Saturday, February 25, 2006

weird dreams

i had the strangest dream last nite... it started off i dont even remember, but then somehow a certain boy with a head of curls ended up in it... i work with him...  we were about to do the nasty and then these people came barging into my room, it was sherry from work, and the boy was hiding under the pillow so they wouldnt know who it was... i guess somehow in my dream my owner of the house i live, had his sisters there visiting and then it became a night mare cuz they kept protruding into my room to get furniture that the owner had left in my room... well first of all there is no furniture in here that is his, but in reality i do have a few pieces of my friend susan's here, could i have been subrelating? dont think thats the actual word i was looking for but oh well, back to the dream, then i went outside from some fresh air, and there were all of these police copters and futuristic police cars circling in the sky, then across the stone wall, there were no apartments, but it was like this empty land that was filled with all these tents and trucks and RV's and it was like a band of greatful dead? people and it was sexy and exciting and really really weird...  dont remember how it ended... but could it have been something i ate? must be a reason i dont want to go back to Cocoyaya's... i had to get up at four am and shit twice... damn them for charging me for that extra cheese, i had cheese brought out in a little bowl so i could eat it with the nacho's... then i have them pour cheese on my chimichanga... for both cheese...$4.00!!!! i wont go back... so with my chimichanga, drink, and cheese my meal turned out to be like17 frickin dollars... and in other news... i was supposed to go out tonite... but my friend cancelled cuz he made other plans... could it have been the promiscious person that i seen online this morning at four am, when he has a date with my friend tonite? He deserves someone thats going to treat him like a king, and thats why i was ditched and now i cannnot go out in all my full glory and i am frickin pissed... i was kinda lookin forward to it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! oh well... life frickin goes on... but ill be ok... but he is going to hear about it believe me!!!!!!!!!!!!



not really... but at him... love and light to ya

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