Wednesday, April 13, 2005

Wednesday's HUMPDAY?

Humpday... schmump day... i need some now... but alas... im stuck behind the front desk...   but when i get off (work that is) i might have to go on the prowl...  but i cant be up to late cuz i have class at 8am... oh my...  well i guess im going to start work on constructing my Red Deviliss outfit for the play that im going to have to do for my written communications class...  I get to play the Dark Angel... its a little play that has an angel, a dark angel, a gunshot victim, and 4 women whom he must choose from... his decision will decide his fate... if he picks the wrong girl... he gets to go and spend an eternity in hell and i get to ride him all the way there...  or he gets to ride me... i get confused on who is doing the riding and who is being rode... if someone would want to help me figure out this little confusion for me i would greatly appreciate it...  well until next blog i leave you with this...

Dont make love by the garden gate... and if you do be sure and do it on this side because you know... the grass is always greener on the other side of the fence... LOL

Love & Light


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