Thursday, May 13, 2004

Week 9 of school done

Whooo Hooo... I have completed 9 weeks of school... next week is the last week of this first Pod of classes...  So for Flat Pattern1 we arent doing anything except using it as catchup time so we can have time to finish anything that we havent gotten done yet.   Intro to social sciences is the final... but i dont have to take it because she said at the beginning of the class that if we come to class every week... we dont have to take the final!!!  so i definately have been there every week...   On Wednesday, there is Fashion 1, which is a drawing class... I do not believe that there will be any kind of final for that class...   and on thursday is draping 1... so i think that will be all to finish any kind of makeup work that we needed to complete...

I have to say that some of my favourite music right now is...  Olivia Newton-John... Best of My Love,  Britney Spears... Everytime (like the mixes better than the original, but i like the original as well) and Blondie... Good Boys (Giorgio Moroder mix)... but like music changes so does my taste... so i guess next week ill have to update my favourites... tune in to see if my opinions change...  Hope to hear someone write back to me in here... tell me what they are up to... what music they are liking at the moment... and any other thing that might need to be told...

until the next blog

Peace Love Happiness



naester20011 said...

hey its me, well seen days today and was very upset to lose marlena. what on earth are they thinking to end it like that she came back once. i would like to see her on visits.damn them all to hell.well i am glad that you had me sign up for this now i can see how you are . i sure worry when i dont hear from you in a while.damn cant believe your grades are so good.well gotta run now talk to you soon.

constancestone said...

the good thing about what you seen yesterday on Days is... we haven't seen the last of Marlena...!!!  I dont know if she is going to be repossessed again or what but i read in soap opera digest that her and Bo are close to resigning their contracts...!!!! so i dont think that marlena will be going anywhere for awhile...  Great to hear from you