Thursday, May 20, 2004


Well just wanted to take a moment of silence and look back on what ive accomplished... 10 WEEKS OF SCHOOL BABY!!!!   Although I won't have a grade card til probably next week, it still is kind of amazing that i have accomplished this much... its been so long since ive been in school that some of it can be really overwhelming...  But that is only the first ten weeks... the next 10 start monday morning... four more classes... lets see i have... Fashion 2 (it will be another drawing class... and from what i've heard... the instructor is SEXY, he's never taught at the Tucson Design College before.)  Its all about me gettin moist before the class even starts...  Lets see... other classes will be... History of Fashion, Basic Computers, and Flat Pattern 2!!!!  Wish me luck  ; )

love always...

your favourite blonde bimbo and surprizing student extroidnaire


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