Saturday, January 21, 2006

a series of 2's

ok last topic was two jobs... well now im going to get credit for writing in my journal 2 DAYS IN A ROW! Aren't you proud of me? Whether or not you are i am!  Its a miracle... now you may wonder just what exactly it is that i have to say?   Well honestly, nothing much... was just tryin to adjust the colors so they were perfect... for now... LOL  Have a wonderful saturday... oh yeah, i have to work from 11-4 today at parker...but... today im taking a step into the future... i will be having high speed internet sometime today!!! yeah.. dial up really suxs... i believe i will keep my AOL so i can continue this most marvelous blog... but you know... i was looking at yahoo's blogs yesterday... pretty interesting i must say... would you all really mind if i switched it to yahoo?  have to check it out and see how user friendly it is, LOL im not all that bright at every moment of the day...



Thursday, January 19, 2006

2 jobs suxs

I love my morning job, i get paid full time, get full benefits work forty hours a week, and i enjoy it really alot... but tonite i started the dreaded job number two... it was actually going back to a place of previous employment... hours were never reliable... but for a second job it will do... just have to make myself more enthused about it... LOL is that possible? well tonite my answer would have been F*#K NO!!!  but we'll see how saturday goes... my college loans kicked in this month to pay back as well as owe my mum some money...   well need to get to sleep, been working way to long today... more about the dreaded job soon...



Saturday, January 14, 2006

Brokeback Mountain

just seen Brokeback Mountain, and in two words i can tell you... MUST SEE!!! It really deserves every award it is nominated for... just sitting her thinking about it is making tears well up in my eyes....  i dont want to give anything away, but if you do get a chance to see it... write me back and tell me what you thought of it... Heath Ledger and Jake Gyllenhaal gave outstanding performances...  GO SEE THIS MOVIE!!!

here is the link for it for more information... 

it is truly worth the price of admission...  don't ever let true love slip away... and i very much agree with their slogan... Love is a Force of Nature... just looking at them on the website makes the tears start to well...

gotta go for now before my mascarra runs...


Thursday, January 12, 2006

oops i pushed a wrong button... teehee

  ok ok... put some Dolly Parton in, her newest release... Those were the Days... remakes of classics... its a very good CD... including John Lennon's Imagine...

seriously, i didnt mean to blog this soon, you might think something is wrong, but it isnt but i have to admit i do like coming to my blog for my links to my favourite sites... it saves me time from having to frickin type it all out all the time... but if i go to them all the time, what new things are there to look at... go outside my loop and discover something anew, its like learning about something you've never really cared about before... so let me have another treat... then i shall be back with a link to my search of the day... was it interesting? we will see... brb

ok ok... without even a treat i managed to visit a site i have never been to before, but its takin my computer a bit to load it... oh well... i tried here's the link...    its a movie i really want to see... but i also want to see Brokeback Mountain, i heard its really a tearjerker... love those... Days of Our Lives had me bawling with tears streamin down both sides of my face like a waterfall... it was bad...  Lexie told Bo and Hope that their son was braindead, the only thing that was keeping him alive was the respriator...  Bo and Hope agreed to let them use Zachs liver to save little Claire...  which is actually Shawn's baby...  KUDOS to Kristian Alfonso for her riveting portrayal of a mother loosing her son, and i wish that on no one... she deserves an Emmy for that performance.... oops i forgot to watch Project Runway last nite...

well guess ive babbled for enough time for the moment, talk at ya later...


C o N s T a N c E

Sunday, January 8, 2006

Call Me Lazy

well sorry i havent been such a good blog poster... but i think its just because i have been a little bit lazy... brief rundown of last year since i last posted til now... hmmm where should i begin... well i did survive the holiday blues... dont remember if i reported that i went out on christmas eve and got so drunk i dont remember half the evening... imagine that... LOL anyho... new years eve there was a huge bear party at the house, it was a bit scarry but i survived the ordeal with the help of my dear friend Allen... after new years not much really happened worth writing about and then this last friday nite we went out to some straight bars with friends of ours from work... it was Abby's birthday, it was pretty fun... got a little drunk.... and so did my friend... we have the scar's to prove it... i have a bite mark on my arm, and he has a slash across his arm from falling on a glass when i threw him out of the bed for kickin me... LOL but we were drunk, and it was all good... so thats the highlight of my past week plus a bit more... how about you? 

if you ever watch Days of our Lives... there is a very powerful dramatic storyline happening on there... involving Bo, Hope, the death of their little boy by a hit and run driver...  only the hit and run driver is Chelsea, Bo and Billies daughter... and Bo has hid the fact from Hope that Chelsea drove that nite, chelsea thinks she hit a pot hole, but she was driving a big ol SUV, which belonged to BO!!!  But there will be a good side to loosing Zach, because Belle's daughter is about to die and needs a liver transplant... Belle thinks that the father of her baby is Phillip Kiriakias, her husband, but she doesnt realize that her and Shawn Brady actually slept together, even though they thought they were dreaming and the baby is his!!!... isnt that funny how that happens... so actually Zach's liver is going to save Shawn's baby girl with Belle... the drama thickens because hunky Shawn Brady has proposed to cute Mimi Lockhart!!!

like sands thru the hourglass... i wish you LOVE&LIGHT