Monday, October 9, 2006

New Technologies from a blonde... and return of the BITCH!!!

be sure and click on the link to the right to explore my website... updates galore... well not picture wise as of yet but i am learning new technologies to create a better website... ive learned how to post video clips on there from in this past year for website i've learned two amazing things to improve my aol webpages... hope you enjoy... On the cover page... i give to you Olivia performing live on the Larry King show... Over on the favourites link I have to favourite videos on there from youtube... one is the Monday's preview of FH where Morgan uses the fantastic line... Well... if it isnt the Woman that put the Whore back into horrible! as well as a video clip of Bo & Hope from Days Of Our Lives from the first episode i really watched the whole thing and fell in love with this love store... and then over on the link entitled Seth... the page that started it all... as i was creating a new page i discovered that i actually could add videos... so on that page you will find Dolly Parton performing I will always love you... thats dedicated to you my dear sweet sister... i love you and miss you...

on FH tonite they are having back to back episodes tonite featuring the return of Morgan Fairchild to primetime TV as Sophia Bentley...arch rival of Bo Derek's character Maria Gianni... if you haven't checked it out... do... it will excite you!!!

well gotta run for now... Love&Light


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