Monday, June 27, 2005

Atkins Week 3

well i have completed three weeks on the atkins... im going to start to try excercising to go along with it... we'll see how it goes... im at least going to give it a month and see what happens...

last nite i lost my virginity... i actually did something that i have never done before!!! I went dumpster diving!!!  we found all kinds of perfectly good bread that was just thrown out from beyond bread!!!  why cant they donate all that to a homeless shelter instead of letting people in this world starve... the homeless could have had some good meals from that!!!  why do people in this world waste so much...?

i have met a very wonderful person that im happy to call one of my best friends here in Tucson!!!  We met a couple of weeks ago at work, but we really get along really well... he kind of reminds me of one of my best friends from Missouri...

well i guess i had better wrap this up... he's working on updating his resume so we can maybe get better jobs than the one that we have now... but im glad we both had the same job now or i never would have met him!!!

in other news... my BF is doing well... he's been working a whole lot... so i havent been able to see him as much...

well LOVE & LIGHT to all

    C O N S T A N C E

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