Tuesday, April 5, 2005

Sittin at school

well i wanted to put in another picture but the computer is going crazy and making a funny sound... hope it dont blow up... LOL 

i just wanted to express how much i DISLIKE chrissy... he is such a worm, he'll try to lie his way out of any situation...  oh i left a message on the answering machine... oh BULLSHIT... your such a frickin liar you stink... Oh im sorry... i had to get that off my chest... if you have been given 3 chances and you still continue to not show up... you should just loose out... for him that means graduation... well get your shit together... none of the other students had 4 weeks later to get their crap done... what should make him have more time than any of the other students?  FAIL HIS STUPID ASS!!!

well the ventilating is over... i feel much better now... now to continue on with the nite... you see im working the front desk at school so it makes for alot of time to get my homework done...  well i guess its time to go and smoke a cigarette... and then surf the web some... hope the evening finds you well...

love & light


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