Monday, June 27, 2005

Atkins Week 3

well i have completed three weeks on the atkins... im going to start to try excercising to go along with it... we'll see how it goes... im at least going to give it a month and see what happens...

last nite i lost my virginity... i actually did something that i have never done before!!! I went dumpster diving!!!  we found all kinds of perfectly good bread that was just thrown out from beyond bread!!!  why cant they donate all that to a homeless shelter instead of letting people in this world starve... the homeless could have had some good meals from that!!!  why do people in this world waste so much...?

i have met a very wonderful person that im happy to call one of my best friends here in Tucson!!!  We met a couple of weeks ago at work, but we really get along really well... he kind of reminds me of one of my best friends from Missouri...

well i guess i had better wrap this up... he's working on updating his resume so we can maybe get better jobs than the one that we have now... but im glad we both had the same job now or i never would have met him!!!

in other news... my BF is doing well... he's been working a whole lot... so i havent been able to see him as much...

well LOVE & LIGHT to all

    C O N S T A N C E

Monday, June 20, 2005


Well today marks two weeks on the Atkins diet... im going to weigh tomorrow and see if the pounds have dropped off... LOL will i continue the Atkins? or will i try another diet of eating healthy?  or should go back on my fabulous raisin bran, (the old Dexatrim (it could really suppress my appetite, i havent found anything so great... but that was back in 98 when i was down to a slim 160!!!  but then i met a couple of loosers and then my problems began... but im free of one of them and about to pull a fast one soon on the other... then he will be out of my wig... ill just be sure to give some very important phone numbers over to the debt collecters that are after me because of him... so since this has weighed on my back for such a long time... in 2005 i will finally be free of it all!!!

in other news... i experienced a strange twist of fate as i went to a party with my boyfriend... the hostess of the party was taking us on a tour of her beautiful house... she came to a guest bedroom and showed us pictures of her children... i noticed that she had a hot Son but I didnt pay to much attention to detail to the graduation picture of her son... just had a quick glance... but then i sat there and thought about it as she started to talk about her son... she said that he was a Chef in a big city in the state from which im from, so i looked back at the picture again... and i turned and asked her what was her son's last name... She told me... and i was like OH MY GAWD!!! i went to High school with this guy!!! She told me that she had lived in the town where i grew up for 25 years, and knew my family... LOL its a small world after all... they had moved out here where im living about five years ago...  are you uconfused about where i live and where i lived? i think all that and im confused too...

giving you the Best of My Love...



Thursday, June 16, 2005

Everyday... the death toll rises...

was just checking my email and i had seen the current news flash across AOL... and i seen that more soldiers had been killed in Iraq... it just makes me really sad... If Bush would listen to what the people want instead of what he wants... we would be a better nation... but instead you get to walk around with your arrogant smile... all the while i know... you have alot of blood on your hands Mr. President... BRING OUR TROOPS HOME... END YOUR STUPID WAR... LOWER OUR GAS PRICES, QUIT GIVING BIG OIL COMPANIES THESE BILLION DOLLAR TAX BREAKS... HELL IF IT WERENT FOR THAT IM SURE OUR GAS COULD BE BACK DOWN TO 98CENTS AGAIN!!! QUIT LINING YOUR POCKETS WITH THE MONEY FROM THE MIDDLE AND LOWER CLASS WE CANT AFFORD ALL THIS SHIT!!!!

love & light


Tuesday, June 14, 2005

The BIG reason Brad Pitt left Jennifer Aniston

well i just was contemplating on maybe why Brad Pitt might have left Jennifer... and then this light bulb went on in my head... i must say i dont really remember the last time that it has came on!!!  althought thats not true, either is what im about to type... but what if the reason Brad left Jennifer for Angelina Jolie is the simple fact that Brad could be a SIZE QUEEN! Just look at the facts... Angelina has bigger lips then jennifer, and to some men, they just love big lips and all that a gurl can do with them... and i believe Angela has bigger eyes than Jenn, Bigger Breasts, Bigger Assets, as well as a bigger career than Jenn right now? are you a gold digger to Brad? if you are be sure to get the alimony and call me!!!... we could run away together, cuz i have something bigger than either one of them have!!!  or Tom Cruise... if Katie doesnt work out... let me know... ill be there for you...  i just hate to see anyone lonely

well thats all for now... tune into the next time i send out some more profound thoughts from one little brain cell underneath this blonde hair... that thought process almost sent me on overload...

expressing Love & Light to each and everyone...


Pop King FREE!!

Just wanted to report that June 13 was a special day for the KING of POP!!!  all charges were found to be NOT GUILTY... I guess poor Micheal was sweating bullets up until the verdict was read... but his belief in GOD got him thru it all and GOD found the truth for him...  I really wish Micheal the best... i have never really been a big fan, but the thought of being accused of something that you didnt even do... except i must say that i had questions about that... he claimed that he was innocent... but he was also the man that claimed that he had only two face lifts!!! What is one to believe?  Well lets just believe what our American Justice system working...  I just hope that Michael has learned from this and never lets another child into his house... its fine if he has parties at the neverland ranch... with adults present as well... but never let one sleep in your bed again... your not really Peter  Pan sweetie... you've just led yourself to believe this for so long you believe that its true...

well i need to turn my attention to Days Of Our Lives... its HOT!!!  lots of drama... thank you James E. Reilly!!!

Love and Light


Monday, June 6, 2005

a new title... it excites me

well just sitting here watching days and the commercials are on... so i thought.... i really need to blog...   but what could i possible have to blog about?  well i have to say that i have a title... and if you read the last blog you might understand what the world im saying...  if you didnt, alas you might be confused...  but that is nothing if you're me...  oh well... i need to start paying attention to the tv... Brady knows Chloe Lane is alive!!!  But not if Nicole has her way!!!  Chloe's flesh eating infection will make her scars worse...  and she's trying to talk Chloe out of telling him she is alive... are you more cornfused?  gotta run... tell me if you figure out all the riddles... if anyone is still reading...  maybe i should amp up my talkability and talk about Right Wing America?  just exactly what is that? could it be like a bible thumper?    or i could write a bit of dribble about the current mess America is under... and i dont think i should beging to blame anyone... just bring our troops home and i will be happy...

well was about to go but now i realize that it is already another commercial... so what could i banter about that might get a blog reader to tune into my blog... i could make it all hot and sexy... OR Not...LOL that the freedoms that we have in the blogging world... and who am i to express my views?  Well besides being a dumb blonde, i am a somewhat opinionated one...  so i guess if i dont know... well... days is back on... gotta run...

Love & Light