Tuesday, July 4, 2006

Happy Firecracker Day!!!

just wanted to take the time and wish everyone a HAPPY FOURTH OF JULY!!!  hope this holiday finds everyone well...  well ive already had a bang this morning... it was hot and a repeat performer... LOL  may the day be explosive for everyone in GOOD way!!! need a treat and then ill proceed to the next paragraph...

have today off work but have to start training for a new project tomorrow... im kinda dreading it... but not quite as much cuz i was worried if you fail the test that you will loose your job... but thats not the case, they will take a coach and walk thru the test with you to make sure that you know everything... and then you will go on out to the floor...   

the summer season always comes with a string of excellent movies... ive seen two in a matter of days... the first was SUPERMAN RETURNS!!!  if you like superman you will really like this movie... Brandon Routh, although i had reservations at first, was a perfect SUPERMAN, he was a good followup after Christopher Reeve...  Has anyone heard about them making his package smaller from the movie cuz i hear the man is blessed... wish i could tell you that from first hand experience, but alas... no such luck... oh well...  and then the second feature that i took in was the inside look at the fashion world thru a fashion magazine movie... THE DEVIL WEARS PRADA!!!  Meryl Streep was fabulous...  she was such a bitch... but i guess she had a good heart underneath it all... but dont let anyone be aware of that...  both movies are a must see on my list... and BRANDON ROUTH IS A MUST DO!!! the man is HOT!!!

might report back later today but dont hold your breath... LOL




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