Sunday, July 30, 2006

Ruff week but made it thru thanks to friends

so ok... it has been one hell of a week to say the least... and none of it has been overly good... when it rains it pours... ok... so you know i passed the test at work so i was on a very high high... and then i got home and recieved the news that my friend had passed away and i went on a really low... that was taken a bit further on tuesday morning when i went to start my car and it wouldnt start... and the training continued all week long... it was hard but i just kinda faked it and made it thru... i did get an accommodation at work for being very courteous...

but what really got me thru this week were my calls out of the blue from friends... Kerry called me the day i found out... the sadness was looming but had yet begin to roll in... i think i was still in shock... my friend Cesslie had called so I told her the news of Seth, they had been very close too and we reminiced about what a wonderful person Seth was... and then later that nite another call out of the blue all the way from Conneticut... April had called to say hello and tell how the family was doing and then put her husband, Mr. Darling on the phone... and we talked forever, about our lives, jobs, and then I told him, he was pretty shook up hearing about Seth... Seth had made made a good impression on everyone he met... and then on Saturday i got a call phone call from my dear friend Anitra... it was good to hear from you to darling... and its sweet of everyone of you for offering your condolences... thank you all for being my friend... i treasure you all... and to Allen for being here for me too... he had never met Seth but had been told stories of him... It makes me want to get that crown back even more now that he is gone!!! Damn them bitches!!!  LOL i cant let the scandal of the Styx crown go... LOL  guess im just a petty ol' bitch... well gotta run to the kitchen for some chocolate covered oreos...

love ya


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