Sunday, May 2, 2004

My morning of Another World & paper dolls

this morning has been very productive... ive already designed four of my outfits for my paper dolls... now comes the dreaded part... need to go to a store and get posterboard to make the base for my paper doll... which reminds me I need to get some foam board too... this will be a presentation of the work that I have done for my Fashion design 1 class.    Wondering what the paper doll looks like??  Imagine... Little Connie...(my cartoon charachter) BALD!!!   That way I can add hairstyles to my paper doll so she won't be stuck in a rut with the same "Do" all the time...   Just like the real me... i have many options for hair, so you dont have to be the same gurl all the time...

still enjoying school... have been every day since the beginning...  i even went the day after i got drunk...  i was only 40 minutes late... but hey... I still beat one of my fellow students to school... he walked into class like five minutes after i got there... so i didnt feel so bad...  Will scan my paper dolls and share on one of my webpages soon...   need to design some more... 



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