Tuesday, April 4, 2006

Connie Does Pride

well ok, its been awhile i can say... i left you last time with some DALLAS casting news... its rumoured that John Travolta is up for the role as the dastardly JR Ewing, and reportedly, Jennifer Lopez is up for the role of Sue Ellen...  whats next? Britney Spears or Jessica Simpson as Lucy Ewing?

in other news...  On April 2nd, 2006... Connie made her first appearence of the year... where has she been? what has she been up to?  She went to the Gay Pride in Phoenix... to see the always fabulous headlining act... RUPAUL... definately the SUPERMODEL of the world... work the runway sweetie...

well gotta run, will post more laterz... LOVE ya all!!!



ps, my hairah is new... as well as my dress which i made myself... more pictures soon...

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anitraluvsconnie said...

love your eyelashes! I can't really see your dress. john is setting up a computer just for me so i'll have a new email address soon. love ya!