Saturday, April 22, 2006

High Speed & the National Enquirer

well... i have to say that having highspeed is great because i remember not to long ago i updated my webpage... well today i was sittin here playin and came up with two fabulous magazine covers... one complete with me on the cover of my all time favourite tabloid... the National Enquirer!!!  i have been enthralled reading about poor WHITNEY!!! me and my friend were sayin that all Whitneys fans need to come out and be in front of her house and hold up candles til she gets help... and then maybe stick her on the tv show INTERVENTION!  but earlier this week, my friend heard on his ipod radio that Whitney has checked herself into a rehab here in Tucson!!!  Notice... there were no lawsuits, the truth hurt and Whitney is seeking the help that she truly deserves... We want you back again to sing for us Whitney...and be the glorious fabulous DIVA  we used to know before your drug habbit... we love you... God bless you and watch over you....  be sure to check out my webpage for a couple of extra pictures that are new on there as well including another magazine cover...



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