Saturday, November 17, 2007

nothing is as nothing does


I know its been awhile since i have last blogged... I apologize for the long delay... its just been different... im currently doing emails at work which is a nice job change... dont know if i have reported that... so had another birthday... and now have turned 27 for the second or third time, I loose count... but they really don't matter do they, because you can be however young you want to be if you feel strong enough about it and do not feel old... just somewhat emotional... you know, those kinda saturday mornings you are getting a slow leisurely wake up, and browsin MySpace and the phone rings at 8:30 am and we have some woman from India calling for Tribute MasterCard 1st bank of Delaware calling trying to offer me a credit card when i am on the do not call list... and she mangles my last name... i was very pleasureable as i inquired information aboutt where she was calling from... then i asked to speak to a supervisor when she kept addressing me incorrectly... LOL poor thing, I advised her to go back and have some more english lessons... and then had more difficulties with him addressing me improperly and repeating ten times that he was going to take me and put me in the do not call list... it was such an exhillirating way to wake up playing total super bitch on the phone!!! I only did it because I do not appreciate American companies outsourcing jobs to India... keep them here in America and pay a fair wage... if they were based in the United States I do not think I would have went ballistic on them... but talking to people from India named Mary Jackson, and supervisor  named Peter Black, I know that is not what they name people in India...unless they work for outsourced American Companies... how many American's went hungry last year?   think about that before agreeing to let companies outsource for much cheaper... it probably costs just as much to make sure that they can read everything perfectly from their cards...  guess I let it slip out of me that I'm not a fan of Outsourcing to other countries american jobs.

unitedly Yours...