Sunday, January 8, 2006

Call Me Lazy

well sorry i havent been such a good blog poster... but i think its just because i have been a little bit lazy... brief rundown of last year since i last posted til now... hmmm where should i begin... well i did survive the holiday blues... dont remember if i reported that i went out on christmas eve and got so drunk i dont remember half the evening... imagine that... LOL anyho... new years eve there was a huge bear party at the house, it was a bit scarry but i survived the ordeal with the help of my dear friend Allen... after new years not much really happened worth writing about and then this last friday nite we went out to some straight bars with friends of ours from work... it was Abby's birthday, it was pretty fun... got a little drunk.... and so did my friend... we have the scar's to prove it... i have a bite mark on my arm, and he has a slash across his arm from falling on a glass when i threw him out of the bed for kickin me... LOL but we were drunk, and it was all good... so thats the highlight of my past week plus a bit more... how about you? 

if you ever watch Days of our Lives... there is a very powerful dramatic storyline happening on there... involving Bo, Hope, the death of their little boy by a hit and run driver...  only the hit and run driver is Chelsea, Bo and Billies daughter... and Bo has hid the fact from Hope that Chelsea drove that nite, chelsea thinks she hit a pot hole, but she was driving a big ol SUV, which belonged to BO!!!  But there will be a good side to loosing Zach, because Belle's daughter is about to die and needs a liver transplant... Belle thinks that the father of her baby is Phillip Kiriakias, her husband, but she doesnt realize that her and Shawn Brady actually slept together, even though they thought they were dreaming and the baby is his!!!... isnt that funny how that happens... so actually Zach's liver is going to save Shawn's baby girl with Belle... the drama thickens because hunky Shawn Brady has proposed to cute Mimi Lockhart!!!

like sands thru the hourglass... i wish you LOVE&LIGHT


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