Saturday, August 19, 2006

May 18th... I remember why that day is special

i was just watching a show on e! or something... there was a gay guy on there and he said are you kidding... every gay man i know waits til a major holiday to come out so their parents can never forget it... well... mine was actually two days after a major day in our lives...  so just in case i ever forget the day that i came out was on May 18th, 2001... it was a day that alot of weight was lifted from my shoulders... but new troubles were created for not keeping my mouth shut... namely my actual mother trying to shove her brand of religion upon me... i really think that God and Jesus understand who i am, and would not have created me if who i am is wrong... becuz i know that i am a good person with a good heart... but dark sense of humor... LOL  so if you are hiding in the closet anyone out there...Come out! Come out! wherever you are... be who you are... dont hide it... well im becoming distracted by the wonder song Mother and Father by Madonna and its wanting me to sing... so will blog laterz



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