Saturday, August 26, 2006

Thru The Purple Haze pt 2... available at

well... i did want to get a bit racier... so im starting a new blog as well... it is  i will still be posting on here... but on blogspot i can be as racy as i want to be... and there... i will be posting videos, as well as men that i think are very hot... be forwarned... this will not be for the faint at heart... this blog here will remain a tawdry trip to disneyland whereas my blogspot blog will be like a trip into the world of sinful delights... hope you enjoy the journey... must wrap this up so i can go and look for some sexy pics to post of some hot guys...  hope you like part two of thru the purple haze... think of it as the companion site to this one... and definately expect it to be raunchier than this one... LOL 



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