Columbia... Bless you my darling...  And my dear Jane Doe, my loving baby gurl... momma loves you and loved seeing you as well...

sounds like my friend had a good phone representitive... he gave her an accomodation to her manager... he was so nice to do this... i  should know... im working somewhere having america callin me... and i just want to say it is my personal business to make each and every customer have a good experience...

well ive been on here for awhile... it wasnt as easy to type and definately not easy to think right now... but i did my best...

oh in more news... check out the website... there is a picture of her new masterpiece to be released on November 15th... the cover ART!!! plus a complete track listing!!! check it out and let me know what you think!!! I think its HOT... Do you aprove of her new hair color?  I love the bold beautiful colors that are being used on this cover... a much lighter note than American Life!!! Unappologetic dance music is what its being called...

love ya lots



Monday, September 5, 2005

Hurricane Katrina

a week later and the tragedy from hurricane Katrina continues...  i have to admit when i first heard that it had happened i would not watch the news or anything... but then after a few days after it happened my friend convinced me to watch the news...  part of the reason that i couldnt turn it on was because i remember after 911 and watching the news for days, i just couldnt force myself to see anymore tragedy... but after he convinced me to watch it all i could do was break down and cry... my heart goes out to everyone affected by the devastation of this natural disaster... there is alot of fingerpointing at who is to blame... but any of my readers know full well who i hold responsible... i wont mention his name... but lets just say that i have deeper admiration for Kanye West after he spoke from his heart on the NBC concert to raise money for the Katrina disaster...  way to go Kanye!!! you are an American and you do have freedom of speech... i know that is one of our constitutional amendments... the freedom to speak our minds... 

i guess i should go now before i begin "dub-ya" bashing...



Friday, September 2, 2005

Who's that Blonde?



what appeared to be the blonde diva strolling her way thru the hot sultry streets of Tucson on a saturday nite, may have not actually been Constance herself... or was it... the picture here shows an uncanny resemblence to the blonde bombshell herself... but had a bit of a different personality... and went by a different name... when someone would ask her name... she would smile and flirtatiously tell all that admired her that her name was HANNA MONROE-SMITH...  is it an imposter? an evil twin sister? or another emergence of a dual personality coming forth?  are you cornfused yet? cuz i am...  tune into the continuing story of the blonde who's who... see ya next time with another pic and another sort of clue...

Love & Light...

the editor of this journal...

Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Olivia's Boyfriend Missing

Just wanted to blog that Olivia Newton-John's boyfriend, Patrick Kim McDermott has been missing for 7 weeks and 6 days... Olivia has made a few statements about the dissappearence of her treasured friend... but so far, no leads have been turned up... Olivia... My prayers are with you... may Patrick be found safely and I hope everything is allright...

in other news... aka my life... i am on the second week of a new job... i passed the written test today!!!! whooo hooooo.... i got a 23 out of 24... guess im not as dumb as i might seem... i guess that would be considered a good thing...

well its about time for bed... so i guess i better head that way...

Love & Light


Thursday, August 11, 2005


Olivia Newton-John... what can I say?  Her voice is the voice of an ANGEL, and now she has teamed up with Hallmark and has released a brand new CD available only at Hallmark Gold Crown Stores... why Hallmark you ask?  Because her new CD STRONGER THAN BEFORE is an album of inspiration to raise money for Breast Cancer Awareness and the Susan G. Komen foundation... the CD is only $9.95 and two dollars from every CD goes to the Susan G. Komen foundation.  Although I may be an Olivia fan anyway, I have to say this is one of OLIVIA's best CD's!!!  The song "When I Needed You" moves me to tears... it was written by Ben Thomas, who was once in a movie in 1970 called Toomorrow... the song is his interpretation of how people who love one another can stay forever connected in the world of imagination and dreams... POWERFUL SONG!!!

The album consists of ten tracks, nine of which are brand new, and one song is an oldie but a goodie... it is Don't Stop Believing-- recorded new in a catchy bossa nova remix complete with beautiful background tracks of OLIVIA on background vocals as well...  Every song on this new collection of music really shines with an uplifting message that gives hope and inspiration to anyone who has ever been or known someone who had been changed by cancer.

Not only are we graced by Olivia's beautiful voice, in track number 3 Phenomonal Woman, Olivia is joined by other women on this track including Delta Goodrum, Amy Sky, Mindy Smith, Beth Nielsen Chapman, Amy Holland, Diahann Carroll & Pattie LaBelle!   WOW! what a collection of artist all on one track!  The song was actually a poem written by none other than Maya Angelou!!! Oprah... Do you hear that?  you should have Olivia on your show to discuss this brand new CD!! I am aware you are a big fan of Maya...

well i wanna get off the computer now, but ill come back later and tell more about this amazing CD!!!

Love & Light to everyone!!! Pass it On!!!


Tuesday, August 9, 2005

graduation day coming near

well just wanted to take a moment and do a quick blog... this saturday is graduation day!!!  Whooo Hoooo!!!  its finally over... actually school was over in may but ive been kinda taking the summer kinda easy... hopefully will be able to start a new job next week... ill tell more about it later... just keep your fingers crossed that i will pass the test...

in other news... the boyfriend that i last broke up with a few weeks ago, im happy to report things are definately on a burner and the fire is on... maybe its just simmering now because maybe sometime it will turn the flames all the way up on high... i really really really like this guy... so wish me luck...

well gotta get to bed soon... ill try to be posting more often... everything is going ok here...

Love & Light


Sunday, July 31, 2005

The Month of July in Review

Well July has been a whirlwind to say the least... not only did i loose a boyfriend, i gained another but that didnt last to long because i lost him too... LOL oh well... but me and the second boyfriend still have a very "special" friendship... but there was a huge age gap... now you know that im never one to give away my age, but there was a 14 year age difference there... he was 14 years my junior!!!  he is so sexy and so sweet... maybe someday we will get back together...  im just not holding my breath...

in other news... i have stopped smoking the green... can you believe it?  im trying to get a job that pays 9.00 an hour and they have to do a piss test... so i havent smoked since July 6th...  wish me luck on the test... lets hope it is a test i can pass...

in other news... i have helped two different people move this month... one move was quite easy compared to the other move... the first move, my dear friend was not prepared at all... i blame it on the bad shit that she had been smokin... and im not talkin about weed either!!!  hopefully she can get her life together and dump her drug dealing boyfriend and turn her life around... honey im worried about you... dump that piece of shit... (he really is a nice guy... but i feel that he is using her for her money and her car... lets see... ive been there before as well...)

i have given up on the Atkins diet... i think tomorrow im going to start back on my Raisin Bran diet... wish me luck...

well thats about it for all that i can think of for the month of july... sorry its been so long since i have updated... kisses to you all and thank you so much for all your love and support...

Love & Light


Monday, July 4, 2005

a Break?

Well the fireworks kinda went off last nite... and now I'm single again... I am a little sad cuz i really liked him... but i guess if you look at it... i was kinda neglecting him... but i blame it on this damn diet!!!  Its working... but at what cost to my mind... oh wait a minute, i forgot... i didnt have one of those to loose... LOL



C o N s T a N c E

Sunday, July 3, 2005

When things are going well... there sometimes can be HELL

well this week has been kind of a chaotic one in the Stone household... something was said the following friday by someone very close to me... and it just made me come even more unglued at the seams... LOL imagine that...  so anyway its been festering with me for a week, and keeping a relationship strained...  But i think because this touched on a Nerve that was formerly from my icky ex...  and i just couldnt get it out of my mind... and i feel terrible because the person that I'm with now is truly a great guy... but just the statement that was made... and the tone... hope i can maybe make everything better... but did i do anything wrong? or should i have just confronted the issue head on?  But instead i was kind of distant...

plus on top of all this... im still on ATKINS...  as of tomorrow it will be a month... if i would have gotten on the scales this morning after i poopped and seen that i hadnt lost anymore i would have said Pass the Bread... ATKINS IS DEAD... But amazingly i stepped on and there was a weight loss!!! that made me happy... so i will try sticking with it for a bit longer and see if the weight really does just seem to drop off...

in other news... Constance had a very beautiful nite out last nite in Tucson... but it wasnt just a gay bar that i went to...  I first went to a Goth Bar... it was a really nice club, that was decorated in Black and Red, and the music was interesting mix of electronica mixed with an industrial feel... it was a really different scene than i was used to but no one gave me any shit!!! So i had a wonderful time... i went with my best friend Allen, and two women that we work with... they are into Goth alot...

well i gotta get off here...

Love & Light


Monday, June 27, 2005

Atkins Week 3

well i have completed three weeks on the atkins... im going to start to try excercising to go along with it... we'll see how it goes... im at least going to give it a month and see what happens...

last nite i lost my virginity... i actually did something that i have never done before!!! I went dumpster diving!!!  we found all kinds of perfectly good bread that was just thrown out from beyond bread!!!  why cant they donate all that to a homeless shelter instead of letting people in this world starve... the homeless could have had some good meals from that!!!  why do people in this world waste so much...?

i have met a very wonderful person that im happy to call one of my best friends here in Tucson!!!  We met a couple of weeks ago at work, but we really get along really well... he kind of reminds me of one of my best friends from Missouri...

well i guess i had better wrap this up... he's working on updating his resume so we can maybe get better jobs than the one that we have now... but im glad we both had the same job now or i never would have met him!!!

in other news... my BF is doing well... he's been working a whole lot... so i havent been able to see him as much...

well LOVE & LIGHT to all

    C O N S T A N C E

Monday, June 20, 2005


Well today marks two weeks on the Atkins diet... im going to weigh tomorrow and see if the pounds have dropped off... LOL will i continue the Atkins? or will i try another diet of eating healthy?  or should go back on my fabulous raisin bran, (the old Dexatrim (it could really suppress my appetite, i havent found anything so great... but that was back in 98 when i was down to a slim 160!!!  but then i met a couple of loosers and then my problems began... but im free of one of them and about to pull a fast one soon on the other... then he will be out of my wig... ill just be sure to give some very important phone numbers over to the debt collecters that are after me because of him... so since this has weighed on my back for such a long time... in 2005 i will finally be free of it all!!!

in other news... i experienced a strange twist of fate as i went to a party with my boyfriend... the hostess of the party was taking us on a tour of her beautiful house... she came to a guest bedroom and showed us pictures of her children... i noticed that she had a hot Son but I didnt pay to much attention to detail to the graduation picture of her son... just had a quick glance... but then i sat there and thought about it as she started to talk about her son... she said that he was a Chef in a big city in the state from which im from, so i looked back at the picture again... and i turned and asked her what was her son's last name... She told me... and i was like OH MY GAWD!!! i went to High school with this guy!!! She told me that she had lived in the town where i grew up for 25 years, and knew my family... LOL its a small world after all... they had moved out here where im living about five years ago...  are you uconfused about where i live and where i lived? i think all that and im confused too...

giving you the Best of My Love...



Thursday, June 16, 2005

Everyday... the death toll rises...

was just checking my email and i had seen the current news flash across AOL... and i seen that more soldiers had been killed in Iraq... it just makes me really sad... If Bush would listen to what the people want instead of what he wants... we would be a better nation... but instead you get to walk around with your arrogant smile... all the while i know... you have alot of blood on your hands Mr. President... BRING OUR TROOPS HOME... END YOUR STUPID WAR... LOWER OUR GAS PRICES, QUIT GIVING BIG OIL COMPANIES THESE BILLION DOLLAR TAX BREAKS... HELL IF IT WERENT FOR THAT IM SURE OUR GAS COULD BE BACK DOWN TO 98CENTS AGAIN!!! QUIT LINING YOUR POCKETS WITH THE MONEY FROM THE MIDDLE AND LOWER CLASS WE CANT AFFORD ALL THIS SHIT!!!!

love & light


Tuesday, June 14, 2005

The BIG reason Brad Pitt left Jennifer Aniston

well i just was contemplating on maybe why Brad Pitt might have left Jennifer... and then this light bulb went on in my head... i must say i dont really remember the last time that it has came on!!!  althought thats not true, either is what im about to type... but what if the reason Brad left Jennifer for Angelina Jolie is the simple fact that Brad could be a SIZE QUEEN! Just look at the facts... Angelina has bigger lips then jennifer, and to some men, they just love big lips and all that a gurl can do with them... and i believe Angela has bigger eyes than Jenn, Bigger Breasts, Bigger Assets, as well as a bigger career than Jenn right now? are you a gold digger to Brad? if you are be sure to get the alimony and call me!!!... we could run away together, cuz i have something bigger than either one of them have!!!  or Tom Cruise... if Katie doesnt work out... let me know... ill be there for you...  i just hate to see anyone lonely

well thats all for now... tune into the next time i send out some more profound thoughts from one little brain cell underneath this blonde hair... that thought process almost sent me on overload...

expressing Love & Light to each and everyone...


Pop King FREE!!

Just wanted to report that June 13 was a special day for the KING of POP!!!  all charges were found to be NOT GUILTY... I guess poor Micheal was sweating bullets up until the verdict was read... but his belief in GOD got him thru it all and GOD found the truth for him...  I really wish Micheal the best... i have never really been a big fan, but the thought of being accused of something that you didnt even do... except i must say that i had questions about that... he claimed that he was innocent... but he was also the man that claimed that he had only two face lifts!!! What is one to believe?  Well lets just believe what our American Justice system working...  I just hope that Michael has learned from this and never lets another child into his house... its fine if he has parties at the neverland ranch... with adults present as well... but never let one sleep in your bed again... your not really Peter  Pan sweetie... you've just led yourself to believe this for so long you believe that its true...

well i need to turn my attention to Days Of Our Lives... its HOT!!!  lots of drama... thank you James E. Reilly!!!

Love and Light


Monday, June 6, 2005

a new title... it excites me

well just sitting here watching days and the commercials are on... so i thought.... i really need to blog...   but what could i possible have to blog about?  well i have to say that i have a title... and if you read the last blog you might understand what the world im saying...  if you didnt, alas you might be confused...  but that is nothing if you're me...  oh well... i need to start paying attention to the tv... Brady knows Chloe Lane is alive!!!  But not if Nicole has her way!!!  Chloe's flesh eating infection will make her scars worse...  and she's trying to talk Chloe out of telling him she is alive... are you more cornfused?  gotta run... tell me if you figure out all the riddles... if anyone is still reading...  maybe i should amp up my talkability and talk about Right Wing America?  just exactly what is that? could it be like a bible thumper?    or i could write a bit of dribble about the current mess America is under... and i dont think i should beging to blame anyone... just bring our troops home and i will be happy...

well was about to go but now i realize that it is already another commercial... so what could i banter about that might get a blog reader to tune into my blog... i could make it all hot and sexy... OR Not...LOL that the freedoms that we have in the blogging world... and who am i to express my views?  Well besides being a dumb blonde, i am a somewhat opinionated one...  so i guess if i dont know... well... days is back on... gotta run...

Love & Light


Sunday, May 22, 2005

well... i blogged last wednesday but i guess it didnt save

well i posted last wednesday but the computer was acting up... so i apologize you missed you missed out on some of my latest ramblings...  Well i dont want to be here typing forever but i just wanted to let everyone know that this dumb blonde attended her last college class on thursday nite...  I have graduated and am now a certified NUT!!!  Opps... I meant a Certified Fashion Designer Baby!!!  its an associates degree...!!! never thought that i would have one of those... but i did it!!!  my actual graduation is in August... but school is over... except for the fact that i will be attending a class on wednesdays free of charge so i can learn how to do photoshop illustrator...!!!  

in other news... i think i might have met a very special guy that i really dig...  i think i could handle spending the rest of my life with this one... he seems like a really good one... but as of right now there arent any titles in our relationship...  but we have been hanging out alot lately... i believe three weeks now!!!  and let me tell you this... well maybe not... ill share a little more later... keep your fingers crossed... i really would love to have someone in my life that i want to spend my life with... thats special, sweet, and not out to use me in anyway...

well i guess i have managed to gush out a little bit more than i originally planned on... but i guess i had some important things to say...   and also i want you to know that i do happen to read the news once in awhile... and i seen that Laura Bush got heckled... well you know what... i feel really sorry for her, she isnt the one behind this mess... they should have been pitying her for the man that she married... come on show the girl some sympathy... Geesh...  id be pulling my hair out if i was married to the most hated man in the world!!! Go dub-yah!! only three more years of his lunacy!!!  if he would make gas prices go back down to dollar... then i could maybe forgive him for all this foriegn crisis... but as it is i think its lining his pockets to become one of the worlds wealthiest men... i did watch the special on VH1 about the fabulous life of george bush and john kerry... where is all that gas price money really going?  you all know im not the smartest gurl, but i know its affecting him in a good way somehow...

a special reminder... dont forget to watch Desperate Housewives tonite for the Season Finale!!! It will excite YOU!!!

Love and Light


Monday, April 25, 2005

ahhhhh... Mondays

just wanted to blog a bit... say hello and all that kind of stuff... it was really sweet... today i got flowers at work... to bad it wasnt from a secret admirerer huh?  LOL never hurts to hope...  if anyone wants my address at work i would be happy to give it as long as flowers pop up a few days later... LOL just write to me at   and ill send you my addy privately...I would love to hear from you...  actually the flowers that i got at work today were for the national secretaries day...  i feel all special and shit...!!!  LOL they are really pretty...lavender carnations with some kind of yellow baby flowers trimming it...  oh wait a minute... i should read the card to see what it says... maybe it has a special message in it just for me... the card reads....Happy Administrative Professionals Day!!! with much appreciation from Tucson Design College...  how sweet... i aint ever got no flowers at work before... LOL

just looked at the weekend edition of the USA TODAY and there was a shot of the new SUPERMAN in the LIFE section...  He was very sexy...   His name is Brandon Routh and he is from Iowa...  Very nice physique i have to say... just lookin at the picture makes me get very juicy...  They have pretty much stuck with the SUPERMAN costume, but instead of the bright red, the movie people have decided to deepen it a bit and are using a deep scarlet red...  But otherwise the costume is pretty much the same...  can't wait to see it... as well as the WONDER WOMAN MOVIE...  which is being written by Joss Wheldon, and directed by Joel Silver? hope i got that last name right... ive been wanting a WW movie for like forever... as long as they stick to her story, and have her costume similar to her costume in the comic book... for a Wonder Woman movie... no other costume would really do...

well i guess i should start on my homework soon but just wanted to blog... cuz i was blogging... before blogging was cool... (to the tune of "i was country when country wasnt cool...) LOL



Wednesday, April 13, 2005

Wednesday's HUMPDAY?

Humpday... schmump day... i need some now... but alas... im stuck behind the front desk...   but when i get off (work that is) i might have to go on the prowl...  but i cant be up to late cuz i have class at 8am... oh my...  well i guess im going to start work on constructing my Red Deviliss outfit for the play that im going to have to do for my written communications class...  I get to play the Dark Angel... its a little play that has an angel, a dark angel, a gunshot victim, and 4 women whom he must choose from... his decision will decide his fate... if he picks the wrong girl... he gets to go and spend an eternity in hell and i get to ride him all the way there...  or he gets to ride me... i get confused on who is doing the riding and who is being rode... if someone would want to help me figure out this little confusion for me i would greatly appreciate it...  well until next blog i leave you with this...

Dont make love by the garden gate... and if you do be sure and do it on this side because you know... the grass is always greener on the other side of the fence... LOL

Love & Light


Thursday, April 7, 2005


Just wanted to take the time to blog a little about the new Anna Nicole webpage... it has been completely redone if you've ever checked out the list of my favourite sites... so go and check out Anna and see her in all her fabulous glory!!!  And Anna has a new gig now even... She is a columnist for the NATIONAL ENQUIRER!!!  i have to say that i will be checking it out every week!!!   What a great way to get me to buy the Enquirer!!!  My grandmother had a subscription to it for over twenty plus years and i have to say that i am an Enquirering Mind as well...  Can't wait to see Anna's words come to print... how clever!

well enough about Anna... I havent had much time to actually get out there in the online community and get a chance to talk to many people lately... but the past couple of days... Watch out...!!! doesnt know whats hitting them...  I have been visiting a certain chatroom in particular...  and the men in there just seem to be insatiable... they can't get enough of me... but you know what? I cant get enough of them either... LOL   but if you want to talk to me on there be sure and have a picture... if you at least have a picture i will say hello and how are you doing... And if your HOT!!! then things might get pretty steamy... LOL Drop in and say hello if you can find me...  part of the clue is MTF... and i also love to see some of the pictures that they share with me... to bad i cant post them here... ive talked to some real HOTTIES!!!

well gotta go...

love & light


Wednesday, April 6, 2005

another night at school

just wanted to share another picture with you that i had photoshopped!  kind of a boring day here at school...

hope the day finds everyone well...

love & light


Tuesday, April 5, 2005

Sittin at school

well i wanted to put in another picture but the computer is going crazy and making a funny sound... hope it dont blow up... LOL 

i just wanted to express how much i DISLIKE chrissy... he is such a worm, he'll try to lie his way out of any situation...  oh i left a message on the answering machine... oh BULLSHIT... your such a frickin liar you stink... Oh im sorry... i had to get that off my chest... if you have been given 3 chances and you still continue to not show up... you should just loose out... for him that means graduation... well get your shit together... none of the other students had 4 weeks later to get their crap done... what should make him have more time than any of the other students?  FAIL HIS STUPID ASS!!!

well the ventilating is over... i feel much better now... now to continue on with the nite... you see im working the front desk at school so it makes for alot of time to get my homework done...  well i guess its time to go and smoke a cigarette... and then surf the web some... hope the evening finds you well...

love & light


Monday, April 4, 2005

A Mouthful on Monday starts the week off RIGHT!!!

This is the best monday i believe i had in ages...  It just makes a gurl come alive when the pleasures of another are equally shared... I wont go into detail, but i think im just glowing now... LOL  what a perfect way to start off the week...

I have some news... just news cuz nothing is finished... but i have been working on some stuff to update my webpage...  I havent figured out what the theme is... LOL Maybe GLITTER 2: The Revenge!!!   Mariah? are you ready for another closeup?  I have to say that i have not had the pleasure of seeing GLITTER, but would be interested if someone has a copy and wants to watch it with me... i would be ok... as long as there are some TREATS there with me i can make it thru anything... except MASH!!!  LOL well gotta go...

love and light


Friday, April 1, 2005

Beautiful Fridays

it has been a very beautiful friday... not a cloud in the sky, the temperature just right... a gentle breeze and everything else you could want... and the best part... I have the day off!!! and dont have to do anything if i choose not to... what could be better... Happy Fridays to all and to all a great friday in the making... are you confused yet? I am -- i forgot why i got on here to begin with...dont you hate that when you have a mind fart and then its like everything that was going to flow out stops and then confusion sets in... and the thought is never again remembered... could that be yet another sign of alzheimers sitting in early?  I saw the cutest shirt today... it said... Heavily Medicated for your protection...LOL can you imagine? and to wash that all down with vodka!  What more could a gurl ask for? A qualude?  LOL dont even know what that does...

well enough of the endless rambling... thank you once again for entering... OR leaving my mind... ain't it scary ?!?

love & light


ooh yeah... Happy Friday to you all... what was the main subject i was trying to express to you... hope you like the picture...wouldnt that make such a cute business card? can you imagine... Im basically now a fashion designer... six more weeks of school left...  whoooo hooooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Monday, March 28, 2005

Happy Monday

well just thought that i would blog to be blogging.... LOL i actually wanted to share one of the pictures that i did on photoshop...  Hope you like...  hope everyone had a happy Easter...  Mine wasnt to eventful... no one bought me any easter candy so i had to go out and buy me some chocolate... you are supposed to eat chocolate on easter right?  or was it spinach?  I forget... LOL 

well a happy monday out to ya'll... hope to hear back from you soon...

Love and Light


Saturday, March 26, 2005

lost in time

well now that the fashion show is over... i have been lost in time... yes i am still in school but it just feels strange not having all that to worry about for the fashion show...     guess i need to start focusing on these next eight more weeks... and then school will be finished... it sucks though... after i finish... graduation wont be until august or september cuz the school only has them twice a year...  oh well... cant have everything...

hope life finds everyone well... and happy and looking forward to the future... the furthest i can hope for right now is seven pm tonite cuz thats when i get Off!!!  (Work that is... you must think im nasty or something) I CAN BE!!!  LOL...  there is alot of complexities to me...  just like Farrah Fawcett!!!  Who now has her own reality show on TV Land... its fun and its fabulous... you should check it out... its on wednesday nites at some time... check your local listings... the show is called Chasing Farrah...  the first nite they had two episodes...  And Ryan O'Neal is still very much a part of Farrah's life...  i missed most of the first episode... but got to see the second episode... her theme music is the song BITCH... you know the one where she sings... IM A BITCH, IM A TEASE... IM A GODDESS ON MY KNEES... YOU KNOW YOU WOULDN'T WANT IT ANY OTHER WAY...  That song describes me as well... im a little bit of everything... all rolled into one...

HEY... WHAT CAN I SAY... TO KNOW ME IS TO KNOW ITS VERY MUCH TRUE...    For the picture of the post... im including a model wearing one of my designs for the fashion show!  isnt it gorgeous...  this dress was also put onto my other webpage that i sent out to many... (its always good to share... thats why you should always send me stuff and share it with me... id love to hear what your up too...

sending out all my love


Friday, March 18, 2005

all afternoon and its finally done

well... i have to report that i have finally gotten some pictures posted onto a webpage... to share my designs that finally saw their light of day at the runway show at the hotel congress on tuesday nite. im tired of being on the computer because it took for ever... but i did make it on a link in my favourite sites if you would like to check it out.

love and light

Constance... let me know what you think of my fashions... pretty pretty please

Tuesday, March 15, 2005


Just wanted to let you all know that my stomach is tied in knots waiting for this fashion show to be over!!!!!!!  I can't wait... but it should go smoothly... but even if not... hey our grades are already turned in!!!  Whooooo HOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!  i have to report that for the second semester straight i have managed to pull off the FABULOUS 4.O!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Can you believe it?  I never thought that it would happen to me... Im just not book smart!!!    hope your day is going well... and wish me luck... ill write back tomorrow and let you know how everything went... and hopefully soon i will have some pictures from the fashion show   love you all   Constance

Saturday, March 12, 2005

newest blog...

whew... this has been a crazy semester... alot has happened since my last blog...  as you may know... i have been in my fifth semester of school... last semester i got on the Deans List with a 4.0!!!   Well this semester... i might have the same GPA... we'll see...  lets see why has it all been so crazy? well to make a long story short... ive been getting ready for the fashion show that comes up this next tuesday... after that i should have some pictures from the show...  i will have ten garments for the fashion show... its a Tucson Design College first... their first ever fashion show... from the graduating class... and the class of two... me and leondra... love her... she is fabulous... and i have went thru the loss of my friend out here... Oh... he didnt die... he Lied... basically i think that he is just a habitual liar that doesnt know any better... i even found out that pictures that he claims to have taken weren't taken by him at all... LOL... thats why im listening now to Madonna's Bye Bye Baby... (it fits so well... dont worry about me... i didnt loose any tears... he was the one that "F*%d it  up!) Back to Madonna, along with another song called waiting... i love the opening to the song... you should check it out... i consider it one of the oldies but goodies... i loved the whole album of Erotica...  but what is up with these Versace adds?  her head looks entirely to big for her body in one picture that i seen... is it supposed to be that way or does she need to fire the stylist?  I love Madonna to death... don't get me wrong... but whoever was in charge of the shoot should just be fired... LOL just my opinion as an american

well gotta run for now...

Love and Light


Wednesday, February 23, 2005

Project Runway

just wanted to comment on Project Runway... its been a wild and bumpy ride... but finally it has come to a finale... out of twelve fashion designers, only three remained... Wendy, Kara Saun and Jay... and they had to produce twelve pieces for a runway show... all of the designs were fabulous, each designers style really showing thru... but after the runway show, finally, one by one they were voted off leaving only one designer... the first to be voted off was Wendy... thru this episode i was actually rooting for her... next to be eliminated was Kara Saun, I have to say that i really loved her designs... it had to be a really hard decision... But Jay was chosen the winner of Project Runway!!!!!!!!!!   Way to go Jay!!!!!!!!!!! your designs are FABULOUS... and then they asked him, what do you plan to do now... his response... Go smoke a cigarette!!!!!!!!!!  I laughed so hard!!!  Project Runway... dont miss it if they show repeats... it is wonderful...

love and light


Monday, February 21, 2005

I met a star at the MAGIC show

I met a star at the MAGIC trade show in Las Vegas!!!  Any Ideas who it could be?

lets just say she's blonde and beautiful... theres your clue... start guessing... ill post soon who it was...

happy trivia

love and light


Saturday, January 29, 2005

Just got back from sabatical in Tanquir

awww sorry it took me so long to get back to the journal... but I was away on the isle of Tanquir...  Ive talked to Troy  a few times while ive been away...  he was doing well and got a 4.0!!!   at least one of us has a bit of brains... LOL...   Projects for the fashion show are coming along nicely... i commited to four for the fashion show... but so far i have six done and this is the end of week 4!!! not to bad if i dont say so myself... How is everybody doing out there... im so sorry ive been away so long...  I visited Cecile DePoulignac when i was on Tanquir...  shes always so much fun...   Well i must run now but sending out all my love... and i also noticed that i had a response asking where i was... so thank you Jazura... Im back... and nothing is going to stop me now...


love and light