Wednesday, September 27, 2006

no ryhme or reason

just a quick blog to talk about the randomness in life and how very special each moment is, or maybe sometimes its not so special, but hey... what can you do? try to make the best of it and move on... cherish the special times that you have with your friends and family, and enjoy all your hobbies and past times... and breath it out and breath it in... let your spirit and ultimate goodness shine and my thoughts are... you'll enjoy your life much better, don't get caught up in the rat race of who has the most things... because its not the things in life that you have... but its enjoying what you have and who you have around you...

understand any of that? was a bit of confusion from the state of the mind of this blonde... well i guess i should go for now... watching the recap of FH!!!  what is FH you might ask? its FASHION HOUSE only on MyNetworkTv... starring Bo Derek and the fabuously wicked Morgan Fairchild... gotta run



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