Monday, April 25, 2005

ahhhhh... Mondays

just wanted to blog a bit... say hello and all that kind of stuff... it was really sweet... today i got flowers at work... to bad it wasnt from a secret admirerer huh?  LOL never hurts to hope...  if anyone wants my address at work i would be happy to give it as long as flowers pop up a few days later... LOL just write to me at   and ill send you my addy privately...I would love to hear from you...  actually the flowers that i got at work today were for the national secretaries day...  i feel all special and shit...!!!  LOL they are really pretty...lavender carnations with some kind of yellow baby flowers trimming it...  oh wait a minute... i should read the card to see what it says... maybe it has a special message in it just for me... the card reads....Happy Administrative Professionals Day!!! with much appreciation from Tucson Design College...  how sweet... i aint ever got no flowers at work before... LOL

just looked at the weekend edition of the USA TODAY and there was a shot of the new SUPERMAN in the LIFE section...  He was very sexy...   His name is Brandon Routh and he is from Iowa...  Very nice physique i have to say... just lookin at the picture makes me get very juicy...  They have pretty much stuck with the SUPERMAN costume, but instead of the bright red, the movie people have decided to deepen it a bit and are using a deep scarlet red...  But otherwise the costume is pretty much the same...  can't wait to see it... as well as the WONDER WOMAN MOVIE...  which is being written by Joss Wheldon, and directed by Joel Silver? hope i got that last name right... ive been wanting a WW movie for like forever... as long as they stick to her story, and have her costume similar to her costume in the comic book... for a Wonder Woman movie... no other costume would really do...

well i guess i should start on my homework soon but just wanted to blog... cuz i was blogging... before blogging was cool... (to the tune of "i was country when country wasnt cool...) LOL



Wednesday, April 13, 2005

Wednesday's HUMPDAY?

Humpday... schmump day... i need some now... but alas... im stuck behind the front desk...   but when i get off (work that is) i might have to go on the prowl...  but i cant be up to late cuz i have class at 8am... oh my...  well i guess im going to start work on constructing my Red Deviliss outfit for the play that im going to have to do for my written communications class...  I get to play the Dark Angel... its a little play that has an angel, a dark angel, a gunshot victim, and 4 women whom he must choose from... his decision will decide his fate... if he picks the wrong girl... he gets to go and spend an eternity in hell and i get to ride him all the way there...  or he gets to ride me... i get confused on who is doing the riding and who is being rode... if someone would want to help me figure out this little confusion for me i would greatly appreciate it...  well until next blog i leave you with this...

Dont make love by the garden gate... and if you do be sure and do it on this side because you know... the grass is always greener on the other side of the fence... LOL

Love & Light


Thursday, April 7, 2005


Just wanted to take the time to blog a little about the new Anna Nicole webpage... it has been completely redone if you've ever checked out the list of my favourite sites... so go and check out Anna and see her in all her fabulous glory!!!  And Anna has a new gig now even... She is a columnist for the NATIONAL ENQUIRER!!!  i have to say that i will be checking it out every week!!!   What a great way to get me to buy the Enquirer!!!  My grandmother had a subscription to it for over twenty plus years and i have to say that i am an Enquirering Mind as well...  Can't wait to see Anna's words come to print... how clever!

well enough about Anna... I havent had much time to actually get out there in the online community and get a chance to talk to many people lately... but the past couple of days... Watch out...!!! doesnt know whats hitting them...  I have been visiting a certain chatroom in particular...  and the men in there just seem to be insatiable... they can't get enough of me... but you know what? I cant get enough of them either... LOL   but if you want to talk to me on there be sure and have a picture... if you at least have a picture i will say hello and how are you doing... And if your HOT!!! then things might get pretty steamy... LOL Drop in and say hello if you can find me...  part of the clue is MTF... and i also love to see some of the pictures that they share with me... to bad i cant post them here... ive talked to some real HOTTIES!!!

well gotta go...

love & light


Wednesday, April 6, 2005

another night at school

just wanted to share another picture with you that i had photoshopped!  kind of a boring day here at school...

hope the day finds everyone well...

love & light


Tuesday, April 5, 2005

Sittin at school

well i wanted to put in another picture but the computer is going crazy and making a funny sound... hope it dont blow up... LOL 

i just wanted to express how much i DISLIKE chrissy... he is such a worm, he'll try to lie his way out of any situation...  oh i left a message on the answering machine... oh BULLSHIT... your such a frickin liar you stink... Oh im sorry... i had to get that off my chest... if you have been given 3 chances and you still continue to not show up... you should just loose out... for him that means graduation... well get your shit together... none of the other students had 4 weeks later to get their crap done... what should make him have more time than any of the other students?  FAIL HIS STUPID ASS!!!

well the ventilating is over... i feel much better now... now to continue on with the nite... you see im working the front desk at school so it makes for alot of time to get my homework done...  well i guess its time to go and smoke a cigarette... and then surf the web some... hope the evening finds you well...

love & light


Monday, April 4, 2005

A Mouthful on Monday starts the week off RIGHT!!!

This is the best monday i believe i had in ages...  It just makes a gurl come alive when the pleasures of another are equally shared... I wont go into detail, but i think im just glowing now... LOL  what a perfect way to start off the week...

I have some news... just news cuz nothing is finished... but i have been working on some stuff to update my webpage...  I havent figured out what the theme is... LOL Maybe GLITTER 2: The Revenge!!!   Mariah? are you ready for another closeup?  I have to say that i have not had the pleasure of seeing GLITTER, but would be interested if someone has a copy and wants to watch it with me... i would be ok... as long as there are some TREATS there with me i can make it thru anything... except MASH!!!  LOL well gotta go...

love and light


Friday, April 1, 2005

Beautiful Fridays

it has been a very beautiful friday... not a cloud in the sky, the temperature just right... a gentle breeze and everything else you could want... and the best part... I have the day off!!! and dont have to do anything if i choose not to... what could be better... Happy Fridays to all and to all a great friday in the making... are you confused yet? I am -- i forgot why i got on here to begin with...dont you hate that when you have a mind fart and then its like everything that was going to flow out stops and then confusion sets in... and the thought is never again remembered... could that be yet another sign of alzheimers sitting in early?  I saw the cutest shirt today... it said... Heavily Medicated for your protection...LOL can you imagine? and to wash that all down with vodka!  What more could a gurl ask for? A qualude?  LOL dont even know what that does...

well enough of the endless rambling... thank you once again for entering... OR leaving my mind... ain't it scary ?!?

love & light


ooh yeah... Happy Friday to you all... what was the main subject i was trying to express to you... hope you like the picture...wouldnt that make such a cute business card? can you imagine... Im basically now a fashion designer... six more weeks of school left...  whoooo hooooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!