Monday, May 31, 2004


well just a quick blog... wanted to post my grades for all to view... let me start off by saying that I am on the Dean's List with a GPA of 3.5, and I got an A in Fashion Illustration 1, an A in Intro to social sciences, a B in Flat Pattern, and a B in Draping! Can you believe that this dumb blonde made a Dean's List and not for her "other Talents" I have one thing to say...WHOOOOOOOOO HOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO


Monday, May 24, 2004

quick blog

Just wanted to report that...  one... i have to go to work soon...  and just wanted to stop and leave a little teaser... I have the report card...  I know my GPA... and I know Marlena is alive in an alternate Salem?  Im confused...  but ill share it all in the next blog...mwah

love ya


hows that for a cliffhanger... tune in soon for the startling revelations  of how connie did in school... it will excite you!!!!!!!!!

Sunday, May 23, 2004

2 blogs in one day... oh my

ok... since i have completed the first ten weeks of school... im adding a second challenge for the second ten weeks... im going to try to start excercising and dieting as much as i possibly can... but i dont think Pizza will be cut out of the diet... but im going to try to start using the ab roller... walking... and the noisy excercise bike...  i will try to post a weigh in... and then also post my achievements... so maybe sometime... ill have the body i have always dreamed of having... guess im going to have to work for it cuz its not coming to me naturally... im not naturally blessed with the body... just the face that could launch a thousand ships that only Helen could rival...   wink wink... nod your head and just agree with me...

love always


Sunday... Laundry day... and so much MORE

well here it is sunday...  tomorrow starts the first day of classes... for the second pod...   but in the meantime... its sunday... and im off work... and doing laundry... why wasnt i smart enough to do the laundry earlier in the week when i was doing nothing important after i got off work... but NO... i have to save it til my frickin day off... am i F*%K$N stupid...?  OBVIOUSLY or i wouldnt be doing laundry today... oh well im just takin it easy before classes... and looking back on some life lessons... like one that i had to teach myself in San Diego and find myself having to look back upon lessons learned for the answers of how to deal with situations now... and the best way i can sum it up is... JUST SAY NO TO DRAIN-O!!!! even though it could make you skinny... LOL am I a walking contradiction or what?  And on top of it all... im very interested in a person whom i don't know feels that way about me...  What do I do?   any Dear ABBY's out there for me?  Its so frustrating it hurts... but who was it that sung that song Love Hurts... well they must speak from exprience cuz it seems like it always does somehow...    plus im tryin to quit smokin again... im having all kinds of realizations... and confusions...   Are you confused yet?  I am...

wish me luck in class tomorrow


Thursday, May 20, 2004

a DIVA'S Birthday

Just wanted to give a quick shout out to the Legendary Diva.... Cher and wish her a HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!  How old is she now? 38?  I get confused... LOL it might be that plus a few more for her real age... but you know what... a DIVA doesnt have to tell her real age if she doesnt want... i dont think Cher keeps it a secret... but im in the dark on this one... so instead of speculating... we should just all agree... she is fabulous... and i hope i look that good when i hit her age...

love ya Cher



Well just wanted to take a moment of silence and look back on what ive accomplished... 10 WEEKS OF SCHOOL BABY!!!!   Although I won't have a grade card til probably next week, it still is kind of amazing that i have accomplished this much... its been so long since ive been in school that some of it can be really overwhelming...  But that is only the first ten weeks... the next 10 start monday morning... four more classes... lets see i have... Fashion 2 (it will be another drawing class... and from what i've heard... the instructor is SEXY, he's never taught at the Tucson Design College before.)  Its all about me gettin moist before the class even starts...  Lets see... other classes will be... History of Fashion, Basic Computers, and Flat Pattern 2!!!!  Wish me luck  ; )

love always...

your favourite blonde bimbo and surprizing student extroidnaire


Monday, May 17, 2004

WHOOO HOOO!!! I got my Shorts Done!!!

Well i started a pair of shorts yesterday... and it took me many hours... and i didnt complete them yesterday... So I took them to school with me today and after i got my work completed... i sewed up my shorts!!!   At first they came out really funny because i had sewn the wrong seams together... and it looked horrible... and the class all had a good laugh... so then i undid the seams and sewed it up again and installed the drawstring...  They are not the best... most coutoure shorts in the world... but as my second real attempt at sewing... i would say that i didnt do to bad...  getting ready to go swim... might post later...

lots of love  to all


The Hardest Day

    Today was one of those days that was a bit tougher than usual to get thru... it was May 16th, Sunday...  My Grandpa's birthday... and also the day that my Grandmother passed away... on his birthday ten years ago...  the day started off okay... I woke up early and went to Wal-Mart cuz i was bound and determined to sew me a pair of shorts today... Well before i got to the material, i had to stop at the checkout lines and see what was up in some of my favourite tabloids...  But my eyes immediately focused on the Soap Opera Digest... I had seen a cover with Marlena and Alice... and I thought... wow... the magazine man must have missed that one... thinking that it was a cover from March when Alice and Marlena appeared on the cover... but as i got closer... i read the headline... "They're Alive!" meaning Marlena and Alice... so that really excited me... but later after i got out to my car i started looking at the cover... and i just started thinking... If only I could have My Grandma back as easy as the Horton's get their grandma back... and i actually started crying there in my car in the Wal-Mart parking lot...  it may be ten years but to this day I love and miss my Grandma... she was my best friend.  But I kind of took it as a sign too... maybe this was supposed to happen like this and me find out the news that Alice Horton is Alive on this day... the day my Grandma passed away... to somehow let me know that my Grandma is watching out for me... I love you Grandma...

ps... the shorts... they turned out to be an all day chore... and they arent complete as of yet... ill take them to school with me tomorrow and finish them there...

love you all... and wishing Peace and Love for the world...

Thursday, May 13, 2004

Week 9 of school done

Whooo Hooo... I have completed 9 weeks of school... next week is the last week of this first Pod of classes...  So for Flat Pattern1 we arent doing anything except using it as catchup time so we can have time to finish anything that we havent gotten done yet.   Intro to social sciences is the final... but i dont have to take it because she said at the beginning of the class that if we come to class every week... we dont have to take the final!!!  so i definately have been there every week...   On Wednesday, there is Fashion 1, which is a drawing class... I do not believe that there will be any kind of final for that class...   and on thursday is draping 1... so i think that will be all to finish any kind of makeup work that we needed to complete...

I have to say that some of my favourite music right now is...  Olivia Newton-John... Best of My Love,  Britney Spears... Everytime (like the mixes better than the original, but i like the original as well) and Blondie... Good Boys (Giorgio Moroder mix)... but like music changes so does my taste... so i guess next week ill have to update my favourites... tune in to see if my opinions change...  Hope to hear someone write back to me in here... tell me what they are up to... what music they are liking at the moment... and any other thing that might need to be told...

until the next blog

Peace Love Happiness


Wednesday, May 12, 2004

well i know i have at least two straight A's

well its been a few days since i have blogged... so ill report some good news... For my intro to social sciences class i have out of a possible 500 points, i have acquired 480!!!! which makes my percentage for the class a 96% which happens to be a straight A!!!!   Whooo Hooo!!!!!!!!!!!  I think i have a straight A in my fashion design 1 class as well!!!!!!!!!!!  Not to shabby for a Dumb Blonde huh... we should get our grades either at the end of next week... or the following week so ill keep you posted on my grades!!!    Hope this world finds happiness for all of you... Lets pray for happiness.... there is to much sadness in the world...  !!!!!!!!

well gotta run and get ready for school... hope to blog soon... mwah


and before i go... ill leave you a link that i love very much... its a new website


Sunday, May 9, 2004


Just wanted to do a quick blog to let anyone know who reads my weblog... that you havent been abandoned... I have found that pictures can be worth more than words... so be sure and click on the link in the top left hand corner that says AnotherWorld001 my ornaments page... I spent a big deal of time today getting everything together to do it and then even deal with technical difficulties cuz my easy designer page wouldnt open... but i think the end results are worth it... enjoy...



Friday, May 7, 2004

A Fond Farewell to some great FRIENDS

     Whether it was Ross, Rachel, Monica, Chandler, Phoebe, or Joey that might have been your favourite Friend, last nite marked the end of an era as Friends presented the final series Finale, which pretty much tied up all of the loose storyline threads...  Ross and Rachel finally reunited after some incredible odds last nite...  Monica and Chandler had a double surprize... not only did they get one baby from the surrogate mother... she had twins... a boy and a girl...!!!!   And Phoebe and her husband Mike are talking about having a bunch of children...  And Joey... nothing was really tied up with him... because he is moving on to his new comedy in the fall entitled Joey... which is a spin off from friends... so it gives a chance to still have Friends as part of our life...  cuz Joey's antics will still be around for us for comedic relief...    So I have to say... that it wasn't as funny last nite for their final episode... but tensions were high... but good things were worth waiting for as Friends viewers were treated to some happy endings for their favourite characthers...  What more could you really ask for...?   Goodbye Friends... I'll miss you


Monday, May 3, 2004


    Just wanted to take a moment out of space and time to remember the late great sudser on what would have been its 40th anniversary on May 4th had stupid NBC not decided to pull the plug on the daytime drama after 35 years on the air... to make room for the crap called Poisons... Opps... I meant Passions... so sorry...  Instead of bringing on a new soap that is so far fetched with its witches and demons,  why didnt they just have Mr. Reilly (creator of Passions, former headwriter for Days when Marlena was possessed by Satan... and current head writer for Days--making Marlena a serial killer) take over the reigns of Another World, and see what he could have brought to the show... I would have much rather seen this than Another World getting cancelled all together...  five years later and im still not very happy with NBC about this...     

But anyway... just a quick nod to the great daytime drama... that still can be seen in Re-run on SOAP NET... HAPPY ANNIVERSARY... YOUR DRAMA IS TRULY MISSED...  THANK YOU SOAP NET FOR GIVING US A CHANCE TO RELIVE IT ALL!!!!  I think to celebrate its anniversary on Tuesday... i will pull out a video with old Another World memories on it and watch it...  thank you Another World for giving us fans 35 years of excellence in television history...

i still miss you... sniff sniff


Music... Makes the People... Come together

     As Madonna sang... Music... makes the people... come together...  And its so true...   But as it is... Not everybody likes everything... While some may like Hard Rock, Heavy Metal, and others might like Rap & the blues... or Country, or 40's Bandstand... dance, pop... so many varients on the term music... but in some way Music has probably touched someone in a special way on one occasion or another. 

    Some like to branch out and seek whats current in Music, whether they listen to a top 20 countdown or hear a new little diddy on the ol VH1 or MTV (when they decide to show music videos...Go back to the Basics MTV...)  And others like to revel in their favourites of yesteryear never branching out to something new... I have been accused of that by a friend... but i have to say... Au Contrairre Monfraire...   I do have my favourites... Olivia Newton-John, Madonna, Cyndi Lauper, & Cher... but i do branch out... if i find a singer that really catches my attention...

   One of my favourite new singles is "Everything" by Alanis Morrisette... the song really seems to describe me and all of my facets...  really like a walking contradiction...  

school is going well... the teacher really liked my paper doll concept... so she wants me to run with it so she will have something to show off on the board upstairs...WHOOO HOOOO... a Lil' Connie display... free advertising... maybe i could hang an ornament or two up there with a business card offering them forsale...  sell your soul... just cash in...  according to Jewel... in Intuition... 

take care... love you lots


Sunday, May 2, 2004

My morning of Another World & paper dolls

this morning has been very productive... ive already designed four of my outfits for my paper dolls... now comes the dreaded part... need to go to a store and get posterboard to make the base for my paper doll... which reminds me I need to get some foam board too... this will be a presentation of the work that I have done for my Fashion design 1 class.    Wondering what the paper doll looks like??  Imagine... Little Connie...(my cartoon charachter) BALD!!!   That way I can add hairstyles to my paper doll so she won't be stuck in a rut with the same "Do" all the time...   Just like the real me... i have many options for hair, so you dont have to be the same gurl all the time...

still enjoying school... have been every day since the beginning...  i even went the day after i got drunk...  i was only 40 minutes late... but hey... I still beat one of my fellow students to school... he walked into class like five minutes after i got there... so i didnt feel so bad...  Will scan my paper dolls and share on one of my webpages soon...   need to design some more... 



Saturday, May 1, 2004

1st day of May

whooo hoooo... what a beautiful day...  its the first day of May... and i got a bit of a sunburn...  went hiking in the beautiful arizona desert... great excercise!!!  perfect way to start out May... if we only had another president, this May day would be even better...  oh well... you cant have everything...



the picture above was taken on Wednesday nite...  Constance felt the need to go get DRUNK...  sometimes... you just need it...