Saturday, January 29, 2005

Just got back from sabatical in Tanquir

awww sorry it took me so long to get back to the journal... but I was away on the isle of Tanquir...  Ive talked to Troy  a few times while ive been away...  he was doing well and got a 4.0!!!   at least one of us has a bit of brains... LOL...   Projects for the fashion show are coming along nicely... i commited to four for the fashion show... but so far i have six done and this is the end of week 4!!! not to bad if i dont say so myself... How is everybody doing out there... im so sorry ive been away so long...  I visited Cecile DePoulignac when i was on Tanquir...  shes always so much fun...   Well i must run now but sending out all my love... and i also noticed that i had a response asking where i was... so thank you Jazura... Im back... and nothing is going to stop me now...


love and light