Tuesday, June 14, 2005

Pop King FREE!!

Just wanted to report that June 13 was a special day for the KING of POP!!!  all charges were found to be NOT GUILTY... I guess poor Micheal was sweating bullets up until the verdict was read... but his belief in GOD got him thru it all and GOD found the truth for him...  I really wish Micheal the best... i have never really been a big fan, but the thought of being accused of something that you didnt even do... except i must say that i had questions about that... he claimed that he was innocent... but he was also the man that claimed that he had only two face lifts!!! What is one to believe?  Well lets just believe what our American Justice system working...  I just hope that Michael has learned from this and never lets another child into his house... its fine if he has parties at the neverland ranch... with adults present as well... but never let one sleep in your bed again... your not really Peter  Pan sweetie... you've just led yourself to believe this for so long you believe that its true...

well i need to turn my attention to Days Of Our Lives... its HOT!!!  lots of drama... thank you James E. Reilly!!!

Love and Light


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