Saturday, July 1, 2006

Passionate Encounters of the HOT kind

      Passionate encounters of the HOT kind are the most erotic spontaneous moments any person can experience...


        take for example, last nite at one fifteen am i recieve a phone call... and i must admit that it is someone that i find myself very attracted to... but as in the last poem, society and whats deemed right and wrong will keep me from having a true lasting relationship with this person because for the most part... he is straight and wants to have a family and get married i guess so he can make the ol parents happy...  Im sorry, but you know me... im to bullheaded and stubborn to be bullied into what others want me to believe, (to bad your not reading this Mommy) if i don't believe it as well...  Wow... i went off the EROTIC topic pretty quickly that faces topical issues in society... i didnt know i had it all in me... really (batting my false eyelashes quickly and smiling innocently)

Anyways.. back to HOT enounters... My friend needed me to help him get beer back to his house cuz he was on his motorcycle and its kinda hard to put a 12 pack on your motorcycle... so i met him at the convenience store... and took the beer back to his apartment... he had went out to the bar, had a good time and i guess he wanted some company...  normally i just do the normal thing for a straight guy and help them release in just an oral fashion... that being me the only one performing orally and i dont mind when its a HOTTY!!! And he definately is!!!  anyho... he goes to the bathroom, comes back minus his pants wearing only a white wife beater (those shirts always make me moist) and his boxers!!!  I teased him and told him that he lost some stuff in the bathroom... he puts on a cd... comes over to the couch and begins kissing me...and pulling me down on top of him in a steamy embrace... mmmmmmmmm just the thought of it is makin me moist...  Needless to say the rest of the evening or early morning depending on which view you might be seeing...( i did get home about 420 am!!!) He has such a sex drive...release and then a few minutes later doing it again with another yummy delivery... the first time he released it was unexpected, he still had the profalactic still on because we hadn't got the issue of getting him inside of me... so i was orally performing to get him up... well he climaxxxed a bit early... so i had to turn the sheepskin up and drink it!!! Im sorry to admit that... but I worked really hard for that load...

just a HOT ENCOUNTER OF THE PASSIONATE kind i wanted to share... see im more than just a pretty blonde... im a giving person...



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