Monday, June 6, 2005

a new title... it excites me

well just sitting here watching days and the commercials are on... so i thought.... i really need to blog...   but what could i possible have to blog about?  well i have to say that i have a title... and if you read the last blog you might understand what the world im saying...  if you didnt, alas you might be confused...  but that is nothing if you're me...  oh well... i need to start paying attention to the tv... Brady knows Chloe Lane is alive!!!  But not if Nicole has her way!!!  Chloe's flesh eating infection will make her scars worse...  and she's trying to talk Chloe out of telling him she is alive... are you more cornfused?  gotta run... tell me if you figure out all the riddles... if anyone is still reading...  maybe i should amp up my talkability and talk about Right Wing America?  just exactly what is that? could it be like a bible thumper?    or i could write a bit of dribble about the current mess America is under... and i dont think i should beging to blame anyone... just bring our troops home and i will be happy...

well was about to go but now i realize that it is already another commercial... so what could i banter about that might get a blog reader to tune into my blog... i could make it all hot and sexy... OR Not...LOL that the freedoms that we have in the blogging world... and who am i to express my views?  Well besides being a dumb blonde, i am a somewhat opinionated one...  so i guess if i dont know... well... days is back on... gotta run...

Love & Light


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