Saturday, January 21, 2006

a series of 2's

ok last topic was two jobs... well now im going to get credit for writing in my journal 2 DAYS IN A ROW! Aren't you proud of me? Whether or not you are i am!  Its a miracle... now you may wonder just what exactly it is that i have to say?   Well honestly, nothing much... was just tryin to adjust the colors so they were perfect... for now... LOL  Have a wonderful saturday... oh yeah, i have to work from 11-4 today at parker...but... today im taking a step into the future... i will be having high speed internet sometime today!!! yeah.. dial up really suxs... i believe i will keep my AOL so i can continue this most marvelous blog... but you know... i was looking at yahoo's blogs yesterday... pretty interesting i must say... would you all really mind if i switched it to yahoo?  have to check it out and see how user friendly it is, LOL im not all that bright at every moment of the day...



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