Saturday, August 26, 2006

in case you have been following...

just in case you have been following the fabulous contest on DUDETUBE... which by the way is  very very HOT... the winner has been announced... you should check it out at  and in case you feel like getting a blonde spanish lesson... be sure to check out my new blog at

if you thought that i was raunchy here... wait til you get there... i also have the priveledge to post pictures of nekkid mens... its so hot... check it out if you dare... just make sure your pacemaker can handle it... 



Thru The Purple Haze pt 2... available at

well... i did want to get a bit racier... so im starting a new blog as well... it is  i will still be posting on here... but on blogspot i can be as racy as i want to be... and there... i will be posting videos, as well as men that i think are very hot... be forwarned... this will not be for the faint at heart... this blog here will remain a tawdry trip to disneyland whereas my blogspot blog will be like a trip into the world of sinful delights... hope you enjoy the journey... must wrap this up so i can go and look for some sexy pics to post of some hot guys...  hope you like part two of thru the purple haze... think of it as the companion site to this one... and definately expect it to be raunchier than this one... LOL 



Saturday, August 19, 2006

May 18th... I remember why that day is special

i was just watching a show on e! or something... there was a gay guy on there and he said are you kidding... every gay man i know waits til a major holiday to come out so their parents can never forget it... well... mine was actually two days after a major day in our lives...  so just in case i ever forget the day that i came out was on May 18th, 2001... it was a day that alot of weight was lifted from my shoulders... but new troubles were created for not keeping my mouth shut... namely my actual mother trying to shove her brand of religion upon me... i really think that God and Jesus understand who i am, and would not have created me if who i am is wrong... becuz i know that i am a good person with a good heart... but dark sense of humor... LOL  so if you are hiding in the closet anyone out there...Come out! Come out! wherever you are... be who you are... dont hide it... well im becoming distracted by the wonder song Mother and Father by Madonna and its wanting me to sing... so will blog laterz



Lets get Racy

ok so the picture has really nothing to do with the title of this little entry, except after looking at it i notice that its perfect for this article because it is kinda Racy... but not quite... lately i have been venturing thru the world of blog, after visiting a link that RuPaul posted on her website... i was mesmerized... before i post the link... be forwarned... if you ever thought my blog was a bit racy... LOL it makes mine look like a trip to Disneyland... this blog is so HOT... you ready for the web addy? Its not for the faint at heart... and its kinda like  but hotter... the address is...  I'm wondering if i should spicen mine up...  im wondering if this will even let me post wav files like seen on dudetube or youtube?  never really tried it but want to soon... dont worry you wont be seeing any porno images of me... dont want it to diminish my chances in case i run for President... i think i could do a much better job trying to bring about world piece than what our current jokester in office...   So tell me? Should my blog get racier? or is it just right? (i know i should post more often...) but let me know... love hearing from you...

oh... and the pic of Wonder Woman is from her new series... issue number two that has  been delayed a bit but will finally be coming out this coming Wednesday... and on another note... Paris Hilton's cd comes out tuesday... might pick it up... listened to it on aol and its not to bad