Wednesday, February 8, 2006

internet issues

well, sorry i havent posted in such a long while... but part of the reason was internet issues, you see, my roommate upstairs got a high speed connection to the internet, so then we bought a router together complete with wireless connection for my room... that has been about three weeks of hell... right now im currently using the old dial up... until sunday when the landlord is going to run lines directly from his connection to four of the other rooms, so then i should have high speed and people can call me anytime that the feel free to...

well last week was a very nice week for me.... my friend that lives upstairs, (who also was the one with the high speed hookup) his son was in... he just got back from Iraq, serving our country over there for over a year... i did thank him for fighting for our country...  he was a very great guy, and was very open minded and didnt judge people for who they are... I really enjoyed meeting him and hope that we can keep in touch and be friends for a very long time...

in other news... Madonna's new "Sorry" video will premiere tomorrow on AOL, and guess what... it seems to be a nod to the fabulous 1980 movie, Xanadu!!!!  Seen a picture of Madonna and back up dancers in roller skates!!! check it out!!!

and one last piece of gossip that i have aquired... Allen Heinberg is to be the new writer on the WONDER WOMAN comic book...  i believe that he is acredited as to having wrote most of season 4 of SEX IN THE CITY... and has been a fan of Wonder Woman since issue 212 of the first series... he has me beat by twelve issues, my first WONDER WOMAN comic was 224!!!

gotta run... LOVE&LIGHT


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