Wednesday, May 12, 2004

well i know i have at least two straight A's

well its been a few days since i have blogged... so ill report some good news... For my intro to social sciences class i have out of a possible 500 points, i have acquired 480!!!! which makes my percentage for the class a 96% which happens to be a straight A!!!!   Whooo Hooo!!!!!!!!!!!  I think i have a straight A in my fashion design 1 class as well!!!!!!!!!!!  Not to shabby for a Dumb Blonde huh... we should get our grades either at the end of next week... or the following week so ill keep you posted on my grades!!!    Hope this world finds happiness for all of you... Lets pray for happiness.... there is to much sadness in the world...  !!!!!!!!

well gotta run and get ready for school... hope to blog soon... mwah


and before i go... ill leave you a link that i love very much... its a new website


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