Sunday, April 30, 2006

sorry its been so long... a few disappointing things... or is it?

well sorry i havent been able to post lately but maybe it was because i didnt want to think... have you ever been so pissed off about something that everytime the issue gets brought up a foreboding sense in you, whether it be anger, frustration, jealousy, envy... yeah we are all capable of it because as it seems... we are only HUMAN...    Anyway... that has happened in my life... and thru my frustrations of the issue... i might have been a bit of a bitch... i know thats really hard to believe that someone like me could be like that... but it came out of somewhere... your wondering where all this is leading dont you?  Well it basically "altered" a very strong friendship due to an overbearing presence with a beautiful mind who knows all the words to push all the right buttons to get you to see things his way... almost like a brainwashing... without the drugs... and almost a year of caring deeply and doing about anything  this person needed, whom we had a very close friendship was all basically washed down the drain...  And to keep him from backing out of ending our friendship as we know it... he preached to the young lad that "SAVE FACE"... He can't go back on what he said... although the picture was painted just a tad more vividly that it actually was... you know if he really knew how to save face he would have been able to keep someone from sneakin by his window and throw COTTAGE CHEESE at his face!!!  LOL I would have loved to seen it!!!  Are you cornfused yet?  i am... i need a cigarette... then im going to come back and post a new magazine cover... with the players in this drama...

much love


Saturday, April 22, 2006

High Speed & the National Enquirer

well... i have to say that having highspeed is great because i remember not to long ago i updated my webpage... well today i was sittin here playin and came up with two fabulous magazine covers... one complete with me on the cover of my all time favourite tabloid... the National Enquirer!!!  i have been enthralled reading about poor WHITNEY!!! me and my friend were sayin that all Whitneys fans need to come out and be in front of her house and hold up candles til she gets help... and then maybe stick her on the tv show INTERVENTION!  but earlier this week, my friend heard on his ipod radio that Whitney has checked herself into a rehab here in Tucson!!!  Notice... there were no lawsuits, the truth hurt and Whitney is seeking the help that she truly deserves... We want you back again to sing for us Whitney...and be the glorious fabulous DIVA  we used to know before your drug habbit... we love you... God bless you and watch over you....  be sure to check out my webpage for a couple of extra pictures that are new on there as well including another magazine cover...



Thursday, April 20, 2006

Viewer Discreation Advised

this subject matter may be a bit titillating... but lately i have been having fantasies of people from the past... and if i could go back and change something i definatly would knowing what i know now...  where is this going you may wonder?  Well lets flash back to high school or maybe even Jr. High... there was this guy i knew, lets just call him Mr. Armstrong to protect the innocent... LOL or were they? If i could turn back time like Cher i would definitely follow thru with an incident that occured during HS... but i was so shy and timid then and didn't want anyone to know my deep dark secret..., all though everyone pretty much knew but i was in denial... if i faced facts a lot earlier i could have had "loads" more fun...LOL oh well... and another memory of being tortured, "mentally" in the locker room by Mr. Petre...again the name changed to protect the "innocent"...LOL he was like in 8th grade twice, and bared himself to me and wanted me to see what a "MAN" looked like with his anatomy standing at attention wanting me to oral... i was in sheer mortal shock cuz the locker room was full of other classmates... but knowing what i know now...Sing it Cher... LOL  and even in 6th grade... a certain African American hottie, we'll name Mr. Fugate to protect the innocent... he used to always call me names, and one day in the locker room showed his engorged equipment wanting me to put it into my mouth... LOL if i could find a way... If i could turn back time... I would definately do things differently...   those are my CONFESSIONS of the moment...  LOL hope i wasnt to graphic but its good to get those secrets off my chest... why did i have to be so shy and introverted?  because growing up in a small town its not acceptable to be gay in a redneck society... you would hear of horrible hate crimes done to people due to ignorance... STOP THE HATE!!! WE ARE ALL HUMAN... Love and Let Live...

well gotta scoot... here's the boot...


Friday, April 7, 2006

website updates

just wanted to post that there have been changes made to my website but its not all done yet... the little boxes on the right hand side will eventually be links to other pages, if i can figure it all out... but i think i should be able too...  here's the link in case you dont want to go to the side and click on it...

love and light


Wednesday, April 5, 2006

RuPaul @ Phoenix Pride

Just wanted to take the time to share a picture from the Pride concert with the headlining act... the one, the only... the fabulous, the beautiful... RuPAUL!!!  Her concert was amazing, and i have always wanted to see her... and now i have finally gotten to... whooo hooo!!!

Congrats goes out to Anitra!!!  It will be nice to have your own computer and your own email account...  Hope all is going well in Missouri... miss you Sweetie, and tell John i said hello



Tuesday, April 4, 2006

Connie Does Pride

well ok, its been awhile i can say... i left you last time with some DALLAS casting news... its rumoured that John Travolta is up for the role as the dastardly JR Ewing, and reportedly, Jennifer Lopez is up for the role of Sue Ellen...  whats next? Britney Spears or Jessica Simpson as Lucy Ewing?

in other news...  On April 2nd, 2006... Connie made her first appearence of the year... where has she been? what has she been up to?  She went to the Gay Pride in Phoenix... to see the always fabulous headlining act... RUPAUL... definately the SUPERMODEL of the world... work the runway sweetie...

well gotta run, will post more laterz... LOVE ya all!!!



ps, my hairah is new... as well as my dress which i made myself... more pictures soon...