Sunday, May 22, 2005

well... i blogged last wednesday but i guess it didnt save

well i posted last wednesday but the computer was acting up... so i apologize you missed you missed out on some of my latest ramblings...  Well i dont want to be here typing forever but i just wanted to let everyone know that this dumb blonde attended her last college class on thursday nite...  I have graduated and am now a certified NUT!!!  Opps... I meant a Certified Fashion Designer Baby!!!  its an associates degree...!!! never thought that i would have one of those... but i did it!!!  my actual graduation is in August... but school is over... except for the fact that i will be attending a class on wednesdays free of charge so i can learn how to do photoshop illustrator...!!!  

in other news... i think i might have met a very special guy that i really dig...  i think i could handle spending the rest of my life with this one... he seems like a really good one... but as of right now there arent any titles in our relationship...  but we have been hanging out alot lately... i believe three weeks now!!!  and let me tell you this... well maybe not... ill share a little more later... keep your fingers crossed... i really would love to have someone in my life that i want to spend my life with... thats special, sweet, and not out to use me in anyway...

well i guess i have managed to gush out a little bit more than i originally planned on... but i guess i had some important things to say...   and also i want you to know that i do happen to read the news once in awhile... and i seen that Laura Bush got heckled... well you know what... i feel really sorry for her, she isnt the one behind this mess... they should have been pitying her for the man that she married... come on show the girl some sympathy... Geesh...  id be pulling my hair out if i was married to the most hated man in the world!!! Go dub-yah!! only three more years of his lunacy!!!  if he would make gas prices go back down to dollar... then i could maybe forgive him for all this foriegn crisis... but as it is i think its lining his pockets to become one of the worlds wealthiest men... i did watch the special on VH1 about the fabulous life of george bush and john kerry... where is all that gas price money really going?  you all know im not the smartest gurl, but i know its affecting him in a good way somehow...

a special reminder... dont forget to watch Desperate Housewives tonite for the Season Finale!!! It will excite YOU!!!

Love and Light


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