Friday, April 1, 2005

Beautiful Fridays

it has been a very beautiful friday... not a cloud in the sky, the temperature just right... a gentle breeze and everything else you could want... and the best part... I have the day off!!! and dont have to do anything if i choose not to... what could be better... Happy Fridays to all and to all a great friday in the making... are you confused yet? I am -- i forgot why i got on here to begin with...dont you hate that when you have a mind fart and then its like everything that was going to flow out stops and then confusion sets in... and the thought is never again remembered... could that be yet another sign of alzheimers sitting in early?  I saw the cutest shirt today... it said... Heavily Medicated for your protection...LOL can you imagine? and to wash that all down with vodka!  What more could a gurl ask for? A qualude?  LOL dont even know what that does...

well enough of the endless rambling... thank you once again for entering... OR leaving my mind... ain't it scary ?!?

love & light


ooh yeah... Happy Friday to you all... what was the main subject i was trying to express to you... hope you like the picture...wouldnt that make such a cute business card? can you imagine... Im basically now a fashion designer... six more weeks of school left...  whoooo hooooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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