Wednesday, October 25, 2006


WELL... you might have noticed that its been awhile since i posted... why you ask? well... i recieved some shocking news a couple of weeks ago... got my mail and on top of it was a letter from the landlord... in it he said that we had sixty days to vacate the premisses because the place was under contract to be sold... the place next door, a rehab place was offering the right price and the landlord took it... so now he is going to relocate to Austin Texas... and the beautiful home that i have lived in for four wonderful years is going to be bulldozed to the ground to make a parking lot for the rehab center... i was dumbstruck when i read the news... so these past couple of weeks i have already began to pack, and last week we had a yard sale... i made 130 dollars off of the stuff that i had in the sale for that day... that included a dresser, a couch a leather jacket and other miscellanous items... not to bad... may go and finally bite the bullet and buy a cell phone... so i can keep my current number when i move...  a dear friend of mine has offered me a place to live with him until his lease runs out in march and then we will figure out what we will do from there...

IN OTHER NEWS... The Queen of Tanquir has returned to Tucson for a brief visit to the sundried state... she will be hanging around at least thru her birthday... October 31st... she has at least three appearences to make if not more... What brought about her return to the states? Well, Pride for Tucson was on October 14th... so she had to at least attend some of the ceremonies to show her pride... which consisted of a nite out to the bars and a minderaser in hand... "I was a bit dissappointed... I asked them to make it extra erasing... but I seem to recall the whole nite... nothing blurry... They need to learn how to make them properly... next time i will be sure to drink before i head out to the bars in case they try serving me up some lame ass concoction that they think is a minderaser... if they dont do it right... it wont hold up to its name... and i was suckin them away as fast as i could... but alas i remember everthing" she sighed...  Next up on her agenda? "Well, I was invited to a  Halloween party by this really hot straight guy that i met at a yardsale... And he is having a festive bash to celebrate the season..."  Should definately be interesting to say the least... and then last but maybe not least... on her birthday... Connie will be doing her maker a service by working her yearly job... When asked the maker what he thought about her working... he replied "Its about time that lazy bitch began earning her keep!!! Who in the Hell does she think she is to only have to work one day a year? Frickin Hoe!!!" he yelled and then winked...

and how was your week?



Monday, October 9, 2006

New Technologies from a blonde... and return of the BITCH!!!

be sure and click on the link to the right to explore my website... updates galore... well not picture wise as of yet but i am learning new technologies to create a better website... ive learned how to post video clips on there from in this past year for website i've learned two amazing things to improve my aol webpages... hope you enjoy... On the cover page... i give to you Olivia performing live on the Larry King show... Over on the favourites link I have to favourite videos on there from youtube... one is the Monday's preview of FH where Morgan uses the fantastic line... Well... if it isnt the Woman that put the Whore back into horrible! as well as a video clip of Bo & Hope from Days Of Our Lives from the first episode i really watched the whole thing and fell in love with this love store... and then over on the link entitled Seth... the page that started it all... as i was creating a new page i discovered that i actually could add videos... so on that page you will find Dolly Parton performing I will always love you... thats dedicated to you my dear sweet sister... i love you and miss you...

on FH tonite they are having back to back episodes tonite featuring the return of Morgan Fairchild to primetime TV as Sophia Bentley...arch rival of Bo Derek's character Maria Gianni... if you haven't checked it out... do... it will excite you!!!

well gotta run for now... Love&Light