Sunday, December 31, 2006


ok... every year everyone tries to make a resolution to do better in their life for the next year... maybe give up something...  well this year... like the rest am going to try to make a few and stick to them... i believe last year i think i resolved to have no resolutions so then there wasnt any that i would fail on... well this year... im going to try to make some resolutions...  the first is i want to quit smoking... now with this one there is a big reason why... they raised the cigarette prices .80cents!!! frickin bastards!!! plus it is a nasty habit so i am informed regularly...   the second resolution is to loose weight... the number seven is supposed to be a lucky number, so maybe 2007 will be a lucky year for me... the third resolution falls back to the lucky number seven... so in 2007 i hope to buy a few lottery tickets every week in hopes of stricking my fortunes in 2007 and have a well rounded year in 2008... i love the number 8 just in case you werent aware... and in 98 was the year i took the stage with a vengence... maybe ten years later i will be back wiser than before and have all my paddles in the water and be able to achieve the crown i have always known i deserved... but... it might actually be cheaper to go out and buy my own and create my own title... but if im rich and win the lottery... then i vow to enter every pagent i can to get the title that ive always wanted...  RESOLUTION 4  I want to be nicer to everyone... i have this inner bitch that just loves to come out if provoked... case in point yesterday at walmart... a check out girl came and got us and had us go to her line and as we were making our way over, these other two people popped out of nowhere and were about to cut in front of us at the register, and i guess the inner diva came out and i informed the ladies that we were next... the girl came and got us... and the bitch had the nerve to say to me... well you didnt have to be so rude... my head was down when she said that... i raised it smiling... and said... im sorry... im just that way... and if she would have said another frickin word it woud have been on... luckily she held her toungue to avoid the fur flying right there in wal-mart... and then i had to hear my friend harp at me telling me how rude i was... so just in case its me... im going to try to be nicer to everyone... and yes... the inner bitch isnt going away... but i will make a concious effort to tame her in... resolution 5 how many do you think im going to have?  well... as many as it takes... number five... hmmm... i resolve to start dressing better in 2007, if i win the lottery that would definately help becasue then i could go in for emergency lipo and then buy fabulous clothes for the both of me... resolution 6 i resolve to take better care of my vehicle and try to give it a bath monthly as well as make sure that the oil is changed on a regular basis....  resolution 7 hmm, what could i pick out for the seventh resolution in 2007??? well, i resolve to find out who i am again, what makes me tick, and what i want in life...what i want to do... i know i dont want to be employed in a call center for the rest of my life...  i just really want to be rich, and then i could have my own business, whatever it may be... if i were rich... id move somewhere exciting and open an amazing comic book store... or if i was rich enough... maybe start a Soap Opera of my own design... or maybe come up with a comic strip that could branch out into its own franchise using Lil Connie...  any rich benefactors out there want to help me make one of my dreams come true? why cant i have easy aspirations like everyone else... why do i want almost all of the unattainable ones... which leads to resolution 8 maybe after my truck is paid off consider gettting back into school, but hopefully ill win the lottery and not have to make my brain suffer again... its hard...

well i think thats all the resolutions i try to work on in 2007, wish me luck...



Thursday, December 7, 2006


well just wanted to take the time to report that i have successfully made the move and no real emotions were shed... guess im stronger than i gave myself credit for... but one thing that ive come to learn in life is that you always have to embrace change... it always is a factor in life and you can either get used to it and deal with it... or you could sit around and bitch and moan about it and get absolutely nothing accomplished... well that is all for now... maybe will post some more this weekend and tell about my fabulous view in my new surroundings... the transition went pretty smoothly considering it was delayed a few days, but now i have everything of importance out of the old fortress... the old paradise... the beautiful special paradise that i had the pleasure of living in for four fabulous years... a sense of security gone but a new life begins...

love and light


Saturday, December 2, 2006

upside down

just wanted to blog a bit... this weekend my world will be upside down as i begin to move... the house i lived in for 4 years is going to become a parking lot... its kinda scary what all the future has in store, and my comfort zone being pulled from beneath my feet... will post soon and tell ya how i made it thru... i need another smokey treat please



Saturday, November 4, 2006

its a saturday thing... or its my birthday!!!

well i wanted to share photos from the past few weeks and i thought what better than to do it on Saturday... and not only is it a saturday... it is my birthday... the age? well all i will say is it is the year 2006 and i know what that means... LOL i wish it would let me save them... i will have to come back laterz and try posting again... was going to share some you tube videos on here... but if its not letting me save a simple pic... i might have more issues with video? but maybe not.. and this post was actually going to be going in thru the purple haze pt 2 but im having issues saving a picture there.... but i wanted to share a picture from connies visit... all digitally refreshed and altered for perfection... hope you enjoy...



Wednesday, October 25, 2006


WELL... you might have noticed that its been awhile since i posted... why you ask? well... i recieved some shocking news a couple of weeks ago... got my mail and on top of it was a letter from the landlord... in it he said that we had sixty days to vacate the premisses because the place was under contract to be sold... the place next door, a rehab place was offering the right price and the landlord took it... so now he is going to relocate to Austin Texas... and the beautiful home that i have lived in for four wonderful years is going to be bulldozed to the ground to make a parking lot for the rehab center... i was dumbstruck when i read the news... so these past couple of weeks i have already began to pack, and last week we had a yard sale... i made 130 dollars off of the stuff that i had in the sale for that day... that included a dresser, a couch a leather jacket and other miscellanous items... not to bad... may go and finally bite the bullet and buy a cell phone... so i can keep my current number when i move...  a dear friend of mine has offered me a place to live with him until his lease runs out in march and then we will figure out what we will do from there...

IN OTHER NEWS... The Queen of Tanquir has returned to Tucson for a brief visit to the sundried state... she will be hanging around at least thru her birthday... October 31st... she has at least three appearences to make if not more... What brought about her return to the states? Well, Pride for Tucson was on October 14th... so she had to at least attend some of the ceremonies to show her pride... which consisted of a nite out to the bars and a minderaser in hand... "I was a bit dissappointed... I asked them to make it extra erasing... but I seem to recall the whole nite... nothing blurry... They need to learn how to make them properly... next time i will be sure to drink before i head out to the bars in case they try serving me up some lame ass concoction that they think is a minderaser... if they dont do it right... it wont hold up to its name... and i was suckin them away as fast as i could... but alas i remember everthing" she sighed...  Next up on her agenda? "Well, I was invited to a  Halloween party by this really hot straight guy that i met at a yardsale... And he is having a festive bash to celebrate the season..."  Should definately be interesting to say the least... and then last but maybe not least... on her birthday... Connie will be doing her maker a service by working her yearly job... When asked the maker what he thought about her working... he replied "Its about time that lazy bitch began earning her keep!!! Who in the Hell does she think she is to only have to work one day a year? Frickin Hoe!!!" he yelled and then winked...

and how was your week?



Monday, October 9, 2006

New Technologies from a blonde... and return of the BITCH!!!

be sure and click on the link to the right to explore my website... updates galore... well not picture wise as of yet but i am learning new technologies to create a better website... ive learned how to post video clips on there from in this past year for website i've learned two amazing things to improve my aol webpages... hope you enjoy... On the cover page... i give to you Olivia performing live on the Larry King show... Over on the favourites link I have to favourite videos on there from youtube... one is the Monday's preview of FH where Morgan uses the fantastic line... Well... if it isnt the Woman that put the Whore back into horrible! as well as a video clip of Bo & Hope from Days Of Our Lives from the first episode i really watched the whole thing and fell in love with this love store... and then over on the link entitled Seth... the page that started it all... as i was creating a new page i discovered that i actually could add videos... so on that page you will find Dolly Parton performing I will always love you... thats dedicated to you my dear sweet sister... i love you and miss you...

on FH tonite they are having back to back episodes tonite featuring the return of Morgan Fairchild to primetime TV as Sophia Bentley...arch rival of Bo Derek's character Maria Gianni... if you haven't checked it out... do... it will excite you!!!

well gotta run for now... Love&Light


Wednesday, September 27, 2006

no ryhme or reason

just a quick blog to talk about the randomness in life and how very special each moment is, or maybe sometimes its not so special, but hey... what can you do? try to make the best of it and move on... cherish the special times that you have with your friends and family, and enjoy all your hobbies and past times... and breath it out and breath it in... let your spirit and ultimate goodness shine and my thoughts are... you'll enjoy your life much better, don't get caught up in the rat race of who has the most things... because its not the things in life that you have... but its enjoying what you have and who you have around you...

understand any of that? was a bit of confusion from the state of the mind of this blonde... well i guess i should go for now... watching the recap of FH!!!  what is FH you might ask? its FASHION HOUSE only on MyNetworkTv... starring Bo Derek and the fabuously wicked Morgan Fairchild... gotta run



Sunday, September 24, 2006

New Television Season, a small review of Olivia's Grace & Gratitude

just wanted to do a blog real quickly, hoping that it will make it stand out in my mind that tonite there will be the season premiere of Desperate Housewives... i have loved that show since every since i first seen Jesse Metcalfe jumping out a window so Mr. Solice didnt catch him having an affair with his wife... Jesse is returning to the show this season... He first caught my eye as a major hottie when he was Miguel on Passions... they have a new hot Miguel on Passions now, but i still think Jesse is the hottest...

now for my review of Grace and Gratitude... its a beautiful cd, that is very lush, and i have to say that when ever i listen to it i feel a little more spiritual... the songs are inspriational,  and the album inside tells about the 7 chakras in the body... ill actually post more about this as i figure out...wish me luck... but Olivia's voice is so angelic in this album, it could heal anyone... and it is a healing cd... i guess they are a big thing now... and i have to say that ive heard of healing cd's but never spent the money on them... but i have to say that this CD is truly amazing... its available at a Walgreens near you... my favourite songs on the CD are Learn to Love Yourself... Let Go Let God and Insturment of Peace...  in total there are 20 tracks on the CD, all of the odd numbered songs are instumentals and all of the even tracks are complete with Olivia's beautiful voice... in the song Let Go Let God-- the song is also complete with the Buddhists' chant... it believes in a higher power, whether it be God or some other form of spiritual entity, and the power of the mind can cure the body... this CD is a work of love from Olivia... thank you for sharing it with us... i totally feal at peace from listening to this CD... check it out...

remember... the grass is always greener on the other side of the fence, so if you dont want to stain your skirt, do it on this side!!!

Love & Light


Sunday, September 17, 2006

wanted to try something... dont know if it will work

just wanted to see if it would let me add video since you can add video to blogspot... lets see what this can do ok this would let me do it ... so now i know i cannot post video here...

Friday, September 15, 2006

We'll miss you Daniel

Its been quite a shocking week, i was reading someone elses blog and came across the news that Daniel Smith was found dead in his mom's hospital room three days after she gave birth to a baby girl in a hospital in the Bahama's... i thought how can someone be so cruel to post something like this... it was just to tragic to believe that it was real... but after googling it i was devastated to find out that it was all true... My heart goes out to Anna, having your baby should be the happiest time of your life, but then three days later loose your first baby...  Daniel always seemed so sweet on the Anna Nicole show, straight A student, and from all ive read about them they were very close... He was her world and she was a good mother to Daniel... If I met you now Anna... i wouldnt know what to say except I'm very sorry for your loss and give her a big hug...  i've been putting off blogging this all week because it was just so shocking and sad...

We'll miss you Daniel... you seemed like a very nice young man... your mom is going to be lost without you... I know you'll be up there looking out for her as her protective angel...



Saturday, September 9, 2006

Grace and Gratitude, new CD from O L I V I A!!!

dont know what i was doing starting that other blog, i have enough trouble posting in one, let alone two... LOL i have some exciting news to announce... coming to a local Walgreens near you Olivia is releasing a healing cd thru the giant drugstore chain here in America... the title? Grace and Gratitude... not only will her cd be on sale there but they are re-releasing the LIV kit, this time called the Olivia kit, to help women examine themselves for good breast health, as well as some vitamins for breast health as well... the CD is produced by Amy Skyy, whom Olivia has recorded with before, back in 88 when Olivia released the Rumour, the song Winter Angel, which never made the album, but was on the back side of the Rumour single! They most recently worked together when Olivia released Stronger than Before at Hallmarks here in America and 2 dollars of every CD sold went to the Susan G. Kolman foundation for breast cancer...  the CD will be available beginning either September 27th or 29th, im seeing some conflicting dates so i have to admit that im really not sure which one is for reals... but im really excited!!!

in other news... a friend of mine was at a bus stop here in tucson a few weeks ago and recieved a little news letter... in the newsletter it told of a horrible prediction for September 12th... just pray to God that they have no real insight or it could be the beginning of the end for reals... REVELATIONS could be coming true and we have to be led into it by a village idiot... GOD please help us all...forgive them all for the messes that they have created... Why can't everybody just get along? Is it to much to believe that there could ever be world peace? if everybody could live by the words of John Lennon from the wonderful song IMAGINE, which has recently been covered by Madonna on tour and even Dolly Parton!!! its truly a beautiful song... well should get going for now...



Saturday, August 26, 2006

in case you have been following...

just in case you have been following the fabulous contest on DUDETUBE... which by the way is  very very HOT... the winner has been announced... you should check it out at  and in case you feel like getting a blonde spanish lesson... be sure to check out my new blog at

if you thought that i was raunchy here... wait til you get there... i also have the priveledge to post pictures of nekkid mens... its so hot... check it out if you dare... just make sure your pacemaker can handle it... 



Thru The Purple Haze pt 2... available at

well... i did want to get a bit racier... so im starting a new blog as well... it is  i will still be posting on here... but on blogspot i can be as racy as i want to be... and there... i will be posting videos, as well as men that i think are very hot... be forwarned... this will not be for the faint at heart... this blog here will remain a tawdry trip to disneyland whereas my blogspot blog will be like a trip into the world of sinful delights... hope you enjoy the journey... must wrap this up so i can go and look for some sexy pics to post of some hot guys...  hope you like part two of thru the purple haze... think of it as the companion site to this one... and definately expect it to be raunchier than this one... LOL 



Saturday, August 19, 2006

May 18th... I remember why that day is special

i was just watching a show on e! or something... there was a gay guy on there and he said are you kidding... every gay man i know waits til a major holiday to come out so their parents can never forget it... well... mine was actually two days after a major day in our lives...  so just in case i ever forget the day that i came out was on May 18th, 2001... it was a day that alot of weight was lifted from my shoulders... but new troubles were created for not keeping my mouth shut... namely my actual mother trying to shove her brand of religion upon me... i really think that God and Jesus understand who i am, and would not have created me if who i am is wrong... becuz i know that i am a good person with a good heart... but dark sense of humor... LOL  so if you are hiding in the closet anyone out there...Come out! Come out! wherever you are... be who you are... dont hide it... well im becoming distracted by the wonder song Mother and Father by Madonna and its wanting me to sing... so will blog laterz



Lets get Racy

ok so the picture has really nothing to do with the title of this little entry, except after looking at it i notice that its perfect for this article because it is kinda Racy... but not quite... lately i have been venturing thru the world of blog, after visiting a link that RuPaul posted on her website... i was mesmerized... before i post the link... be forwarned... if you ever thought my blog was a bit racy... LOL it makes mine look like a trip to Disneyland... this blog is so HOT... you ready for the web addy? Its not for the faint at heart... and its kinda like  but hotter... the address is...  I'm wondering if i should spicen mine up...  im wondering if this will even let me post wav files like seen on dudetube or youtube?  never really tried it but want to soon... dont worry you wont be seeing any porno images of me... dont want it to diminish my chances in case i run for President... i think i could do a much better job trying to bring about world piece than what our current jokester in office...   So tell me? Should my blog get racier? or is it just right? (i know i should post more often...) but let me know... love hearing from you...

oh... and the pic of Wonder Woman is from her new series... issue number two that has  been delayed a bit but will finally be coming out this coming Wednesday... and on another note... Paris Hilton's cd comes out tuesday... might pick it up... listened to it on aol and its not to bad


Sunday, July 30, 2006

Ruff week but made it thru thanks to friends

so ok... it has been one hell of a week to say the least... and none of it has been overly good... when it rains it pours... ok... so you know i passed the test at work so i was on a very high high... and then i got home and recieved the news that my friend had passed away and i went on a really low... that was taken a bit further on tuesday morning when i went to start my car and it wouldnt start... and the training continued all week long... it was hard but i just kinda faked it and made it thru... i did get an accommodation at work for being very courteous...

but what really got me thru this week were my calls out of the blue from friends... Kerry called me the day i found out... the sadness was looming but had yet begin to roll in... i think i was still in shock... my friend Cesslie had called so I told her the news of Seth, they had been very close too and we reminiced about what a wonderful person Seth was... and then later that nite another call out of the blue all the way from Conneticut... April had called to say hello and tell how the family was doing and then put her husband, Mr. Darling on the phone... and we talked forever, about our lives, jobs, and then I told him, he was pretty shook up hearing about Seth... Seth had made made a good impression on everyone he met... and then on Saturday i got a call phone call from my dear friend Anitra... it was good to hear from you to darling... and its sweet of everyone of you for offering your condolences... thank you all for being my friend... i treasure you all... and to Allen for being here for me too... he had never met Seth but had been told stories of him... It makes me want to get that crown back even more now that he is gone!!! Damn them bitches!!!  LOL i cant let the scandal of the Styx crown go... LOL  guess im just a petty ol' bitch... well gotta run to the kitchen for some chocolate covered oreos...

love ya


Monday, July 24, 2006

Goodbye my dear sweet sister

Goodbye my dear sweet Sister

Goodbye my dear sweet sister,

you know i loved you so...

im sorry i could not be there,

and then you had to go...

I cherished all the years of fun we shared,

and laugh at all the times we'd be crazy and stupid...

just for some guy...

I wish i had been there to see you,

It breaks my heart to pieces...

to hear that you had passed,

I loved you so much, and wanted the world for you...

if we could only have had just a chance

for another time together...

it would have been another memory that would have stayed with me forever...

but you definately made an impression, on this missouri gurl its true...

i knew i had a friend that i could confide in whenever...

i know we've been apart for 4 long years,

and the memory of you and your sweet smile remain in my mind

as im fighting back the tears,

it hurts knowing i couldnt afford the trip,

and i never had a chance to say goodbye...

but know in my heart how very much you meant...

i love you so much my dear sweet sister...

your memories will live in me forever... and i will share stories of you

and let your memory live on... everytime i speak your name...

know that my heart is breaking as i write this song...

my dream would be for Dolly to sing along...

I love you my Dear Sweet Sister...

Farewell Mascara... Farewell Sasha... and my darling Seth...

you know you'll always hold a special place in my heart...

I LOVE YOU... and will forever miss you....

you have truly been a very dear friend...


this poem is for Seth who passed away this morning... im so sorry i wasnt able to get out there to see you Sweetie... ive been so broke... and stuck in a training that i didnt want to be in... i did pass the test today... but after this news... it doesnt really matter does it? i really gotta go right now... im not doing very well


Friday, July 7, 2006

just enjoying my friday...

LOOK b4 u CLICK!!!

Well today... i did actually take the time to update my favourites list today on my Journal...  and it was a bit problematic...LOL but i did get it done... i thought... you know if this is my favourite list... shouldnt I be first? so i put my aol hometown pages first, followed by me on MY SPACE (have a myspace account? add me to your friends... love to hear from ya... Check out the song... its Sordid Lives by Olivia Newton-John... they are actually making a series on Logo of this hilarious movie!!!  Then I believe there is a link to lead you to DC comics where you can look for any hero you want in the DC universe.. but... you know my favourite...WONDER WOMAN!!! my LOVE... i actually read the comic before i had ever seen Lynda Carter... the first issue i bought was in 1976 and i was five years old...  followed closely by my other loves... Olivia Newton-John, Madonna, and Days of Our Lives...

finished this week of training... two more weeks to go... and just got off the phone with my mother... that kind of put a damper on my bright and cheery mood... with her preachings of turning my life over to GOD... i believe in GOD and i believe that GOD loves me for who I am... and all that I am...



Wednesday, July 5, 2006

a tribute to Waldozer

well... borrowed my roommates cellphone and tried to call my friend Susan but i guess she had the day off and wasnt there to be found... so then i called my Grandpa to wish him a late Happy 4th of July... we had a pretty good talk... told him about my training class that i started to day... and he said well you cant be CEO all in one day... LOL we talked about him winning the lottery and he would come out to Tucson for a visit... Grandpa going anywhere out of New Franklin Mo. would be a feat... LOL but Tucson... we discussed if he won the lottery i asked him if he could get us a new president, and he laughed and said something to the fact that all politicians are shady... and i told him about a promise i made to Grandma... she told me... now honey... if you dont do anything else that i say in your life... Always vote DEMOCRAT!!! so i have upheld that... then the conversation turned and Grandpa told me that Waldo Hundley had passed away... my heart just broke... i remember him from when i was just a wee child... his name was Waldo... and my Grandpa drove a bulldozer... so i called Waldo--Waldozer!!!  being so young and being brought up around my Grandparents alot when i was very young... I always remember ol' Waldozer bein there and he was my friend... i always enjoyed when he came around to visit my Pawpaw...  i found that he had passed away last week... he had been suffering before... and at least his suffering was finally over... He was a wonderful man... may you be in a better place and with all those that love you that will once again be with you...  you will always hold a special place in my life... Franklin won't be the same without you...

in the darkness, let there be Love&Light


Tuesday, July 4, 2006

Happy Firecracker Day!!!

just wanted to take the time and wish everyone a HAPPY FOURTH OF JULY!!!  hope this holiday finds everyone well...  well ive already had a bang this morning... it was hot and a repeat performer... LOL  may the day be explosive for everyone in GOOD way!!! need a treat and then ill proceed to the next paragraph...

have today off work but have to start training for a new project tomorrow... im kinda dreading it... but not quite as much cuz i was worried if you fail the test that you will loose your job... but thats not the case, they will take a coach and walk thru the test with you to make sure that you know everything... and then you will go on out to the floor...   

the summer season always comes with a string of excellent movies... ive seen two in a matter of days... the first was SUPERMAN RETURNS!!!  if you like superman you will really like this movie... Brandon Routh, although i had reservations at first, was a perfect SUPERMAN, he was a good followup after Christopher Reeve...  Has anyone heard about them making his package smaller from the movie cuz i hear the man is blessed... wish i could tell you that from first hand experience, but alas... no such luck... oh well...  and then the second feature that i took in was the inside look at the fashion world thru a fashion magazine movie... THE DEVIL WEARS PRADA!!!  Meryl Streep was fabulous...  she was such a bitch... but i guess she had a good heart underneath it all... but dont let anyone be aware of that...  both movies are a must see on my list... and BRANDON ROUTH IS A MUST DO!!! the man is HOT!!!

might report back later today but dont hold your breath... LOL




Saturday, July 1, 2006

Passionate Encounters of the HOT kind

      Passionate encounters of the HOT kind are the most erotic spontaneous moments any person can experience...


        take for example, last nite at one fifteen am i recieve a phone call... and i must admit that it is someone that i find myself very attracted to... but as in the last poem, society and whats deemed right and wrong will keep me from having a true lasting relationship with this person because for the most part... he is straight and wants to have a family and get married i guess so he can make the ol parents happy...  Im sorry, but you know me... im to bullheaded and stubborn to be bullied into what others want me to believe, (to bad your not reading this Mommy) if i don't believe it as well...  Wow... i went off the EROTIC topic pretty quickly that faces topical issues in society... i didnt know i had it all in me... really (batting my false eyelashes quickly and smiling innocently)

Anyways.. back to HOT enounters... My friend needed me to help him get beer back to his house cuz he was on his motorcycle and its kinda hard to put a 12 pack on your motorcycle... so i met him at the convenience store... and took the beer back to his apartment... he had went out to the bar, had a good time and i guess he wanted some company...  normally i just do the normal thing for a straight guy and help them release in just an oral fashion... that being me the only one performing orally and i dont mind when its a HOTTY!!! And he definately is!!!  anyho... he goes to the bathroom, comes back minus his pants wearing only a white wife beater (those shirts always make me moist) and his boxers!!!  I teased him and told him that he lost some stuff in the bathroom... he puts on a cd... comes over to the couch and begins kissing me...and pulling me down on top of him in a steamy embrace... mmmmmmmmm just the thought of it is makin me moist...  Needless to say the rest of the evening or early morning depending on which view you might be seeing...( i did get home about 420 am!!!) He has such a sex drive...release and then a few minutes later doing it again with another yummy delivery... the first time he released it was unexpected, he still had the profalactic still on because we hadn't got the issue of getting him inside of me... so i was orally performing to get him up... well he climaxxxed a bit early... so i had to turn the sheepskin up and drink it!!! Im sorry to admit that... but I worked really hard for that load...

just a HOT ENCOUNTER OF THE PASSIONATE kind i wanted to share... see im more than just a pretty blonde... im a giving person...



Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Rainbows Around the Sun

my friend just called and i went out and experienced a first for me... there was a rainbow around the sun... im going to go and smoke a cigarette and admire it and ill come back at ya and tell you more about it... what wonderment does that bring to an imaginitive mind? could it be a sign? could the prophecies be coming true?brb

                       Rainbows Around the Sun

               if their can be rainbows around the sun,

                  shouldn't there be love for everyone

               if i could make only one dream come true

                   I'd want to share my life with you

                          if the fates are cruel and unkind

                or maybe it wasn't our time....

                         just know you'll never leave my mind

                 in my heart it will be true

                               All the love i felt for you...

                     Rainbows Around the Sun

                            Our love had only just begun...

                   But you couldn't let it be true...

                        for fear of what society would do to you....

                            When I think about you I always smile

                     I know you loved me,

                           to not admit that, you would be in denial...

                      but if there can be Rainbows Around the Sun...

                             and rings around the moon...

                          my heart can empty all the despair...

                        to find love filling the air...

                              without any regrets or cares...

                        Rainbows around the Sun...

                                  get out and have some fun

(this poem is dedicated to the BIG D... you are the man!!!)

all my love... Constance


Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Remember the harmonica? "The Rose" and the eye "Patch"?

     Do you remember the adventures of mystery and danger as a harmonica played soulfully in the background? Maybe you might remember their theme songs, either "The Rose" or "Lady in Red"... if this would be ringing any bells... heres one last clue...The male lead of this "Super Couple" sported an eye patch, and his name? Steven Earl Johnson. If your still stumped, im refering to Days of Our Lives... the soap anyone can come back from the dead...

    Relax and don't worry... if you've strayed away from Days in the past because of outlandish plots that included Carly Manning being buried alive, or the saintly Dr. Marlena Evans North Craig Brady Brady/Black North and probably soon back to Black was possessed by Satan! Or remember the Kristen, and her double hired by her father... the fabulous Susan Banks who was part of quintuplits that had her portrayer on an episode or few played five characters... and one of them was even a guy... one of the Banks clan?  Or totally fumed over the senseless killings when many of our beloved favourites were knocked off one by one in the Salem Serial Killer mystery filled with so many twists and turns it had everyone talking... Especially when Alice Horton choked on her doughnuts? And then everyone who was killed were all found to be very much alive on the island replica of Salem... Sound outlandish? kinda... but i have to admit i thought it was very entertaining... But if you were one of the many that probably stopped tuning in to watch as the sands fell thru the hourglass... there is good news... The headwriter James E. Reilly has been replaced with a different head writer, i have to admit that im not sure of his name at the moment but i believe he was a former Emmy winning head writer of As the World Turns...

    I have to admit... James E. Reilly has done an outstanding job and is leaving the show in excellent shape... Many stories are exploding making way for new stories to emerge... The lead story? Supposedly widowed Jennifer is about to marry her teenage sweetheart Frankie... One of Jack's last wishes that Frankie was there for Jen upon his "death"...  Well come to find out, for awhile we the viewer have known that Jack is still alive and is in a hospital being subjected to an experimental treatment to cure his otherwise incurable disease... Enter an orderly that comes to wipe Jacks head in the hospital... Jack wakes up and see's the orderly in an eye patch and exclaims Steve! His long dead brother... Although the orderly has apparent amnesia and doesnt recognize his own brother? But Jack convinced Steve to have a blood test that proves without a doubt that they are indeed brothers! Together they are headed back to Salem... and in perfect Soap Opera timing... right after Jen and Frankie kiss after being pronounced man and wife... Jack opens up the church doors and Jen exclaims Jack!!! Meanwhile out in the cemetary behind the church... Kayla Brady who has returned for her brother Frankie's wedding has been flooded with memories of Steve... She is crying... and Steve walks up to her and asks if she is ok, Kayla recognizing the voice, is distraught as she turns around to see none other than her dead husband Steve!!!  She faints in his arms... He had been shown a picture from his wedding by Jack on the way to Salem and he realizes that this must be Kayla!!!   Another plot that has exploded and will cause another to explode even hotter... Lexie and Tec have been having a steamy affair because her husband Abe has been impotent and false pride has kept him from being close to his wife... Someone has left a note that Abe found that led him to the seedy motel where he found his wife Lexie and Tec underneath the sheets... and now Lexie who thinks it was Sami that exposed her tawdry affair is going to make Sami pay... although Sami is actually innocent as far as not being the one who exposed the affair... Sami is responsible for blackmailing Lexie (because she knew Lexie was having an affair with Tec) into telling Carrie that she wouldn't be able to have any children with Austin because after genetic testing they have a gene that could cause the baby to have birth affects, which lead Carrie into Austin's brothers arms... which has made Lucas very happy and now him and Carrie are engaged to be married and expecting their first child together... well now since Lexie's secret is exposed, and thinking it was Sami who exposed her dirty deeds you can bet that secret is going to come out at this ill fated wedding for Jennifer and Frankie...

    And wondering about Bo and Hope?  well right now they are seperated and she has signed divorce papers but are hopefully on their way back together... no thanks to Bo's daughter with Billie, whomboth found out last year that their daughter was not still born, but had been raised by a family right there in Salem and was a friend of Jennifer's daughter with Jack... Abby... Chelsea has been a handful, and is just like her Grandmother Kate... a manipulative, lying, decietful, hateful little bitch!!! sorry to be so harsh... but Chelsea needs to learn a lesson... why you ask? because while driving, she was trying to talk on her cell phone and hit something in the road... she keeps driving unaware she had hit her little brother Zach, Bo and Hope's son!!!  She recently was sentenced after evidence disappeared from the evidence room (thanks to Kate paying off someone in the police department) and only recieved 200 hours of community service... which is not enough to teach this little harpie a lesson... Needless to say Hope and Chelsea do not see eye to eye and Chelsea wants to see her mother and father, Billie and Bo back together maybe Max Brady will be able to tame the hellion? Tune in tomorrow to the continuing story of Days of Our Lives... it will excite you... i have to say that the new head writer is coming at an exciting time... lets see if he can keep the drama moving without the outlandish plots and focus more on real life dramas that Days has been famous for... give it another chance... It will EXCITE YOU!!!

enough for now

love & light




Saturday, June 10, 2006

Purple Passion

I know i have been a lazy blog poster as of late... and i have no excuse really... well i kinda do, i updated my webpages... so as we learned before that counts for something doesn't it? Hope you enjoy them, ive taken up a theme... Purple Passion, purple is one of my all time favourite colors, so i thought i would share that with a webpage that brings out the bubbliness of my personality... also added to each page at the bottom is a home button so you can click on it instead of going to the top and hitting back to go to the base page... hope you like

Anitra, thank you so much for posting about Anna being pregnant... i was actually accosted when i came out of my room after just waking up by one of my roommates stating that they heard on the news that Anna was pregnant... and then i went to her website and there was the video, check it out, link is to the right

Just wanted to send my love to everyone and hope like the webpages



Thursday, June 1, 2006

the first day of June

Hello...  its been awhile i know... and you know... i would apologize but whats the point when i would just be lyin... LOL if you have taken a look at the link to my webpages you will notice that i have taken great strides in posting more pictures for you to view... hope you enjoy... so that counts as doing something doesnt it? Where do we go from here...? This isnt where we are supposed to be... (quoting Madonna singing you must love me...)   Just been busy doing a bunch of nothing to be honest... guess thats bad huh? well my car is having issues so i think that its important to drive it only when necessary...

ive been feelin like pickin up the pencil again and designing some fabulous fashions, and then take a few and maybe make them for someone... i wonder who i should make them for?   hmmm... ive got it... For ME!!! LOL that was a waste of fabric making all those fabulous clothes for the runway, because all of them were a size 8 or minus... we really shouuld have more to choose from to make us sassy fantastic plus size women need and deserve... Thats a good market to design for...  if you ever get a chance to see the movie i suggest going to see Phat Girlz... its a wonderful movie...

    just wanted to send out a heads up about Wonder Woman... The new series, Issue 1 Vol. 3 is being released on Wednesday June 7th... The writing chores are being handled by Alan Heinburg who wrote for Sex in the City amoung other shows, and the art team on this new book is none other than the fabulous husband wife penciller-inker combo Terry and Rachel Dodson!!!  Wonder Woman can't help being sexy then...!!! I always said if Wonder Woman had a good storyline and a good artist it would sell well... lets see what this is going to do to boost Wonder Woman awareness...!!!  Hope its covered by every media outlet to get the word out there about my favourite Amazon...

well guess ive rambled enough for the moment... Love you all...

Love & Light


Friday, May 26, 2006

more website updates

just wanted to post that i have been working on the website all day today and i now have more pictures added to all of my links, be sure to check them out and check them out often they are sure to be changing quickly... hopefull this weekend their will be a fabulous photo shoot, but right now its only in the early stages of the thought process... hope you like the webpages... next time i want them to have a more professional feel now that im kinda knowing what im doing...

it has been one hell of a week, to make things short and sweet my car broke down on wednesday... luckily it is up and running again... i was about ready to sell it and get a bicycle, LOL could you imagine my fat ass riding a bike to work?

what a visual huh...



Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Website updates

getting ready to head outside to lay out in the sun an work on my tan... but wanted to say that you should check out my webpage... ive finally figured out how to create multiple webpages all from one Screenname instead of having multiple screennames... whoo hooo!!! check them out... hopefull will do a photo shoot soon... let me know what you think of my webpages... yeah i know it can be better... but i was in a hurry cuz i had a breakthru and had an idea how to do it... and all the time its been this easy but its taken me five years to figure out.... LOL love ya


the link is to the right underneath

Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Don't let anyone fool ya...

     Dont let anyone fool ya... time may heal wounds... but that might take a while... but a vacation always helps!!!!  Just got back from florida and yeah it was kind of a whirlwind, but it was really nice to see family together to watch as my little bro got married...  the wedding was beautiful, and i very much love my new sister-in-law, but hanging out with my brother and cousins and even an old friend and getting drunk proved to be pretty fun...

     Returning to my life has been an easy transition, ive been hanging out with old aquaintences that could become very good friends... and after being sexually deprived while in Florida... i return to many admiring suitors... could it be my tan? or the fact that ive lost eleven pounds so far?  Maybe that gives a person a better outlook on life... whatever it is im enjoying it... I must have been in a rut for a long time... but im happy to be free... What does this next phase have in store? stay tuned... im sure i could manage to make it an exciting journey!!! Goodbye to old, hello to new... who says you can't teach puppies new trixs... LOL




Sunday, April 30, 2006

sorry its been so long... a few disappointing things... or is it?

well sorry i havent been able to post lately but maybe it was because i didnt want to think... have you ever been so pissed off about something that everytime the issue gets brought up a foreboding sense in you, whether it be anger, frustration, jealousy, envy... yeah we are all capable of it because as it seems... we are only HUMAN...    Anyway... that has happened in my life... and thru my frustrations of the issue... i might have been a bit of a bitch... i know thats really hard to believe that someone like me could be like that... but it came out of somewhere... your wondering where all this is leading dont you?  Well it basically "altered" a very strong friendship due to an overbearing presence with a beautiful mind who knows all the words to push all the right buttons to get you to see things his way... almost like a brainwashing... without the drugs... and almost a year of caring deeply and doing about anything  this person needed, whom we had a very close friendship was all basically washed down the drain...  And to keep him from backing out of ending our friendship as we know it... he preached to the young lad that "SAVE FACE"... He can't go back on what he said... although the picture was painted just a tad more vividly that it actually was... you know if he really knew how to save face he would have been able to keep someone from sneakin by his window and throw COTTAGE CHEESE at his face!!!  LOL I would have loved to seen it!!!  Are you cornfused yet?  i am... i need a cigarette... then im going to come back and post a new magazine cover... with the players in this drama...

much love


Saturday, April 22, 2006

High Speed & the National Enquirer

well... i have to say that having highspeed is great because i remember not to long ago i updated my webpage... well today i was sittin here playin and came up with two fabulous magazine covers... one complete with me on the cover of my all time favourite tabloid... the National Enquirer!!!  i have been enthralled reading about poor WHITNEY!!! me and my friend were sayin that all Whitneys fans need to come out and be in front of her house and hold up candles til she gets help... and then maybe stick her on the tv show INTERVENTION!  but earlier this week, my friend heard on his ipod radio that Whitney has checked herself into a rehab here in Tucson!!!  Notice... there were no lawsuits, the truth hurt and Whitney is seeking the help that she truly deserves... We want you back again to sing for us Whitney...and be the glorious fabulous DIVA  we used to know before your drug habbit... we love you... God bless you and watch over you....  be sure to check out my webpage for a couple of extra pictures that are new on there as well including another magazine cover...



Thursday, April 20, 2006

Viewer Discreation Advised

this subject matter may be a bit titillating... but lately i have been having fantasies of people from the past... and if i could go back and change something i definatly would knowing what i know now...  where is this going you may wonder?  Well lets flash back to high school or maybe even Jr. High... there was this guy i knew, lets just call him Mr. Armstrong to protect the innocent... LOL or were they? If i could turn back time like Cher i would definitely follow thru with an incident that occured during HS... but i was so shy and timid then and didn't want anyone to know my deep dark secret..., all though everyone pretty much knew but i was in denial... if i faced facts a lot earlier i could have had "loads" more fun...LOL oh well... and another memory of being tortured, "mentally" in the locker room by Mr. Petre...again the name changed to protect the "innocent"...LOL he was like in 8th grade twice, and bared himself to me and wanted me to see what a "MAN" looked like with his anatomy standing at attention wanting me to oral... i was in sheer mortal shock cuz the locker room was full of other classmates... but knowing what i know now...Sing it Cher... LOL  and even in 6th grade... a certain African American hottie, we'll name Mr. Fugate to protect the innocent... he used to always call me names, and one day in the locker room showed his engorged equipment wanting me to put it into my mouth... LOL if i could find a way... If i could turn back time... I would definately do things differently...   those are my CONFESSIONS of the moment...  LOL hope i wasnt to graphic but its good to get those secrets off my chest... why did i have to be so shy and introverted?  because growing up in a small town its not acceptable to be gay in a redneck society... you would hear of horrible hate crimes done to people due to ignorance... STOP THE HATE!!! WE ARE ALL HUMAN... Love and Let Live...

well gotta scoot... here's the boot...


Friday, April 7, 2006

website updates

just wanted to post that there have been changes made to my website but its not all done yet... the little boxes on the right hand side will eventually be links to other pages, if i can figure it all out... but i think i should be able too...  here's the link in case you dont want to go to the side and click on it...

love and light


Wednesday, April 5, 2006

RuPaul @ Phoenix Pride

Just wanted to take the time to share a picture from the Pride concert with the headlining act... the one, the only... the fabulous, the beautiful... RuPAUL!!!  Her concert was amazing, and i have always wanted to see her... and now i have finally gotten to... whooo hooo!!!

Congrats goes out to Anitra!!!  It will be nice to have your own computer and your own email account...  Hope all is going well in Missouri... miss you Sweetie, and tell John i said hello



Tuesday, April 4, 2006

Connie Does Pride

well ok, its been awhile i can say... i left you last time with some DALLAS casting news... its rumoured that John Travolta is up for the role as the dastardly JR Ewing, and reportedly, Jennifer Lopez is up for the role of Sue Ellen...  whats next? Britney Spears or Jessica Simpson as Lucy Ewing?

in other news...  On April 2nd, 2006... Connie made her first appearence of the year... where has she been? what has she been up to?  She went to the Gay Pride in Phoenix... to see the always fabulous headlining act... RUPAUL... definately the SUPERMODEL of the world... work the runway sweetie...

well gotta run, will post more laterz... LOVE ya all!!!



ps, my hairah is new... as well as my dress which i made myself... more pictures soon...

Sunday, March 19, 2006

for all of you that hate cleaning as i do...

well, if you all hate to clean house like i do, i have an answer for you...  check out this page here... its available in three states on the east coast, i believe that it is New York, New Jersey and some other state in that area... i cant wait til we have one of these services nationwide... it would make cleaning so much better... heres the link...   hope i got it right for you...

Anitra welcome back to cyberland!!! you have been missed, and i very much do love your new screenname... AnitraluvsConnie... question for you, do you by chance have AOL or AIM? i would love to add you to my buddy list sweetie so we can do some instant messanging chat... i do have yahoo IM as well... email me at and ill give you my yahoo addy if you need it... luv you... oh and for Project Jay... is that a one shot? or a weekly?

well, next time im back we will discuss the casting news for the big screen version of the nite time sudser Dallas, and which Grease star will be tackling the role of the dastardly J.R. Ewing... any guesses? and if anyone says Olivia Newton-John, ill have to backhand them!



Friday, March 10, 2006

P R O J E C T late

well just wanted to report what i thought about the PROJECT RUNWAY finale...  after closely watching the final three display their clothes at OLYMPUS FASHION WEEK, and rewinding the ol trusty VCR and watching it a second time in my mind i knew the winner... but it was really a tough decision...  Daniel had some fabulous stuff... i like his neck lines, and that lil dress with pockets that you can put your hands into... but i wasnt to fond of his color palettes...  Chloe had some fabulous things... i really like the detail, and their excellent backs, and i thought to myself, she really knows the female figure... then Santino line was all beautiful, but as they said on the show, the breast just werent falling where they should... and they did seem a bit subdued from what he presented through out the whole show... his line was incredibly cohesive... and everything he designed was remarkable... but in my mind i knew it was Chloe that would win, so then i watched the ending... Santino was the first off... then Chloe was announced the winner of PROJECT RUNWAY!!!  i guessed it...  they all thre were fabulous designers and deserve to go far in their careers

love and kisses


Sunday, March 5, 2006

a moment to blog

well... havent been watching to much of the Oscar's... but I'm glad to have seen that Brokeback Mountain has won a few awards so far!!! whooo hooo... lets show the world that love is a force of nature... no matter what sex you are...  just added some links but was lookin for some fun sites to go to... if you have any fun sites that you go to send me a link... would love to browse something different... i guess i could go to google huh?  send me some idea's... and if i find anything interesting i'll add it to my list of links to go to... i see that i can add more... how many will they let me add? i should just go surfing and find some exciting sites to share with you... cant believe that the oscars are over at nine thirty?  thats odd... thought for sure it would go til ten... oh well... goin surfin... luv you all



Saturday, February 25, 2006

two times in one day...or time heals?

well, after workin all day at Parker, dialing who knows where asking about men's suits...  LOL there were some very nice people, but then there were also some real bitches... and the studip ass girl in front of me when i went to ask her what project she waived her hand like she just couldnt be bothered by me... ive heard about the witch before from other people, she won't talk to anyone, as if she is better than everyone else there... well i have news for you you snotty assed ugly bitch... your not worth my time... there now i feel better getting that off my incredibly boosoming breasts....

speaking of boosiming, (and you know... i have no idea if i spelled that right but now im noticing a little spell check button up above... i can edit my ass... LOL) if i wanna go thru all that... why be proper right now? who are we kidding? you like me alot better when im not... maybe im a bitch, maybe im rude, crude and socially unacceptable... but you must agree... its a lot more fun to be me... but to know me you must know me well, and must admit i do have a bit of a heart... its so HARD to be Me!!!

in other news... time heals... so im not as pissed as i was this morning because i was looking forward to gettin all gussied up for a nite on the town... and i do expect a full big apology about turning around things that were said and weren't said and making other plans... but now...  im kinda happy im not going to have to live thru Hurricane CONNIE tonite...  referring to the huge mess she leaves behind... im loosing tenses arent i?  well you know i got knocked for it when i was in college... but this is only my blog so i guess it doesnt really count... its all grammatical to me... ill get over it, i always do, because in someways i can place myself into another man's shoes, and actually feel what it feels like to be you... understanding is the name of the game, whether you belive or deny, they all could be the same... why am i ryhming so... gee, i wonder? Golly i dont know... LOL



weird dreams

i had the strangest dream last nite... it started off i dont even remember, but then somehow a certain boy with a head of curls ended up in it... i work with him...  we were about to do the nasty and then these people came barging into my room, it was sherry from work, and the boy was hiding under the pillow so they wouldnt know who it was... i guess somehow in my dream my owner of the house i live, had his sisters there visiting and then it became a night mare cuz they kept protruding into my room to get furniture that the owner had left in my room... well first of all there is no furniture in here that is his, but in reality i do have a few pieces of my friend susan's here, could i have been subrelating? dont think thats the actual word i was looking for but oh well, back to the dream, then i went outside from some fresh air, and there were all of these police copters and futuristic police cars circling in the sky, then across the stone wall, there were no apartments, but it was like this empty land that was filled with all these tents and trucks and RV's and it was like a band of greatful dead? people and it was sexy and exciting and really really weird...  dont remember how it ended... but could it have been something i ate? must be a reason i dont want to go back to Cocoyaya's... i had to get up at four am and shit twice... damn them for charging me for that extra cheese, i had cheese brought out in a little bowl so i could eat it with the nacho's... then i have them pour cheese on my chimichanga... for both cheese...$4.00!!!! i wont go back... so with my chimichanga, drink, and cheese my meal turned out to be like17 frickin dollars... and in other news... i was supposed to go out tonite... but my friend cancelled cuz he made other plans... could it have been the promiscious person that i seen online this morning at four am, when he has a date with my friend tonite? He deserves someone thats going to treat him like a king, and thats why i was ditched and now i cannnot go out in all my full glory and i am frickin pissed... i was kinda lookin forward to it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! oh well... life frickin goes on... but ill be ok... but he is going to hear about it believe me!!!!!!!!!!!!



not really... but at him... love and light to ya

Sunday, February 19, 2006

Boredom? or Perfect Contentment?

just got off the phone with my friend... he said he was bored, i agreed with him that i was bored to, but was that because in my mind altered state i had to question, was it that i was really bored as well, or was i actually just calling my sitting around surfin on the computer boring, when in all actuality i was in a place of perfect contentment? Just the ring of the telephone and being online still hasnt really phased me to much yet... but it is alot better than the person that was trying to call always getting a busy signal now never calls... well if you wanna try to call and now you get a answering machine, leave a message after the beep and ill call you back... well the phone rang again, and im on my way to get him... and just hang out... have a great day and i hope all that was confusing enough for ya... guess im just a cornfusing gurl huh?...  

well i gotta get going ,but lets just cover the issue of lying about your age on the internet... if your going to hook up  with someone don't lie to much cuz its going to catch up with you when they see you... so dont try saying your 42 when in actuality your probably 57... sheez.... unless you can successfully pull it off where no one is the wiser... dont you wish you could run your hands allover my smooth creamy 26 year old flesh...   ; )




Wednesday, February 8, 2006

internet issues

well, sorry i havent posted in such a long while... but part of the reason was internet issues, you see, my roommate upstairs got a high speed connection to the internet, so then we bought a router together complete with wireless connection for my room... that has been about three weeks of hell... right now im currently using the old dial up... until sunday when the landlord is going to run lines directly from his connection to four of the other rooms, so then i should have high speed and people can call me anytime that the feel free to...

well last week was a very nice week for me.... my friend that lives upstairs, (who also was the one with the high speed hookup) his son was in... he just got back from Iraq, serving our country over there for over a year... i did thank him for fighting for our country...  he was a very great guy, and was very open minded and didnt judge people for who they are... I really enjoyed meeting him and hope that we can keep in touch and be friends for a very long time...

in other news... Madonna's new "Sorry" video will premiere tomorrow on AOL, and guess what... it seems to be a nod to the fabulous 1980 movie, Xanadu!!!!  Seen a picture of Madonna and back up dancers in roller skates!!! check it out!!!

and one last piece of gossip that i have aquired... Allen Heinberg is to be the new writer on the WONDER WOMAN comic book...  i believe that he is acredited as to having wrote most of season 4 of SEX IN THE CITY... and has been a fan of Wonder Woman since issue 212 of the first series... he has me beat by twelve issues, my first WONDER WOMAN comic was 224!!!

gotta run... LOVE&LIGHT


Saturday, January 21, 2006

a series of 2's

ok last topic was two jobs... well now im going to get credit for writing in my journal 2 DAYS IN A ROW! Aren't you proud of me? Whether or not you are i am!  Its a miracle... now you may wonder just what exactly it is that i have to say?   Well honestly, nothing much... was just tryin to adjust the colors so they were perfect... for now... LOL  Have a wonderful saturday... oh yeah, i have to work from 11-4 today at parker...but... today im taking a step into the future... i will be having high speed internet sometime today!!! yeah.. dial up really suxs... i believe i will keep my AOL so i can continue this most marvelous blog... but you know... i was looking at yahoo's blogs yesterday... pretty interesting i must say... would you all really mind if i switched it to yahoo?  have to check it out and see how user friendly it is, LOL im not all that bright at every moment of the day...



Thursday, January 19, 2006

2 jobs suxs

I love my morning job, i get paid full time, get full benefits work forty hours a week, and i enjoy it really alot... but tonite i started the dreaded job number two... it was actually going back to a place of previous employment... hours were never reliable... but for a second job it will do... just have to make myself more enthused about it... LOL is that possible? well tonite my answer would have been F*#K NO!!!  but we'll see how saturday goes... my college loans kicked in this month to pay back as well as owe my mum some money...   well need to get to sleep, been working way to long today... more about the dreaded job soon...



Saturday, January 14, 2006

Brokeback Mountain

just seen Brokeback Mountain, and in two words i can tell you... MUST SEE!!! It really deserves every award it is nominated for... just sitting her thinking about it is making tears well up in my eyes....  i dont want to give anything away, but if you do get a chance to see it... write me back and tell me what you thought of it... Heath Ledger and Jake Gyllenhaal gave outstanding performances...  GO SEE THIS MOVIE!!!

here is the link for it for more information... 

it is truly worth the price of admission...  don't ever let true love slip away... and i very much agree with their slogan... Love is a Force of Nature... just looking at them on the website makes the tears start to well...

gotta go for now before my mascarra runs...


Thursday, January 12, 2006

oops i pushed a wrong button... teehee

  ok ok... put some Dolly Parton in, her newest release... Those were the Days... remakes of classics... its a very good CD... including John Lennon's Imagine...

seriously, i didnt mean to blog this soon, you might think something is wrong, but it isnt but i have to admit i do like coming to my blog for my links to my favourite sites... it saves me time from having to frickin type it all out all the time... but if i go to them all the time, what new things are there to look at... go outside my loop and discover something anew, its like learning about something you've never really cared about before... so let me have another treat... then i shall be back with a link to my search of the day... was it interesting? we will see... brb

ok ok... without even a treat i managed to visit a site i have never been to before, but its takin my computer a bit to load it... oh well... i tried here's the link...    its a movie i really want to see... but i also want to see Brokeback Mountain, i heard its really a tearjerker... love those... Days of Our Lives had me bawling with tears streamin down both sides of my face like a waterfall... it was bad...  Lexie told Bo and Hope that their son was braindead, the only thing that was keeping him alive was the respriator...  Bo and Hope agreed to let them use Zachs liver to save little Claire...  which is actually Shawn's baby...  KUDOS to Kristian Alfonso for her riveting portrayal of a mother loosing her son, and i wish that on no one... she deserves an Emmy for that performance.... oops i forgot to watch Project Runway last nite...

well guess ive babbled for enough time for the moment, talk at ya later...


C o N s T a N c E

Sunday, January 8, 2006

Call Me Lazy

well sorry i havent been such a good blog poster... but i think its just because i have been a little bit lazy... brief rundown of last year since i last posted til now... hmmm where should i begin... well i did survive the holiday blues... dont remember if i reported that i went out on christmas eve and got so drunk i dont remember half the evening... imagine that... LOL anyho... new years eve there was a huge bear party at the house, it was a bit scarry but i survived the ordeal with the help of my dear friend Allen... after new years not much really happened worth writing about and then this last friday nite we went out to some straight bars with friends of ours from work... it was Abby's birthday, it was pretty fun... got a little drunk.... and so did my friend... we have the scar's to prove it... i have a bite mark on my arm, and he has a slash across his arm from falling on a glass when i threw him out of the bed for kickin me... LOL but we were drunk, and it was all good... so thats the highlight of my past week plus a bit more... how about you? 

if you ever watch Days of our Lives... there is a very powerful dramatic storyline happening on there... involving Bo, Hope, the death of their little boy by a hit and run driver...  only the hit and run driver is Chelsea, Bo and Billies daughter... and Bo has hid the fact from Hope that Chelsea drove that nite, chelsea thinks she hit a pot hole, but she was driving a big ol SUV, which belonged to BO!!!  But there will be a good side to loosing Zach, because Belle's daughter is about to die and needs a liver transplant... Belle thinks that the father of her baby is Phillip Kiriakias, her husband, but she doesnt realize that her and Shawn Brady actually slept together, even though they thought they were dreaming and the baby is his!!!... isnt that funny how that happens... so actually Zach's liver is going to save Shawn's baby girl with Belle... the drama thickens because hunky Shawn Brady has proposed to cute Mimi Lockhart!!!

like sands thru the hourglass... i wish you LOVE&LIGHT