Sunday, April 30, 2006

sorry its been so long... a few disappointing things... or is it?

well sorry i havent been able to post lately but maybe it was because i didnt want to think... have you ever been so pissed off about something that everytime the issue gets brought up a foreboding sense in you, whether it be anger, frustration, jealousy, envy... yeah we are all capable of it because as it seems... we are only HUMAN...    Anyway... that has happened in my life... and thru my frustrations of the issue... i might have been a bit of a bitch... i know thats really hard to believe that someone like me could be like that... but it came out of somewhere... your wondering where all this is leading dont you?  Well it basically "altered" a very strong friendship due to an overbearing presence with a beautiful mind who knows all the words to push all the right buttons to get you to see things his way... almost like a brainwashing... without the drugs... and almost a year of caring deeply and doing about anything  this person needed, whom we had a very close friendship was all basically washed down the drain...  And to keep him from backing out of ending our friendship as we know it... he preached to the young lad that "SAVE FACE"... He can't go back on what he said... although the picture was painted just a tad more vividly that it actually was... you know if he really knew how to save face he would have been able to keep someone from sneakin by his window and throw COTTAGE CHEESE at his face!!!  LOL I would have loved to seen it!!!  Are you cornfused yet?  i am... i need a cigarette... then im going to come back and post a new magazine cover... with the players in this drama...

much love


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anitraluvsconnie said...

I love that picture of you. It's Hollywood glamour girl.