Tuesday, June 14, 2005

The BIG reason Brad Pitt left Jennifer Aniston

well i just was contemplating on maybe why Brad Pitt might have left Jennifer... and then this light bulb went on in my head... i must say i dont really remember the last time that it has came on!!!  althought thats not true, either is what im about to type... but what if the reason Brad left Jennifer for Angelina Jolie is the simple fact that Brad could be a SIZE QUEEN! Just look at the facts... Angelina has bigger lips then jennifer, and to some men, they just love big lips and all that a gurl can do with them... and i believe Angela has bigger eyes than Jenn, Bigger Breasts, Bigger Assets, as well as a bigger career than Jenn right now? are you a gold digger to Brad? if you are be sure to get the alimony and call me!!!... we could run away together, cuz i have something bigger than either one of them have!!!  or Tom Cruise... if Katie doesnt work out... let me know... ill be there for you...  i just hate to see anyone lonely

well thats all for now... tune into the next time i send out some more profound thoughts from one little brain cell underneath this blonde hair... that thought process almost sent me on overload...

expressing Love & Light to each and everyone...


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