Thursday, April 7, 2005


Just wanted to take the time to blog a little about the new Anna Nicole webpage... it has been completely redone if you've ever checked out the list of my favourite sites... so go and check out Anna and see her in all her fabulous glory!!!  And Anna has a new gig now even... She is a columnist for the NATIONAL ENQUIRER!!!  i have to say that i will be checking it out every week!!!   What a great way to get me to buy the Enquirer!!!  My grandmother had a subscription to it for over twenty plus years and i have to say that i am an Enquirering Mind as well...  Can't wait to see Anna's words come to print... how clever!

well enough about Anna... I havent had much time to actually get out there in the online community and get a chance to talk to many people lately... but the past couple of days... Watch out...!!! doesnt know whats hitting them...  I have been visiting a certain chatroom in particular...  and the men in there just seem to be insatiable... they can't get enough of me... but you know what? I cant get enough of them either... LOL   but if you want to talk to me on there be sure and have a picture... if you at least have a picture i will say hello and how are you doing... And if your HOT!!! then things might get pretty steamy... LOL Drop in and say hello if you can find me...  part of the clue is MTF... and i also love to see some of the pictures that they share with me... to bad i cant post them here... ive talked to some real HOTTIES!!!

well gotta go...

love & light


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