Monday, April 25, 2005

ahhhhh... Mondays

just wanted to blog a bit... say hello and all that kind of stuff... it was really sweet... today i got flowers at work... to bad it wasnt from a secret admirerer huh?  LOL never hurts to hope...  if anyone wants my address at work i would be happy to give it as long as flowers pop up a few days later... LOL just write to me at   and ill send you my addy privately...I would love to hear from you...  actually the flowers that i got at work today were for the national secretaries day...  i feel all special and shit...!!!  LOL they are really pretty...lavender carnations with some kind of yellow baby flowers trimming it...  oh wait a minute... i should read the card to see what it says... maybe it has a special message in it just for me... the card reads....Happy Administrative Professionals Day!!! with much appreciation from Tucson Design College...  how sweet... i aint ever got no flowers at work before... LOL

just looked at the weekend edition of the USA TODAY and there was a shot of the new SUPERMAN in the LIFE section...  He was very sexy...   His name is Brandon Routh and he is from Iowa...  Very nice physique i have to say... just lookin at the picture makes me get very juicy...  They have pretty much stuck with the SUPERMAN costume, but instead of the bright red, the movie people have decided to deepen it a bit and are using a deep scarlet red...  But otherwise the costume is pretty much the same...  can't wait to see it... as well as the WONDER WOMAN MOVIE...  which is being written by Joss Wheldon, and directed by Joel Silver? hope i got that last name right... ive been wanting a WW movie for like forever... as long as they stick to her story, and have her costume similar to her costume in the comic book... for a Wonder Woman movie... no other costume would really do...

well i guess i should start on my homework soon but just wanted to blog... cuz i was blogging... before blogging was cool... (to the tune of "i was country when country wasnt cool...) LOL



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