Thursday, June 16, 2005

Everyday... the death toll rises...

was just checking my email and i had seen the current news flash across AOL... and i seen that more soldiers had been killed in Iraq... it just makes me really sad... If Bush would listen to what the people want instead of what he wants... we would be a better nation... but instead you get to walk around with your arrogant smile... all the while i know... you have alot of blood on your hands Mr. President... BRING OUR TROOPS HOME... END YOUR STUPID WAR... LOWER OUR GAS PRICES, QUIT GIVING BIG OIL COMPANIES THESE BILLION DOLLAR TAX BREAKS... HELL IF IT WERENT FOR THAT IM SURE OUR GAS COULD BE BACK DOWN TO 98CENTS AGAIN!!! QUIT LINING YOUR POCKETS WITH THE MONEY FROM THE MIDDLE AND LOWER CLASS WE CANT AFFORD ALL THIS SHIT!!!!

love & light


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