Saturday, September 9, 2006

Grace and Gratitude, new CD from O L I V I A!!!

dont know what i was doing starting that other blog, i have enough trouble posting in one, let alone two... LOL i have some exciting news to announce... coming to a local Walgreens near you Olivia is releasing a healing cd thru the giant drugstore chain here in America... the title? Grace and Gratitude... not only will her cd be on sale there but they are re-releasing the LIV kit, this time called the Olivia kit, to help women examine themselves for good breast health, as well as some vitamins for breast health as well... the CD is produced by Amy Skyy, whom Olivia has recorded with before, back in 88 when Olivia released the Rumour, the song Winter Angel, which never made the album, but was on the back side of the Rumour single! They most recently worked together when Olivia released Stronger than Before at Hallmarks here in America and 2 dollars of every CD sold went to the Susan G. Kolman foundation for breast cancer...  the CD will be available beginning either September 27th or 29th, im seeing some conflicting dates so i have to admit that im really not sure which one is for reals... but im really excited!!!

in other news... a friend of mine was at a bus stop here in tucson a few weeks ago and recieved a little news letter... in the newsletter it told of a horrible prediction for September 12th... just pray to God that they have no real insight or it could be the beginning of the end for reals... REVELATIONS could be coming true and we have to be led into it by a village idiot... GOD please help us all...forgive them all for the messes that they have created... Why can't everybody just get along? Is it to much to believe that there could ever be world peace? if everybody could live by the words of John Lennon from the wonderful song IMAGINE, which has recently been covered by Madonna on tour and even Dolly Parton!!! its truly a beautiful song... well should get going for now...



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