Saturday, February 25, 2006

two times in one day...or time heals?

well, after workin all day at Parker, dialing who knows where asking about men's suits...  LOL there were some very nice people, but then there were also some real bitches... and the studip ass girl in front of me when i went to ask her what project she waived her hand like she just couldnt be bothered by me... ive heard about the witch before from other people, she won't talk to anyone, as if she is better than everyone else there... well i have news for you you snotty assed ugly bitch... your not worth my time... there now i feel better getting that off my incredibly boosoming breasts....

speaking of boosiming, (and you know... i have no idea if i spelled that right but now im noticing a little spell check button up above... i can edit my ass... LOL) if i wanna go thru all that... why be proper right now? who are we kidding? you like me alot better when im not... maybe im a bitch, maybe im rude, crude and socially unacceptable... but you must agree... its a lot more fun to be me... but to know me you must know me well, and must admit i do have a bit of a heart... its so HARD to be Me!!!

in other news... time heals... so im not as pissed as i was this morning because i was looking forward to gettin all gussied up for a nite on the town... and i do expect a full big apology about turning around things that were said and weren't said and making other plans... but now...  im kinda happy im not going to have to live thru Hurricane CONNIE tonite...  referring to the huge mess she leaves behind... im loosing tenses arent i?  well you know i got knocked for it when i was in college... but this is only my blog so i guess it doesnt really count... its all grammatical to me... ill get over it, i always do, because in someways i can place myself into another man's shoes, and actually feel what it feels like to be you... understanding is the name of the game, whether you belive or deny, they all could be the same... why am i ryhming so... gee, i wonder? Golly i dont know... LOL



weird dreams

i had the strangest dream last nite... it started off i dont even remember, but then somehow a certain boy with a head of curls ended up in it... i work with him...  we were about to do the nasty and then these people came barging into my room, it was sherry from work, and the boy was hiding under the pillow so they wouldnt know who it was... i guess somehow in my dream my owner of the house i live, had his sisters there visiting and then it became a night mare cuz they kept protruding into my room to get furniture that the owner had left in my room... well first of all there is no furniture in here that is his, but in reality i do have a few pieces of my friend susan's here, could i have been subrelating? dont think thats the actual word i was looking for but oh well, back to the dream, then i went outside from some fresh air, and there were all of these police copters and futuristic police cars circling in the sky, then across the stone wall, there were no apartments, but it was like this empty land that was filled with all these tents and trucks and RV's and it was like a band of greatful dead? people and it was sexy and exciting and really really weird...  dont remember how it ended... but could it have been something i ate? must be a reason i dont want to go back to Cocoyaya's... i had to get up at four am and shit twice... damn them for charging me for that extra cheese, i had cheese brought out in a little bowl so i could eat it with the nacho's... then i have them pour cheese on my chimichanga... for both cheese...$4.00!!!! i wont go back... so with my chimichanga, drink, and cheese my meal turned out to be like17 frickin dollars... and in other news... i was supposed to go out tonite... but my friend cancelled cuz he made other plans... could it have been the promiscious person that i seen online this morning at four am, when he has a date with my friend tonite? He deserves someone thats going to treat him like a king, and thats why i was ditched and now i cannnot go out in all my full glory and i am frickin pissed... i was kinda lookin forward to it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! oh well... life frickin goes on... but ill be ok... but he is going to hear about it believe me!!!!!!!!!!!!



not really... but at him... love and light to ya

Sunday, February 19, 2006

Boredom? or Perfect Contentment?

just got off the phone with my friend... he said he was bored, i agreed with him that i was bored to, but was that because in my mind altered state i had to question, was it that i was really bored as well, or was i actually just calling my sitting around surfin on the computer boring, when in all actuality i was in a place of perfect contentment? Just the ring of the telephone and being online still hasnt really phased me to much yet... but it is alot better than the person that was trying to call always getting a busy signal now never calls... well if you wanna try to call and now you get a answering machine, leave a message after the beep and ill call you back... well the phone rang again, and im on my way to get him... and just hang out... have a great day and i hope all that was confusing enough for ya... guess im just a cornfusing gurl huh?...  

well i gotta get going ,but lets just cover the issue of lying about your age on the internet... if your going to hook up  with someone don't lie to much cuz its going to catch up with you when they see you... so dont try saying your 42 when in actuality your probably 57... sheez.... unless you can successfully pull it off where no one is the wiser... dont you wish you could run your hands allover my smooth creamy 26 year old flesh...   ; )




Wednesday, February 8, 2006

internet issues

well, sorry i havent posted in such a long while... but part of the reason was internet issues, you see, my roommate upstairs got a high speed connection to the internet, so then we bought a router together complete with wireless connection for my room... that has been about three weeks of hell... right now im currently using the old dial up... until sunday when the landlord is going to run lines directly from his connection to four of the other rooms, so then i should have high speed and people can call me anytime that the feel free to...

well last week was a very nice week for me.... my friend that lives upstairs, (who also was the one with the high speed hookup) his son was in... he just got back from Iraq, serving our country over there for over a year... i did thank him for fighting for our country...  he was a very great guy, and was very open minded and didnt judge people for who they are... I really enjoyed meeting him and hope that we can keep in touch and be friends for a very long time...

in other news... Madonna's new "Sorry" video will premiere tomorrow on AOL, and guess what... it seems to be a nod to the fabulous 1980 movie, Xanadu!!!!  Seen a picture of Madonna and back up dancers in roller skates!!! check it out!!!

and one last piece of gossip that i have aquired... Allen Heinberg is to be the new writer on the WONDER WOMAN comic book...  i believe that he is acredited as to having wrote most of season 4 of SEX IN THE CITY... and has been a fan of Wonder Woman since issue 212 of the first series... he has me beat by twelve issues, my first WONDER WOMAN comic was 224!!!

gotta run... LOVE&LIGHT