Sunday, December 31, 2006


ok... every year everyone tries to make a resolution to do better in their life for the next year... maybe give up something...  well this year... like the rest am going to try to make a few and stick to them... i believe last year i think i resolved to have no resolutions so then there wasnt any that i would fail on... well this year... im going to try to make some resolutions...  the first is i want to quit smoking... now with this one there is a big reason why... they raised the cigarette prices .80cents!!! frickin bastards!!! plus it is a nasty habit so i am informed regularly...   the second resolution is to loose weight... the number seven is supposed to be a lucky number, so maybe 2007 will be a lucky year for me... the third resolution falls back to the lucky number seven... so in 2007 i hope to buy a few lottery tickets every week in hopes of stricking my fortunes in 2007 and have a well rounded year in 2008... i love the number 8 just in case you werent aware... and in 98 was the year i took the stage with a vengence... maybe ten years later i will be back wiser than before and have all my paddles in the water and be able to achieve the crown i have always known i deserved... but... it might actually be cheaper to go out and buy my own and create my own title... but if im rich and win the lottery... then i vow to enter every pagent i can to get the title that ive always wanted...  RESOLUTION 4  I want to be nicer to everyone... i have this inner bitch that just loves to come out if provoked... case in point yesterday at walmart... a check out girl came and got us and had us go to her line and as we were making our way over, these other two people popped out of nowhere and were about to cut in front of us at the register, and i guess the inner diva came out and i informed the ladies that we were next... the girl came and got us... and the bitch had the nerve to say to me... well you didnt have to be so rude... my head was down when she said that... i raised it smiling... and said... im sorry... im just that way... and if she would have said another frickin word it woud have been on... luckily she held her toungue to avoid the fur flying right there in wal-mart... and then i had to hear my friend harp at me telling me how rude i was... so just in case its me... im going to try to be nicer to everyone... and yes... the inner bitch isnt going away... but i will make a concious effort to tame her in... resolution 5 how many do you think im going to have?  well... as many as it takes... number five... hmmm... i resolve to start dressing better in 2007, if i win the lottery that would definately help becasue then i could go in for emergency lipo and then buy fabulous clothes for the both of me... resolution 6 i resolve to take better care of my vehicle and try to give it a bath monthly as well as make sure that the oil is changed on a regular basis....  resolution 7 hmm, what could i pick out for the seventh resolution in 2007??? well, i resolve to find out who i am again, what makes me tick, and what i want in life...what i want to do... i know i dont want to be employed in a call center for the rest of my life...  i just really want to be rich, and then i could have my own business, whatever it may be... if i were rich... id move somewhere exciting and open an amazing comic book store... or if i was rich enough... maybe start a Soap Opera of my own design... or maybe come up with a comic strip that could branch out into its own franchise using Lil Connie...  any rich benefactors out there want to help me make one of my dreams come true? why cant i have easy aspirations like everyone else... why do i want almost all of the unattainable ones... which leads to resolution 8 maybe after my truck is paid off consider gettting back into school, but hopefully ill win the lottery and not have to make my brain suffer again... its hard...

well i think thats all the resolutions i try to work on in 2007, wish me luck...



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